General Science - Physics MCQs

Physics Objective (Multiple Choice) General Knowledge & General Science Questions & Answers for SSC-CGL, UPPSC, UPSC, NDA, CDS and UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examinations.

11. Which of the following is the unit of Solid Angle?

[A] radian
[B] steradian
[C] m2
[D] π

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12. 1 nautical mile is equivalent to which of the following?

[A] 1.44 x 1000 m
[B] 1.852 x 100 m
[C] 1.852 x 1000 m
[D] 1.44 x 100 m

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13. What is the S.I unit of Coefficient of Mutual inductance?

[A] weber
[B] candela
[C] henry
[D] lambert

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14. Which of these pairs has the same unit of measurement?

[A] Rate of flow and Acceleration
[B] Impulse and Moment of Force
[C] Rydberg constant and Gas constant
[D] Pressure and Coefficient of Elasticity

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15. Which of the following represents non-uniform motion?

[A] equal displacements in unequal intervals of time
[B] unequal displacements in unequal intervals of time
[C] equal displacements in equal intervals of time
[D] unequal displacements in equal intervals of time

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16. What is the slope of the velocity-time graph when an object moves with constant negative acceleration, having positive initial velocity?

[A] 90°
[B] more than 90°
[C] less than 90°
[D] 0°

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17. Which of the these physical quantities is a vector quantity?

[A] Temperature
[B] Speed
[C] Gravitational Intensity
[D] Work

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18. Which of the following are Polar vectors?

[A] Displacement
[B] Force
[C] Both a and b
[D] None

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19. What is the work done by centripetal force in case of Uniform Circular Motion?

[A] 1 joule
[B] 0 joule
[C] Depends on the magnitude of Force
[D] None of the above

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20. What is the angular acceleration of a body moving with constant angular velocity?

[A] equal to the angular velocity
[B] 1
[C] 0
[D] Can’t be determined

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