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  1. WHO Urges Countries to Increase Taxes on Alcohol and SSBs
  2. Italy Withdraws from BRI
  3. 'Garba of Gujarat' Recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage
  4. India's Strategic Focus on Duqm Port
  5. New Collective Quantified Goal (NCQG) on Climate Finance
  6. JT-60SA Commences Operations
  7. India and Kenya Sign 5 Pacts
  8. South Korea's National Security Act (NSA)
  9. COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health
  10. Unprecedented Monkeypox Outbreak in the DRC
  11. India Elected as Member of Codex Alimentarius Commission Executive Committee
  12. India Re-elected to International Maritime Organisation Council
  13. White Lung Syndrome Outbreak
  14. Launch of LeadIT 2.0 at COP28 in Dubai
  15. US Visa Ban on Israeli Extremist Settlers
  16. New Zealand's Capital Kiwi Project
  17. International Conference on Public Health in Africa
  18. WHO's Agenda at COP28: Putting Health at the Center Stage
  19. Historic Milestone: Nepal Officially Registers First Same-Sex Marriage
  20. ILO Report Highlights Deadly Consequences of Overworking Worldwide
  21. Alarming Rise in Suicide Cases Grips the United States
  22. The Legacy and Global Impact of World Expos: A Glimpse into the 2030 Bidding Contest
  23. Zimbabwe to Construct First Utility-Scale Geothermal Energy Independent Power Producer (IPP)
  24. Diplomatic Tensions Rise Over Parthenon Sculptures: Greece and UK Clash
  25. 4th ASEAN India Grassroots Innovation Forum
  26. WHO Highlights Alarming Rates of Violence Against Women Globally
  27. UK's Colonial History Doubles Its Historical Emissions in Global Heating
  28. Australia Plans to Regulate Digital Payment Services Like Apple Pay and Google Pay
  29. Malaysia Grants Visa-Free Entry to Indians
  30. Unraveling History: Diphtheria's Cinematic Role in Ridley Scott's Napoleon
  31. Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Cantaloupes: One Dead, 17 Hospitalized in Canada
