Quiz 221: General Knowledge for All Examinations

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1. The highest peak in the Western Ghats in India, highest point in South India, and also the highest point in India outside the Himalaya-Karakoram system is _________?

[A] Anamudi, Kerala
[B] Cardamom Hills, Kerala
[C] Agastya Mala, Kerala
[D] Sahaydri

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2. Shale is an example of ?

[A] Igneous Rock
[B] Sedimentary Rock
[C] Metamorphic Rock
[D] None of the above

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3. Which among the following are constituents of institutional credit delivery system in India?

[A] Commercial Banks
[B] Commercial Banks and Cooperative Credit Institutions
[C] Regional Rural Banks
[D] Regional Rural Banks , Commercial Banks and Cooperative Credit Institutions

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4. The shape of Vibrio bacteria is ________?

[A] Comma Shaped
[B] Dot shaped
[C] Clusters
[D] Sticks

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5. In which of the following countries first Stock Exchange opened?

[A] Uk
[B] Netherlands
[D] India

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6. In which year Government of India approved National Policy for Farmers?

[A] 2002
[B] 2004
[C] 2005
[D] 2007

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7. A system in which a society consisting of a number of farmers owns land which is divided into smaller holdings and then leased to individual members of the society comes under which of the following?

[A] Co-operative Tenant Farming
[B] Co-operative Collective Farming
[C] Cooperative Joint Farming
[D] All the above

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8. National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) was constituted in:

[A] 2005
[B] 2006
[C] 2007
[D] 2008

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9. START or Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is a series of treaties (START!, STARTII etc. ) negotiated between which of the two nuclear powers of the world?

[A] US & Russia
[B] US & India
[C] US & China
[D] India & Russia

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10. Valmiki National Park or Valmiki Tiger Reserve is located in which of the following states?

[A] Bihar
[B] Orissa
[C] West Bengal
[D] Gujarath

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