General Science - Biology MCQs

31. Which among the following helps to determine the character of a cell?

[A] Nucleus
[B] Chromosomes
[C] Genes
[D] Plasma

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32. Genetic Modification (GM) technique RIDL was in news. RIDL is being developed for combating which of the following disease?

[A] Swine Flu
[B] Malaria
[C] Cancer

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33. Hodophobia is the fear of which of the following?

[A] Sleeping
[B] Travel
[C] Drugs
[D] Cattle

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34. The Gram Positive Bacteria can be identified by the Gram staining because of the following reasons?

[A] The cell walls have more lipids compared to peptidoglycan
[B] The Cells walls have more Peptidoglycan compared to Lipids
[C] The Cells membrane has more fatty acids
[D] The plasma has Peptidoglycans

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35. The most popular Zero Calorie sugar substitutes in the market are made up of Sucralose, as an artificial sweetner. Why sucralose does not have calories?

[A] Because the Sucralose is 600 times more sweet than Sucrose (Natural Sugar) and thus its low quantity gives same taste but zero calories when it is digested in the body.
[B] Because the chemical composition of Sucralose is such that its oxidation gives less calories in body compared to the Sucrose.
[C] Because Sucralose is not a Carbohydrate
[D] Because Sucralose is not digested in the body

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36. Beta-Keratin is found in which among the following in abundance?

[A] Fishes
[B] Reptiles
[C] Mammalians
[D] Amphibians

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37. “Daps one” immunotherapy is related to which among the following diseases?

[B] Tuberculosis
[C] Leprosy
[D] Malaria

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38. Which among the following is not a ‘heriditary’ disease?

[A] Thalessemia
[B] Colour-Blindness
[C] Haemophilia
[D] Leukemia

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39. The bacterium ‘Escherichia coli’ is found mainly in:

[A] Human Intestine
[B] Pteridophytes
[C] Root Nodules of leguminous plants
[D] Paddy fields for nitrogen fixation

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40. Consider the following Statements:

  1. Spleen is also known as the ‘graveyard of RBCs’.
  2. The lifespan of RBCs is 90 days.

Which of the Statement(s) given above is/are correct?

[A] Only 1
[B] Only 2
[C] Both 1 and 2
[D] Neither 1 nor 2

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