Quiz 153: General Science : Everyday Chemistry

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1. Galena & Litharge are ores of which of the following metals?
[A] Mercury
[B] Zinc
[C] Copper
[D] Lead

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2. Graphite, Carbon and Diamonds are _________?
[A] Isotopes
[B] Isomers
[C] Isotones
[D] Allotropes

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3. Bleaching Powder is a compound of _______?
[A] Calcium
[B] Sodium
[C] Magnesium
[D] Sulphur

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4. To keep the hot glass item’s finishing and transparency , they go through a process called annealing. This process involves _______?
[A] cooled rapidly
[B] cooled very slowly
[C] cooled slowly and uniformly under controlled environment
[D] heating rapidly

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5. The inability of a body to change its state of rest or its uniform motion in a straight line is called as ________?
[A] Mass
[B] weight
[C] Inertia
[D] Friction

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6. Water at 4 degree centigrade has____?
[A] minimum density
[B] maximum density
[C] No density
[D] None of the above

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7. Which among the following is not a use of Graphite?
[A] making of electrodes
[B] lubricant
[C] manufacturing of crucibles,
[D] Glass cutting

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8. Which of the following group characterizes alcohols?
[A] OH group
[B] COOH group
[C] COO group
[D] CO group

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9. Sodium Alkyl Sulphate and Benzene Sulphate are examples of ________
[A] Explosives
[B] Insecticides
[C] Fungicides
[D] Synthetic Detergents

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10. Rayon is an example of _______?
[A] a synthetic fiber
[B] a natural fiber
[C] semi-synthetic fiber
[D] Synthetic Detergent

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    calcium magnesium silicate is commonly known as

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    Please include much more questions of General Science and increase the size of one paper set.