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Brexit creates power vacuum

The Paliament of Britain is deadlocked over Brrexit issue. A vacuum means the PM May has no leverage to compromise with the lawmakers as they took over the control of parliamentary agenda to debate on alternatives to her Brexit deal. In 2016, 52% voted in favour of Brexit when she proposed the deal against 48%. ..


UK Parliament rejects Brexit for the third time

For the third time, the Britain lawmakers rejected the exit of Britain from the European Union. With the deadline fast approaching, over 3 weeks left, the British government is unable to gain a majority over the issue. It is due to leave EU on April 12. The date was already postponed from March 22. There ..


Theresa May loses critical Brexit vote

Britain’s MPs have once again rejected the Brexit deal, presented by the Prime Minister Theresa May, thereby handing her a fresh defeat and thwarting her efforts to walk UK out of the European Union. In a fresh vote on Friday, the MPs voted 344 to 286 against the withdrawal agreement which was basically as stripped-down ..



Brexit: May is ready to quit

The house of Commons was unsuccessful to produce a majority for any of the 8 different Brexit proposals. The voting happened in the late night session. The closest votes were for the soft Brexit. The PM May said that she was prepared to resign before the next round of Brexit negotiation to convince the hardliners ..


Millions participate at the anti Brexit march in London

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through the central London on Saturday demanding a new referendum. They opposed to Britain’s withdrawl from the Europian Union. The Prime Minister Theresa May hinted that she wouldnt bring the Brexit issue to parliament next week. The EU and the British Government agreed to postpone the Brexit referendum to ..