Quiz 210 : Indian History: Indian National Movement

The play Neeldarpan is associated with ?
Which city is hosting the Conference on Transformation of Aspirational Districts?
The Basava Sagar Dam is located in which state?
Which among the following may not be called a consequence of 1857 revolts?
Which among the following was a reason of eruption of Faraizi Movement?
The impact of the first world war drew two classes of Indian society into the national movement. Who were they?
Which of the following dispute made Gandhi ji to undertake a fast for the first time?
Champaran Satyagraha was the first to be started but the word Satyagraha was used for the first time in which of the following?
Who among the following was greeted with Hartals when he visited India in November 1921?
Which among the following was the most important reason of objection to Simon Commission by Indian nationalists?


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