World Geography MCQs

World Geography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Quiz for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on Physical Geography and World Geography for competitive examinations.

41. Puncak Jaya, which is the highest peak in South East Asia and only place in south east asia where ice Glacier can be found is located in which among the following countries?

[A] Malaysia
[B] Indonesia
[C] Laos
[D] Brunei

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42. The Magellanic Clouds are visible from ___?

[A] Northern hemisphere
[B] Southern hemisphere
[C] Both Northern hemisphere & Southern hemisphere
[D] Neither Northern nor Southern Hemisphere

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43. The positions of the star Polaris, which lies approximately at the north pole of earth changes slowly due to which among the following movements of earth?

[A] Rotation
[B] Axial precession
[C] Orbital Revolution
[D] Plate Tectonics

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44. What is approximate diameter of Milky Way?

[A] 1000 light years
[B] 10000 light years
[C] 100000 light years
[D] 1000000 Light Years

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45. What is the distance between consecutive longitudes at poles? 

[A] 0 km
[B] 10 km
[C] 15 km
[D] 20 km

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46. Which among the following soil is rich in minerals? 

[A] Alluvial soil
[B] Black soil
[C] Red soil
[D] Laterite soil

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47. Chomolungma is located in which country?

[A] India
[B] Nepal
[C] Bhutan
[D] Tibet

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48. Mount Everest is a part of ___? 

[A] Mahalangur Himal
[B] Dhaulagiri Himalaya
[C] Baltoro Karakoram
[D] Jugal Himalaya

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49. Waterspout is a ___________?

[A] Depression
[B] Hurricane
[C] Tornado
[D] Cyclone

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50. On which of the following dates Autumnal Equinox occurs?

[A] March 21
[B] June 21
[C] September 23
[D] March 21

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