  32. India and US to Simplify Antiquities Return Process with Cultural Property Agreement
  33. Government Announces Mandatory Blending of Compressed Biogas (CBG) in CGD Sector
  34. Indian Named the Chair of International Sugar Organisation for 2024
  35. Geert Wilders: The "Dutch Donald Trump"
  36. Girish Chandra Murmu Takes Key Role in UN Panel of External Auditors
  37. India-Australia 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue
  38. Unprecedented Heatwave Hits Brazil
  39. 59th International Tropical Timber Council
  40. CII India-Nordic-Baltic Business Conclave
  41. Traditional and Complementary Medicine 'Project Collaboration Agreement'
  42. Four Gas Power Plants Contradict US Directive on Fossil Fuel Financing: Report
  43. Cambridge Dictionary's Word of the Year: "Hallucinate"
  44. US and Philippines Sign Nuclear Technology Deal to Boost Energy Independence
  45. Supreme Court Emphasizes: Agreement to Sell Does Not Confer Ownership
  46. Loneliness: A Global Health Threat Equivalent to Smoking
  47. Landmark U.S.-China Climate Deal
  48. Senate Passes Stopgap Funding Bill, Averting Government Shutdown
  49. UK Government's Asylum Plan for Rwanda Ruled Unlawful by Supreme Court
  50. What is MMRV Working Group?
  51. European Union Agrees to Cut Methane Emissions in Energy Sector
  52. WHO's 2023 Roadmap to End Maternal Tuberculosis
  53. US Supreme Court Introduces Ethics Code Amid Controversy and Pressure
  54. China Proposes Additional Cybersecurity Checks for Auditors in National Security Matters
  55. APEC Leaders' Week in San Francisco
  56. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to Attend ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting-Plus in Jakarta
  57. OPEC Maintains Confidence in Oil Market Despite Price Drop, Blames Speculators
  58. Iceland Declares Emergency as Quakes Portend Volcanic Eruption
  59. World Bank Approves $150 Million to Strengthen Sri Lanka's Financial Sector
  60. Fighting the Melting Poles: France's $1 Billion Polar Science Push
  61. South Africa Paves the Way for Shared Parental Leave in Africa
  62. INDUS-X Investors' Meet Precedes Indo-US 2+2 Dialogue
  63. How Gaza's Health Ministry Tracks Casualties Amid Conflict
  64. Legal Identity and Rights-Based Return Management Conference
  65. Bhutan Achieves Milestone: Complete Sterilization and Vaccination of Stray Dog Population
  66. Kozhikode and Gwalior Recognized as Creative Cities for Literature and Music
  67. International Solar Alliance Allocates $35 Million for Global Solar Facility
  68. International Counter Ransomware Initiative
  69. UK Hosts Landmark AI Summit Amid Growing Global Concerns
  70. India and Bangladesh Jointly Inaugurate Three Development Projects
  71. Agartala-Akhaura Cross-Border Rail Link
  72. What is the Prisoner's Dilemma?
  73. CCI Joins ICN Steering Committee
  74. Sri Lanka Launches Free Visa Pilot Project for Select Nations
  75. Rising Bond Yields
  76. UK Abandons Decade-Old Banker Bonus Restrictions Post-Brexit
  77. Super Fog in Louisiana
  78. Rising Salinity in US Groundwater
  79. Bedouin Soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)
  80. Israeli Airstrike Damages Historic Church in Gaza
  81. Visa Shopping: A Growing Trend in India
  82. Canada Recalls Diplomats from India Amid Ongoing Standoff
  83. Publications Division Showcases Indian Literature at 75th Frankfurt Book Fair
  84. Peru Implements Stringent Penalties for Cellphone Thieves
  85. The Rafah Crossing
  86. International Humanitarian Law on Human Shields and Forced Displacement
  87. G20 Expert Panel's Recommendations on Reforming MDBs
  88. What is Nuclear Briefcase?
  89. Lao People's Democratic Republic Achieves Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination
  90. Over 600 Million May Face Extreme Poverty by 2030, UN Paper Reveals
  91. New Tamil Nadu-Sri Lanka Ferry Service
  92. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CSG Deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean
  93. U.S. Embarks on $7 Billion Initiative to Fuel Climate Goals with Hydrogen Energy
