General Science - Physics MCQs

Physics Objective (Multiple Choice) General Knowledge & General Science Questions & Answers for SSC-CGL, UPPSC, UPSC, NDA, CDS and UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examinations.

21. Which of the following is/are independent of mass during the projectile motion?

[A] Time of Flight
[B] Horizontal Range
[C] Maximum Height
[D] All of the above

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22. Which of the following statements regarding vectors is NOT correct?

[A] A unit vector is dimensionless
[B] A vector cannot be divided by a vector
[C] A vector changes, when it is displaced to itself
[D] Current is not a vector quantity

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23. Which of these is the cause of Friction?

[A] Roughness of surfaces in contact
[B] Force of adhesion between the molecules of the surfaces in contact
[C] Both a and b
[D] None of the above

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24. The Newton’s third law is applicable when:

[A] bodies are at rest
[B] bodies are in motion
[C] bodies are in the air
[D] bodies are at rest or in motion

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25. The apparent weight of the body becomes zero in which of the following cases in the elevator?

[A] during free fall of a body under gravity
[B] when elevator is accelerating downwards
[C] when elevator is at rest
[D] when elevator is accelerating upwards

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26. The thrust on the rocket is:

[A] in the same direction of the rocket
[B] in the opposite direction of the rocket
[C] at 90° to the direction of the rocket
[D] None of the above

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27. Which of the following is an example of application of force?

[A] when a body at rest starts moving
[B] when a moving body stops
[C] when moving body changes its direction
[D] All of the above

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28. Which of the following is NOT correct about an inelastic collision?

[A] Linear momentum is conserved
[B] Kinetic energy is conserved
[C] Total energy is conserved
[D] Some or all the forces involved may be non-conservative in nature

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29. What is the dot product of two perpendicular vectors?

[A] 1
[B] 0
[C] -1
[D] 1/2

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30. Work done is defined as the dot product of which of the following vectors?

[A] Force and acceleration
[B] Force and area
[C] Force and instantaneous velocity
[D] Force and displacement

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