Quiz 154: Indian Polity & Constitution

Gandhi may die, but Gandhism will remain forever” In which session of Indian National Congress Gandhi ji said this?
Lucknow pact was signed between Indian National Congress and _____________ in 1916?
By which act Public service commission in India was established for the first time?
In case of a conflict between directive principles and fundamental rights, which shall prevail?
Who decides the disputes arising out of the election of President in India?
Any member of the public or group of people may approach the court , on behalf of the aggrieved persons for protection of his fundamental rights. This is called ________?
A boy of 12 years is employed in a factory with a hazardous job. Which among the following is violated in this case?
India is “Union of States” this expression was borrowed from the following constitution?
Who among the following recommends distribution of taxes between the Union and State Govt?
Which of the following statement regarding the Financial Powers of President of India is wrong?


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  11. Saahil

    January 28, 2010 at 11:35 am

    in the 9th ques….there r two wrong options…the governor does nt appoint the judges of d HC…its done by the President…in consultation wid CM CJI governor and CJ of d HC….
    correct me if m wrong…..

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