  94. Israel's Unity Government
  95. Microsoft Finalizes Acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $69 Billion
  96. Royal Aircraft Establishment Mark III Catapult
  97. OECD Introduces Multilateral Treaty to Address Digital Services Taxes
  98. Gaza Strip Under Siege
  99. California Launches Ebony Alert
  100. India Launches Operation Ajay
  101. USS Gerald R Ford Carrier Strike Group to Assist Israel
  102. White Phosphorus Usage in Gaza
  103. Coolant Leak Raises Concerns About Russian Segment of the International Space Station
  104. Kuwait's Plan to Boost Fossil Fuel Production
  105. "Children Displaced in a Changing Climate" Report
  106. Dakar Declaration on Climate Change 2023
  107. Russia to Revoke Ratification of CTBT
  108. Canada Faces Economic Impact Due to Diplomatic Dispute with India
  109. US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Loses No-Confidence Vote
  110. Japan’s Hottest September
  111. Dish Network Fined $150,000 by US Government for Space Debris Violation
  112. India-Argentina ‘Social Security Agreement’
  113. Ripple Effect Water Scarcity - The Hidden Threat to Global Security and Prosperity
  114. Birthright Citizenship Debate in the US
  115. "Statue of Equality" in Maryland
  116. "Whoosh" High-Speed Railway
  117. Fuzhou-Xiamen-Zhangzhou Railway Line
  118. Swiss Glaciers Lose 10% Volume in Two Years
  119. New Earthquake Threat Discovered in Pacific Northwest
  120. Iran Launches Noor 3 Military Satellite
  121. Shi Yan 6 to Visit Sri Lanka
  122. Writers Guild of America’s Tentative Deal with Top Entertainment Companies
  123. 105th Anniversary of Battle of Haifa
  124. Role of the Five Eyes Alliance in the India-Canada Issue
  125. India-UN Capacity Building Initiative
  126. China's Dominance in Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production
  127. UHC Progress Stagnates, Financial Protection Worsens: Report
  128. Germany Contributes €40 Million to Global Biodiversity Framework Fund
  129. Political Declaration on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response
  130. Samudra Prahari’s Visit to Thailand
  131. Indian Visa Services Suspended in Canada
  132. Over 1,200 Children Died in Sudan's Refugee Camps
  133. Rwanda – A Country with 61 per cent Women Parliamentarians
  134. Over 10% of Japan's Population Now Aged 80 or Older
  135. India Unveils 'People's G20' eBook on Its G20 Presidency
  136. European Parliament Approves Critical Raw Materials Act
  137. US Court Declares DACA Illegal
  138. ICGS Samudra Prahari's ASEAN Deployment for Marine Pollution Response
  139. UK Bans American Bully XL Dogs After Fatal Attacks
  140. London’s India Club
  141. West Nile Virus Cases in Multiple US States
  142. ILO Reports Sluggish Progress Towards SDG 8
  143. UNESCO Lists Kyiv and Lviv World Heritage Sites as 'In Danger' Due to Russian Conflict
  144. France Bans iPhone 12 Sales Over Radiation Concerns
  145. Apple's Shift to USB-C in iPhone 15 Driven by EU Regulations
  146. India's Recognition as an OIML Certificates Issuing Authority
  147. Global Debt as a Share of Economic Output Declined in 2022
  148. Fourth G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) Meeting
  149. Invasive Red Fire Ant Species Detected in Italy
  150. India-Saudi Investment Forum 2023
  151. Shallow Earthquake in Morocco
  152. Goa Roadmap for Tourism
  153. G20 Working Group on Empowerment of Women
  154. G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration
  155. Global Biofuels Alliance Launched in New Delhi
  156. African Union Admitted as Permanent Member of G20
  157. India – Middle East – Europe Economic Corridor
  158. Australia's Navy Pursues Nuclear Submarines and AI-Powered Ghost Sharks
  159. US Government Terminates Funding for DEEP VZN
  160. India and US Settle WTO Poultry Dispute, Reduce Tariffs on American Products
  161. G20 Tourism and SDG Dashboard
  162. Maldives Presidential Elections 2023
  163. Surge in Asian Hornet Sightings in UK
  164. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Replaces Defense Minister
