Quiz 93 : Basic General Knowledge for All Exams

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1. Who among the following was the First Indian Cricketer to bag 500 wickets in Test matches?
[A] Kapil Dev
[B] Srinath
[C] Anil Kumble
[D] Harbhajan Singh

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2. Suez Canal joins Mediterranean Sea with which among the following seas?
[A] Red sea
[B] Dead sea
[C] Caspian sea
[D] White sea

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3. Shahgarh Landscape, in Rajasthan is being considered for relocation / reintroduction of which among the following animals ?
[A] Panther
[B] Cheetah
[C] Tiger
[D] Lion

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4. Who among the following was the first Indian to win an Olympic medal ?
[A] K D Jadhav
[B] P T Usha
[C] Leander paes
[D] Dhyan Chand

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5. India played its first one day international with which country and in which year?
[A] England 1975
[B] Australia 1976
[C] New Zealand 1975
[D] England 1978

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6. Under which among the following Governor Generals of India, the Public works department was started in 1848?
[A] Lord Dalhousie
[B] Lord William Bentinck
[C] Lord Wellesley
[D] Lord Viscount Canning

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7. Which among the following country is inside the European Union but Outside the Eurozone?
[A] Slovakia
[B] Slovania
[C] Denmark
[D] Spain

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8. Ian Fleming is known for creating which among the following famous characters?
[A] Spiderman
[B] James bond
[C] Pink panther
[D] Tom and Jerry

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9. In ancient India, the term Nishka was related to which among the following?
[A] Crop
[B] Tax
[C] Currency
[D] Tool

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10. Birth anniversary of which among the following leaders is observed as National Education Day?
[A] S Radhakrishnanan
[B] Dr. Rajendra Prasad
[C] Maulana Abul Kalam Azad
[D] Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya

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