Quiz 224 : India’s Finance & Money Market Awareness

1.In 2006, Reserve bank of India had set up a panel under Shri S C Gupta to recommend the legislations related to regulation of which of the following?
(A)Capital markets
(B)Money lending
(C)Financial Inclusion

2.Which among the following was set up by RBI in 1988 jointly with public sector banks and all India Financial Institutions to develop the money market & provide liquidity to money market instruments as sequel to Vaghul Working Group recommendations?
(A)Discount And Finance House of India Ltd (DFHI)
(B)Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL)
(C)Financial Intelligence Unit India (FIU-IND)

3.Which among the following correctly defines Hundi?
(A)They are slips on paper presented to the customer while purchasing goods
(B)They are accounts of unorganized sector in India
(C)They are key instruments of credit in the unorganized money market in India

4.Recently we came to know that Treasury Bills which are short term (up to one year) borrowing instruments of the Government of India are also being issued frequently under the Market Stabilization Scheme (MSS). They are available for minimum amount of ___?
(A)Rs, 25, 000
(B)Rs. 40, 000
(C)Rs. 50, 000

5.Which among the following helps RBI to manage liquidity conditions in the economy with banks having an avenue to surplus funds or avail funds?
(B)Reverse repos
(C)Money market Mutual Funds

6.Which among the following sentence is true?
(A)RBI introduced Repos & Reverse Repos in 1992
(B)RBI Introduced Repos in 1992 & Reverse Repos in 1996
(C)RBI introduced Repos & Reverse Repos in 1996

7.As we know that RBI has two departments Issue Department and Banking Department. Which among them is responsible for maintaining a Minimum reserve system against printing of currency notes?
(A)Issue Department
(B)Banking Department
(C)Both of Them

8.What is the main function of banking department of Reserve Bank of India?
(A)To do banking business with customers
(B)To provide liquidity to the economy and absorb liquidity
(C)To issue the currency in circulation and its withdrawal from circulation

9.Which among the following is correct regarding BPLR or bench mark prime lending rate?
(A)It is lowest interest rate below PLR charged by a bank from the best customer of the financial year
(B)It is highest interest rate above PLR charged by a bank from the any customer of the financial year
(C)none of them

10.Which among the following is correct regarding ” progressive Tax” ?
(A)surcharge levied on taxes for development works
(B)rate of tax increased for increased value or volume
(C)getting burden of tax passed on to general customers

11.Which among the following coined the term ” Second generation Reforms” ?
(A)World Bank
(B)International Monetary Fund
(C)Reserve bank of India

12.Many a times we read the word ” Glocalization” which means a combination of localization and globalization. Which among the following is a best example of glocalisation in India?
(A)Big TV
(B)Mc Donald
(C)Kentucky Fried Chicken

13.Many a times we read in the newspapers about ” Cartel”. Which among the following is most appropriate definition of Cartel?
(A)Association of producers to regulate prices by restricting output and competition
(B)Association of companies to have competitive advantage
(C)Association of small number of buyers to have advantage over sellers

14.”Salboni ” in west Bengal is best known for which of the following?
(A)Indian Security Press
(B)Coin Mint
(C)Modernized Currency Notes Press

15.Which among the following is world’s largest foreign exchange market ?
(A)New York

16.What is the equity of Reserve bank of India in National Housing Bank ?

17.In 2003, UTI was divided into two parts, UTI Mutual Fund (UTI MF) and a specified undertaking of UTI or UTI-I. Which among them has been kept under the control of the government ?
(C)both of them

18.Which among the following committee suggested to establish ” Insurance Regulatory Authority in India” ?
(A)Dandekar Committee
(B)Malohtra Committee
(C)Rangrajan Committee

19.Which among the following committees recommended the merger of Regional Rural Banks with their respective Sponsor Banks?
(A)Narsimhamam Committee
(B)Khusro Committee
(C)C Rang rajan Committee

20.What is the number of State Finance Corporations in India ?


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