  165. China's Vigilance Campaign
  166. India's "Import Management System" to Restrict IT Hardware Imports from China
  167. Global South’s Debt Problem
  168. Major Tracks of G20
  169. WHO Unveils Gujarat Declaration
  170. Priest of Pacopampa Tomb
  171. France Announces Ban on Disposable Vapes
  172. Culture Corridor-G20 Digital Museum
  173. Operation Duck Hunt Dismantles QakBot Malware Network
  174. Biden Administration Unveils Prescription Medication Price Negotiations in US Medicare Program
  175. Greece Battles Largest Recorded Wildfire in the EU
  176. XQ-58A Valkyrie AI Drones
  177. World-First Seven-Minute Cancer Treatment Jab
  178. Foxconn Founder Terry Gou Announces Independent Presidential Run in Taiwan
  179. France's Ban on Abayas in State Schools
  180. Kampala Ministerial Declaration on Migration, Environment and Climate Change
  181. 5th India-Bangladesh Annual Defence Dialogue
  182. UAE's Ministry of Health Launches Back-to-School Health Awareness Campaign
  183. Saudi Arabia to Host ATP's Next Gen Finals
  184. US Sues Elon Musk’s SpaceX
  185. BRICS Expansion
  186. Srettha Thavisin Becomes New Prime Minister of Thailand
  187. Hun Manet Appointed as the New PM of Cambodia
  188. Mohajer-10 Attack Drone
  189. What is Hurriquake?
  190. BRICS's New University Ranking System
  191. Water Crisis in Afghanistan
  192. Sulina Channel
  193. Redwoods Rising Project
  194. MoU Between India and Suriname to Strengthen Collaboration in Medical Products Regulation
  195. India-Australia Mutual Recognition Arrangement Boosts Trade Facilitation
  196. G20 Consensus on Key Health Priorities
  197. G20-Digital Innovation Alliance (DIA) Summit
  198. China Builds Airstrip on Disputed Triton Island
  199. Indonesia’s Golden Visa Programme
  200. US Court Holds State Liable for Climate Breach, Empowering Global Litigation Trend
  201. China’s Full-Time Children
  202. LCS System for Settlement of Crude Oil Transactions Between India and UAE
  203. United States Introduces Preventive Pill for STIs
  204. Europe's Oldest Lakeside Village
  205. Global Summit on Traditional Medicine
  206. Challenges in Funding Conservation Efforts for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities
  207. Pakistani Senator Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar Named Caretaker Premier
  208. What is Chhaupadi - The 'Period Hut' Ritual Of Nepal?
  209. Hai Yang 24 Hao: Chinese Warship's Colombo Visit Raises Diplomatic Queries
  210. Pakistan's Caretaker Government Prepares for Election Amid Uncertainty
  211. Recognized Employer Pilot
  212. Sri Lanka Unique Digital Identity Project (SL-UDI)
  213. CBI Academy Joins Interpol Global Academy Network
  214. Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization
  215. Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency in Amhara Region
  216. What is the Arash-Dorra Gas Field Dispute?
  217. China’s Guidelines for the Construction of Minor Mode of the Mobile Internet
  218. Ayush Visa
  219. "David's Sling" Anti-Missile Defence System
  220. G20 Environment and Climate Sustainability Ministerial Meeting
  221. Ocean Shield-2023
  222. Taiwan Amends Sexual Harassment Laws
  223. Debris of ISRO Rocket Found in Australia
  224. Bhutan's Tiger Population Surge
  225. Silk Roadster
  226. What is TechEquity?
  227. Free Movement Regime
  228. UK-India Defence and Military Technology Cooperation Workshop
  229. Japan’s Population Decline
  230. Frontier Model Forum
  231. Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT)
  232. Italian Bill Criminalising Surrogacy Abroad
  233. Gabon's Debt-for-Nature Swap Initiative
  234. Badgirs and Qanats
  235. Rio Grande River Barrier
  236. BRICS Urbanisation Forum
  237. Why is Elon Musk Rebranding Twitter as X?
  238. European Peace Facility
  239. Admiral Lisa Franchetti
  240. India-UAE Agreement on Use of Local Currencies for Cross-Border Transactions
  241. India-France Cooperation on Advance Aeronautical Technologies
  242. Hwasong-18 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
  243. India – Indonesia Economic and Financial Dialogue (EFD Dialogue)
  244. OVL Considers Resuming Operations in Block 20 in Iraq
  245. 5-Year Work Visa For Indian Students Pursuing Masters In France
  246. EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework
  247. Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF)
  248. Indian Tri-Services Contingent in French Bastille Day Parade
  249. Second Thomas Shoal
  250. Meta's Threads App
  251. DGCA-EASA MoU for Cooperation in Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Innovative Air Mobility
  252. China’s Newly Amended Anti-Espionage Law
  253. One Health Priority Research Agenda on Antimicrobial Resistance
  254. Joint Ocean Expedition Aboard 'Sagar Nidhi'
  255. $3 Billion Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) between Pakistan and IMF
