Today’s GK Questions (Static GK/GS) – April 16, 2019

Here are 10 GK questions for today, April 16, 2019 for various competitive exams in India.

1. Which among the following is NOT a fundamental duty of a citizen?

[A] Respect for the constitution
[B] Respect for the National Flag
[C] Respect for the National Anthem
[D] Respect for the government

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2. Which of the following canal gets water from Sutlej and Beas rivers in India?

[A] Buckingham Canal
[B] Indira Gandhi Canal
[C] Sethu Canal
[D] Ganga canal

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3. Jarawa are the indigenous people or Adiwasis prominent in which part of India?

[A] Assam
[B] Kerala
[C] Meghalaya
[D] Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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4. Which among the following was India’s first indigenously made color film.?

[A] Mughal-e-Azam
[B] Kisan Kanya
[C] Devdas
[D] Daulat

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5. Who among the following Governor General of India is famous for Sati Reforms & suppression of human sacrifice?

[A] Lord William Bentinck
[B] Lord Curzon
[C] Lord Rippon
[D] Lord Ellenborough

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6. Which among the following countries is not a Non Annex I party to the UNFCC?

[A] India
[B] China
[C] Brazil
[D] Australia

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7. Consider the following statements: 
1. Bhutan can not establish direct diplomatic relations with countries, without India’s assent 
2. Bhutan can not become member of International organizations without India’s assent 
Which among the above statements is / are correct?

[A] 1 only
[B] 2 only
[C] 1 & 2 both
[D] Neither 1 nor 2

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8. Maximum number of states / union territories in India come under the Jurisdiction of which of the following High Courts?

[A] Kolkata High Court
[B] Guwahati High Court
[C] High Court of Madras
[D] Bombay High Court

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9. Consider the following statements about the Infrastructure Debt Fund (IDF) in India:

  1. Infrastructure Debt Fund can be established as a trust in India, but not as a company
  2. Infrastructure Debt Fund are regulated by SEBI

Which among the above statements is/ are correct?

[A] Only 1 is correct
[B] Only 2 is correct
[C] Both 1 & 2 are correct
[D] Both 1 & 2 are incorrect

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10. What is the value of Rydberg constant?

[A] 1.0973 x 103 m-1
[B] 1.0973 x 105 m-1
[C] 1.0973 x 107 m-1
[D] 1.0973 x 109 m-1

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