General Science - Biology MCQs

21. Who among the following proved that Bacteria don’t originate by spontaneous generation?

[A] Redi
[B] Pasteur
[C] Hooke
[D] Shleiden

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22. A four chambered heart is found in which of the following?

[A] mammals only
[B] mammals and fish
[C] mammals & Birds
[D] mammals and Amphibians

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23. With which of the following diseases Project Kavach is related to

[A] Malaria
[B] Dengue
[D] Swineflu

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24. In which of the following conditions a person is born with both ovarian and testicular tissues i.e. both female & male organs?

[A] Swyer syndrome
[B] Penile agenesis
[C] Polyorchidism
[D] Hermaphroditism

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25. The existence of genes was first suggested by?

[A] Gregor Mendel
[B] George Wells Beadle
[C] Edward Lawrie Tatum
[D] Frederick Griffith

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26. Which among the following bacterial cells are found in cubical packets?

[A] Tetracocci
[B] Streptococci
[C] Staphylococci
[D] Sarcinae

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27. Which among the following correctly defines Hypoglycemia ?

[A] Lower than normal level of thyroxin secretion
[B] Lower than normal level of protein
[C] Lower than normal secretion of one or more of the eight hormones normally produced by the pituitary gland
[D] Lower than normal level of blood glucose

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28. Which among the following is the only internal human organ which can regenerate?

[A] Pancreas
[B] Kidney
[C] Liver
[D] Spleen

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29. Which among the following helps to determine the character of a cell?

[A] Nucleus
[B] Chromosomes
[C] Genes
[D] Plasma

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30. Consider the following statements: 

  1. Biofertilizers supply direct nutrients to the crops 
  2. Biofertilizers are able to take care of Nitrogen, Potassium & Phosphate to the plants

Which among the above statements is / are correct?

[A] 1 only
[B] 2 only
[C] Both 1 & 2
[D] Neither 1 nor 2

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