  256. Deep Sea Mining
  257. National Defence Mobilisation Offices
  258. US Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action in College Admissions
  259. How to Make Polluters Pay: Climate Finance to Support Global Equity
  260. ‘In-country' Renewable H-1B Visas
  261. ASEAN to Hold First-Ever Joint Military Exercise in South China Sea
  262. Kyriakos Mitsotaki Wins Greece's National Elections
  263. India-Egypt Strategic Partnership
  264. Order of the Nile
  265. Minerals Security Partnership
  266. Heliopolis Memorial
  267. Prime Minister Modi's Gifts to President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden
  268. Dragon Boat Festival
  269. UK Treasury Grants Equivalence to RBI-Authorized Clearing Houses
  270. US NIST Launches Public Working Group for AI Technologies
  271. Summit on New Global Financial Pact
  272. Estonia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage
  273. Challenges and Efforts in Recovering the Titanic Submersible
  274. India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway
  275. Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction Treaty
  276. US-China Science and Technology Agreement (STA)
  277. EU to Strengthen Action Against Antimicrobial Resistance
  278. Evolution of Pride Flag
  279. Japan's LGBT Understanding Bill
  280. Japan Redefines Age of Consent
  281. Nusrat Choudhury
  282. Roosevelt Hotel
  283. GoI-UNSDCF 2023-2027
  284. UNGA Resolution on “Memorial Wall for Fallen United Nations Peacekeepers”
  285. Gabon’s First Agri-SEZ Project
  286. Developing Nation Status Act
  287. What is Captagon?
  288. Atlantic Declaration
  289. EU Deal on Equitable Refugee Hosting
  290. What is Silent Barker?
  291. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Act
  292. $95 Million Undersea Cable Connection Project in Micronesia
  293. Kakhovka Dam
  294. Ban on King James Version of the Bible
  295. Helmand River Dispute
  296. Phukot Karnali Hydro Electric Project
  297. Canada’s Category-based Selection for Express Entry
  298. India-EU Global Gateway Conference
  299. Brazil’s Bill 490
  300. Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist
  301. UAE Withdraws from Combined Maritime Forces
  302. 2023 Multilateral Naval Exercise Komodo
  303. Draft Resolution on the Impact of Chemicals, Waste and Pollution on Human Health
  304. Global Alliance for Drowning Prevention
  305. ADB’s Country Partnership Strategy for India
  306. 22nd Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
  307. TOEFL Accepted Under Canada's Student Direct Stream
  308. Lipizzan Horses
  309. Shenzhou-16 Mission
  310. Polio Eradication Efforts in West and Central Africa
  311. Recep Tayyip Erdogan Wins Runoff Election
  312. Somalia to Introduce Direct Universal Suffrage in 2024
  313. Iraq's Route of Development
  314. Gateway to the Underworld
  315. USS Gerald R. Ford Visits Oslo
  316. France’s Ban on Short-haul Flights
  317. Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI)
  318. G20 High-Level Principles on Hydrogen
  319. Taiwan's Last Comfort Woman Passes Away
  320. Ireland Mandates Warning Labels on Alcoholic Products
  321. Regulation of Big Tech
  322. US-Papua New Guinea Defence Agreement
  323. Colorado River Conservation Deal
  324. Dangote Refinery
  325. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
  326. FIPIC Summit 2023
  327. 76th World Health Assembly
  328. Vladivostok Port
  329. UK’s Semiconductor Strategy
  330. Operation Karuna
  331. South Africa to Produce CAB-LA
  332. Rasht-Astara Railway Link
  333. G-7 Hiroshima Summit
  334. Sri Lanka's State Owned Enterprise Reform Policy
  335. Benin and Mali Eliminate Trachoma
  336. Spring 2023 Economic Forecast
  337. India- EU Trade and Technology Council - Current Updates (May, 2023)
  338. Storm Shadow Cruise Missile
  339. Soaring Eagle Exercise
  340. Portugal Legalizes Euthanasia - Current Updates (May, 2023)
  341. Portugal Legalizes Euthanasia
  342. Moroccan Locust Attack in Afghanistan
  343. Queensland's Isaac River Coal Mine
  344. Prime Minister Modi's First State Visit to US
  345. FDA Eases Restrictions on Blood Donations from Gay and Bisexual Men
  346. 6th Indian Ocean Conference (IOC)
