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Syria is the Top Refugee Originating Country and has the Highest Internal Population of Displaced People

According to the “World Migration Report 2020” published by the Geneva-based International Organization for Migration(IOM), a total of 41.3 million people were forced to leave their homes by the end of 2018 as per IOM’s internal displacement monitoring center. Syria with 6.1 million, has the highest internal population of displaced people in the world, followed ..

UNESCO declared Chiribiquete Natural Park of Colombia as a world heritage site

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has inscribed Colombia’s Chiribiquete National Park (CNP) on its list of world heritage sites. The park, which straddles the southern provinces of Caquetá and Guaviare, is the country’s largest and has one of the highest rates of plant diversity in the northern Amazon. It is also ..

Ivan Duque Marquez elected as new President of Colombia

Ivan Duque Marquez , the Conservative political newcomer, has been elected as the new President of Colombia and will assume office on August 7, 2018. He won the 2018 presidential election by 54% of the vote on June 17, 2018. His running mate, Marta Lucía Ramirez, will become first female Vice-President of the country.

Colombia to become first Latin American ‘Gobal Partner’ of NATO

Colombia will formally become the first Latin American ‘Gobal Partner’ of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). According to a statement posted on NATO’s website, cybersecurity, maritime security, terrorism and its links to organized crime, and building the capacities and capabilities of the Colombian armed forces. In addition to Colombia, NATO lists Afghanistan, Australia, Iraq, Japan, ..

Colombian President Juan Santos receives Nobel Prize for Peace

Colombian President Juan Santos has accepted the Nobel Peace Prize 2016 at Oslo, Norway. The Nobel Committee had selected Santos for his resolute efforts to bring the 50-year old conflict with the Revolutionary Forces of Colombia to an end by signing a peace deal with the group. The civil war had taken toll of 2,20,000 ..