General Science - Biology MCQs

21. Which among the below is not a food plant?

[A] Allium cepa
[B] Allium sativum
[C] Asparagus officinalis
[D] Atropa belladona

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22. Who among the following scientists is known for developing techniques for DNA fingerprinting and DNA profiling which are now used all over the world in forensic science to assist police detective work?

[A] Vernon Heywood
[B] Patrick Laidlaw
[C] Alec Jeffreys
[D] Heinz Wolff

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23. From which part, Coconut coir is obtained?

[A] Epicarp
[B] Mesocarp
[C] Endocarp
[D] Seed

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24. Which among the following vitamins is involved in the breakdown of energy molecules such as glucose?

[A] Vitamin A
[B] Vitamin B
[C] Vitamin C
[D] Vitamin D

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25. It has been demonstrated by the scientists that, certain wines such as Red Wine posses health benefits because they contain antioxidants, which work in the body as Free Radical Scavengers and slow the oxidation of other molecules by capturing the free radicals. Which among the following is the most common antioxidant found in Red Wine?

[A] Catechin
[B] Tetrodotoxin
[C] Polyphenol
[D] Tocopherol

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26. Which among the following group represents the most commonly found cancers in the world?

[A] Carcinoma
[B] Sarcoma
[C] Lymphoma
[D] Germ cell tumor

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27. Which of the following plant growth hormone was recognized by Japanese scientists?

[A] Auxin
[B] Gibberellins
[C] Abscisic acid
[D] Cytokinin

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28. Consider the Following: 

  1. Crop Rotation helps in avoiding the building up of Pathogens 
  2. Crop Rotation avoids Excessive depletion of Soil Nutrients 
  3. Crop Rotation involves alternative cultivation of cereals like wheat

Which among the above statements are correct?

[A] 1 & 2 only
[B] 2 only
[C] 1 & 3 only
[D] All are correct

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29. What name has been given to the fear of crossing roads?

[A] Arthrophobia
[B] Atychiphobia
[C] Aichmophobia
[D] Agyrophobia

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30. Which among the following is found in a Bacteriophage?

[A] only RNA
[B] only DNA
[C] Both RNA & DNA
[D] Either RNA or DNA

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