  347. SCO Starup Forum 2023
  348. The Global Health Emergency of Mpox Comes to an End
  349. Tibet Matters March
  350. Greek Embassy Event to Host Event About Situation in Mariupol
  351. First Dubai FinTech Summit
  352. First China-Central Asia Summit
  353. What is Yarchagumba?
  354. Lifting of Title 42
  355. Syria’s Return to Arab League
  356. Naykap Gokab
  357. Ukraine's Attack on Kremlin
  358. Safety Approval For China's First Gene-edited Crop
  359. Central Asian Flyway
  360. CarbSar - Britain's Spy Satellite
  361. FAO’s Agriculture and Market Information System (AMIS) and Its Latest Monitor
  362. COP28 to Focus on Health Impacts of Climate Change
  363. UK's Contribution to Brazil’s Amazon Fund
  364. South Asia Clean Energy Forum 2023
  365. China Competition 2.0 Bill
  366. Petersberg Climate Dialogue
  367. MV-ITT LION (V-273)
  368. Coronation of King Charles III
  369. ESMA’s Derecognition of 6 Indian CCPs
  370. Brazil’s Fake News Law
  371. New US-Mexico Immigration Policies
  372. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh's Visit to Maldives
  373. Uzbek Constitutional Referendum
  374. Santiago Pena: Paraguay’s New President-Elect
  375. France India Foundation
  376. Stone of Scone
  377. Japan’s Basic Plan on Ocean Policy
  378. Celebration Picasso 1973-2023
  379. US Legal Debt Ceiling
  380. United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
  381. EU’s Fit for 55 Package
  382. 2023 Sudan Conflict
  383. The Big Catch-up
  384. Nagorno-Karabakh
  385. Mohammed Shahabuddin
  386. Bangladesh Indo-Pacific Outlook
  387. Operation Kaveri
  388. EU’s Markets in Crypto Act
  389. SS Montevideo Maru
  390. Miguel Diaz-Canel
  391. Olkiluoto 3 Reactor
  392. EDPB’s ChatGPT Task Force
  393. Buzi Bridge in Mozambique
  394. What is Orion Wargame?
  395. 25 Years of Good Friday Agreement
  396. What is Hikikomori?
  397. Hay Fever in Japan
  398. Idaho’s Abortion Trafficking Law
  399. 7th India-Japan Defence Policy Dialogue
  400. Order of White Eagle
  401. Japan’s Overseas Security Assistance (OSA) Programme
  402. Operation Cookie Monster and Genesis Market
  403. UN Statistical Commission
  404. Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative
  405. Australia’s Gender Pay Gap Law
  406. Finland’s NATO Membership
  407. Paris' Ban on e-Scooter
  408. Partnership Opportunities in the Lithium Value Chain between India and Chile
  409. ISA Permit for Deep Sea Mining of Polymetallic Nodules
  410. CPTPP and Britain's Membership
  411. The Concept of the Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation
  412. Digitization of Schengen Visa
  413. First-Ever Anti-Spyware Declaration
  414. Georgia’s Resolution on Hinduphobia
  415. Azerbaijan and Tajikistan: Malaria-Free Countries
  416. Australia’s Safeguard Mechanism
  417. Dissolution of the National League for Democracy
  418. IMF’s $15.6 Billion Loan For Ukraine
  419. Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz and Others v. Switzerland
