World Geography Questions (MCQs) for UPSC, State PCS and SSC Examinations

World Geography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Quiz for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on Physical Geography and World Geography for competitive examinations.

31. The phenomena of red-shift is related to which of the following ?

[A] The universe is steady
[B] The universe is expanding
[C] The universe is contracting
[D] The universe is moving

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32. Which is the first molecule formed in the Universe after the Big Bang?

[A] Helium Hydride
[B] Aluminium monoflouride
[C] Silicon Carbonitride
[D] Isocyanogen

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33. Who among the following discovered the largest moon of  Saturn – Titan?

[A] Galileo
[B] Christiaan Huygens
[C] Nicholas Copernicus
[D] F. Hoyle

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34. What is the average distance of the Moon from the earth?

[A] 434800 km
[B] 443800 km
[C] 384400 km
[D] 843400 km

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35. What is the largest division of the geologic time scale?

[A] Eon
[B] Era
[C] Epoch
[D] Period

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36. Which Era continues even today?

[A] Cenozoic
[B] Mesozoic
[C] Paleozoic
[D] Neoproterozoic

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37. Which among the following statements is/are correct?

  1. The outer core is in liquid state
  2. The inner core is in solid state

Select the correct code from the options given below:

[A] Only 1
[B] Only 2
[C] Both 1 & 2
[D] Neither 1 & 2

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38. Which layer has the lowest density among all the layers of the Earth’s crust?

[A] Sial
[B] Sima
[C] Nife
[D] outer core

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39. What is the percentage of the sedimentary rock cover of the Continents of the earth’s surface?

[A] 73 %
[B] 5 %
[C] 25 %
[D] 50 %

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40. Which among the following rocks contain fossils?

[A] Plutonic rocks
[B] Igneous rocks
[C] Sedimentary rocks
[D] Metamorphic rocks

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