Quiz 225: General Awareness for Civil Services Examination

Which of the following is a Gymnosperm?
Artificial Kidney or blood dailyzer which is used in renal failure or Kidney disorders works on the principles of _________?
Section 28 A of the Representation of the People Act provides for registration of Political parties by the election commission of India. This act was enacted in which year ?
Article 326 of Indian Constitution originally granted electoral franchise to every Indian Citizen who has not been declared a bankrupt, criminal, insane, or a non resident and has attained age of ____________?
Consider the following reasons for malnutrition in India which is responsible for half of the child deaths’ In India.
  1. Low weight at birth time which is because of poor nutrition of pregnant women
  2. Poor hygienic conditions
  3. Improper feeding practices
Which among the above are the major reasons behind the above mentioned problem?
Consider the following Statements
  1. In India Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer state of Cereals
  2. Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of Rice in India
  3. Gujarat is the largest producer of groundnuts in India
Which among the above sentences is / are correct ?
Consider the following places of historic and heritage importance in India:
  1. Rewalsar Lake
  2. Belum Caves
  3. Angelo Fort
  4. Pari Tibba
Which of the following is the correct order of above from north to south?
Find out the correct pairs among the below three:
  1. Thiamine – Beri Beri
  2. Vitamin D – Rickets
  3. Vitamin K –Sterility
Select the correct option from the codes given below:
Consider the following persons associated with dances in India:
  1. Sonal Mansingh – Odissi
  2. Yamini Krishna Murthy – Kathakali
  3. Rukmani Devi – Bharatnatyam
Which among the above pairs in not correctly matched?
Consider the following statements regarding the Rupee Dollar exchange rate in the light of purchasing power parity PPP:
  1. Exchange rate of the currencies should be equal to the ratio of price levels in two countries
  2. Exchange rate of the currencies should be not equal to the ratio of price levels in the two countries
  3. Exchange rate of the currencies should be decided on the basis of value of the third major currency like euro
which among the above statements are correct ?


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