  420. What are IMF Bailouts?
  421. P-270 Moskit Missile
  422. 10th Khalkha Jetsun Dhampa Rinpoche
  423. 1st G20 Trade and Investment Working Group (TIWG) Meeting
  424. Operation Interflex
  425. Daylight Savings Time
  426. Tactical Nuclear Weapons
  427. "Indo + Caribbean: The creation of a culture" Exhibition
  428. Depleted Uranium Munition
  429. Water and Heritage Shield and Sípàapu
  430. New US-Canada Border Deal
  431. What is Haeil Drone?
  432. Marburg Virus: Tanzania Reports its First-Ever Outbreak
  433. Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023
  434. 450 MW Seti River-6 Hydropower Project
  435. G20 RIIG Conference
  436. Nepal-India Literature Festival
  437. CapCut: A Video Editing Application Gaining Popularity in the US
  438. Japan’s Plan for Free & Open Indo-Pacific
  439. Burundi: First Polio Outbreak in 30 Years
  440. NZIA and CRMA
  441. Oxford Union
  442. International Criminal Court
  443. Japan-South Korea Summit: Key Outcomes
  444. MiG-29 Fighter Jet and Its Delivery to Ukraine: Important Facts
  445. Fact Sheet: Saudi-Iran Détente
  446. Q+A: UN’s List of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Bhutan’s Graduation
  447. SCO Summit on ‘Collaboration In Sports and Physical Fitness’: Key Outcomes
  448. McMahon Line and the US’ Backing: Important Facts
  449. Sir Brian May: Important Facts about the Legendary Lead Guitarist
  450. Rwanda’s First mRNA Vaccine Production Facility: Important Facts
  451. Fact Sheet: Sika Deer
  452. What is Indonesia’s Dawn School Trial?
  453. Who is Kenzaburō Ōe?
  454. IPCC Meet in Switzerland and Synthesis Report: Important Facts
  455. What are High Seas?
  456. What is Debt Forgiveness Plan?
  457. WHO International Health Regulations 2005
  458. AIRS Fellowship Program
  459. What is S-400 Triumf?
  460. What is Windsor Framework?
  461. Exercise Desert Flag VIII
  462. India-UK Young Professionals Scheme
  463. Senior Mission Leaders’ (SML) Course
  464. Mizoram to export Bird’s eye chilli to the US
  465. Trends in Maternal Mortality Report
  466. France to unveil new strategy in Africa
  467. Germany to ease Visa applications to Indians
  468. NOKIA changes its logo
  469. Cobra Warrior exercise
  470. Desert Flag exercise VIII
  471. APEDA signs pact with Lulu to promote millets in GCC
  472. NASA Space-X Crew-6 Mission to ISS
  473. German Chancellor Olaz Scholz visits India
  474. China blocks ChatGPT
  475. Pakistan receives $700 million from China
  476. IMF Nine Point Crypto Action Plan
  477. Earthquake in Indonesia of magnitude 6.2
  478. Onion Shortage threatens the world
  479. Indian Submarine docks in Indonesia for the first time
  480. China launches Zhongxing-26 satellite
  481. India joins Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate
  482. Ukraine War: India-China abstain from UN Voting
  483. China-Japan Security Dialogue
  484. Brazil Mad Cow Disease
  485. Tajikistan Earthquake
  486. Sikhs and Jews most targeted in hate crimes in US
  487. Google tests blocking news content
  488. India-China hold WMCC Meeting
  489. India and Seychelles sign agreement on Maritime Cooperation
  490. India-Guyana Air Service Agreement
  491. Vivek Ramaswamy launches US Presidential bid
  492. Seattle-First US city to ban Caste Discrimination
  493. Russia suspends START, the last Nuclear Treaty
  494. State of Nation Address of Russian President Vladimir Putin
  495. UAE to host first I2U2 vice-ministerial meeting
  496. India-Singapore link Digital Payments UPI and PAYNOW
  497. INS Sumedha participated in IDEX and NAVDEX
  498. US President Joe Biden visits Kyiv amidst Ukraine-Russia war tensions
  499. Hwasong-15: North Korea's Intercontinental ballistic missile
  500. Residence by investment programmes
  501. Nepal celebrates Democracy Day
  502. NEOM: Saudi’s Future Mega City
  503. DUSTLIK 2023: India-Uzbekistan Military Exercise
  504. One Year of India-UAE CEPA
  505. Qatar lifts temporary ban on Indian Frozen Seafood
  506. BEL and Israel Aerospace to form JV
  507. Spain passes Europe’s first menstrual paid leave law
  508. Dharma Guardian 2023 Exercise
  509. US Bill on Arunachal Pradesh LAC
  510. Israel's New Law to strip Arab attackers of citizenship
  511. U.N. draft resolution calls for ceasefire in Ukraine
  512. EU formally bans gas, diesel car sales from 2035
  513. Global sovereign debt roundtable
