World Geography Questions (MCQs) for UPSC, State PCS and SSC Examinations

World Geography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Quiz for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on Physical Geography and World Geography for competitive examinations.

31. Who is known as the Father of Cosmology?

[A] Aryabhatta
[B] Acharya Kapila
[C] Copernicus
[D] Edwin Hubble

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32. What is the diameter of the Sun?

[A] 10 lakh km
[B] 20 lakh km
[C] 11 lakh km
[D] 14 lakh km

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33. Which among the following are also called as shooting stars?

[A] Comets
[B] Meteoroids
[C] Asteroids
[D] Meteors

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34. The NASA’s Viking Mission was on which planet?

[A] Jupiter
[B] Saturn
[C] Mars
[D] Venus

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35. Which planet has the largest number of satellites?

[A] Saturn
[B] Jupiter
[C] Mars
[D] Neptune

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36. Which theory of the origin of Moon is also called as the Double Planet Theory?

[A] Capture theory
[B] Binary accretion theory
[C] Fission theory
[D] Steady state theory

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37. In which Era did the Pangaea form?

[A] Cenozoic
[B] Mesozoic
[C] Neoproterozoic
[D] Paleozoic

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38. Which among the following is/are correctly matched?

  1. Drumlins – Wind
  2. Esker – Glacier
  3. Outwash plains – River

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

[A] Only 3
[B] Only 1 & 3
[C] Only 2
[D] 1, 2 & 3

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39. What kind of a landform are Bajadas?

[A] Landform by Aoelian Deposition
[B] Landform by Aeolian Erosion
[C] Landform by Glacial depostion
[D] Landform by fluvial deposition

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40. Which among the following statements is/are correct about caves?

  1. Anchialine caves – They usually coastal containing a mixture of freshwater and saline water.
  2. Corrasional caves -They are formed entirely by erosion by flowing streams carrying rocks and other sediments.
  3. Karst caves – mostly found along the coasts.

Select the correct code from the options given below:

[A] Only 1 & 2
[B] 1, 2 & 3
[C] Only 1
[D] Only 1 & 3

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