  514. Air India Deal with Airbus and Boeing
  515. Earthquake of 6.1 magnitude hits New Zealand
  516. Israel Judicial Reform Plans
  517. Black Sea Grain Deal
  518. State of Emergency in New Zealand after Cyclone Gabrielle
  519. Saudi Arabia to send its first woman to space
  520. Marburg Disease Outbreak
  521. CBRN terror response in TARKASH Exercise
  522. Russia supplied 13 billion USD worth arms to India in last 5 years
  523. LTTE Chief Prabhakaran is alive
  524. Australia: Anniversary of Stolen Generation Apology
  525. Aksai Chin Railway Line
  526. US shoots four unidentified objects
  527. Cyclone Gabrielle hits New Zealand
  528. HAL exports ALH Mk3 helicopters to Mauritius
  529. World Government Summit 2023
  530. IMF calls for reforms of China’s Growth model
  531. India-ASEAN Digital Work Plan 2023
  532. India-EU Trade and Technology Council
  533. YouGov report on Disposable Income
  534. Quad Nations launch Quad Cyber Challenge
  535. Operation Dost
  536. Google introduces Chat-GPT rival Bard
  537. India MoU with Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle Joint Business Council
  538. Myanmar-Russia MoU on developing Nuclear Power
  539. Walking Pilgrimage through Buddhist Circuit
  540. Where is ‘Gaziantep Castle’?
  541. Major Earthquake struck Turkey and Syria
  542. UN Report on North Korea Crypto Theft
  543. Global Climate Resilience Fund-50 million USD for women
  544. What is Hybrid Warfare?
  545. India-France-UAE Trilateral Cooperation Initiative
  546. EU bans Russian oil
  547. US, Brazil to join India led Biofuels Alliance
  548. China Spy Balloon Update
  549. Global Leader Approval Ratings
  550. NASA-ISRO Joint Satellite – NISAR
  551. Australia removes British Monarchy from Bank notes
  552. UAE-Federal Personal Status Laws
  553. US-Philippines Deal on Military access
  554. Assam G20 meeting
  555. US-India Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies
  556. Visit India Year 2023 Campaign
  557. Recent Wave of Tech Layoffs
  558. IMF 4.7 billion USD support program for Bangladesh
  559. First Employment Working Group Meeting
  560. China’s Baidu may launch ChatGPT – style AI Bot
  561. Mandatory Minimum Sentences
  562. US-EU AI Agreement
  563. First Made in India Helmet to meet Europe ECE 22.06 standard
  564. Indus Water Treaty (IWT): India sends notice for modification
  565. Ukraine’s Odesa designated as World Heritage in Danger site
  566. Five to Seven Countries Sign Up for adopting India Stack
  567. Sweden International Information Campaign
  568. India and Egypt declare Strategic Partnership
  569. FAO: India elected the Vice Chair
  570. SCO Meet: India invites Pakistan, China
  571. PM Modi hold talks with the Egyptian President
  572. Uganda’s First Oil Drilling Program
  573. DRACO: Nuclear Fission powered Spacecraft of NASA
  574. Democracy Summit: ECI hosts conference
  575. Business 20 (B20) Inception Meeting
  576. Power Outage in Pakistan
  577. JUICE Space Mission of Europe
  578. Israeli Astro Physics Mission: ULTRASAT
  579. India’s Stand on Implementation of 13A in Sri Lanka
  580. Chris Hipkins – New Zealand’s Next Prime Minister
  581. US launches Welcome Corps Scheme
  582. South Africa announces Joint Naval Drills with Russia, China
  583. First Movers Coalition (FMC) Leadership Meeting
  584. India-UAE Partnership Summit
  585. World Population Review
  586. India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline Project
  587. Sustainable Flight Demonstrator Project
  588. India's Assurances to IMF backing Sri Lanka
  589. United States Sri Lanka CARAT or MAREX-2023
  590. Single Largest All-Women Platoon Of Peacekeepers  deployed in UN Peacekeeping Mission in Abyei
  591. What is the Giving to Amplify Earth Action (GAEA) Initiative?
  592. World Economic Forum Meet 2023!
  593. Mexico Imposes One of the World's Strictest Anti-Smoking Laws
  594. Davos 2023: World Economic Forum
  595. Peru Crisis: Protests Turn Deadly
  596. Europe's Largest Deposit of Rare Earths Discovered in Sweden
  597. NOTAM System Glitch Causes Airspace Shutdown in America
  598. What is the "Pineapple Express" Phenomenon?
  599. Uganda Successfully Ends Sudan Ebola Virus Outbreak
  600. UAE announces blanket ban on single-use plastic shopping bags
  601. India Hosts "The Voice of Global South" Summit, Gathers 120 Countries
  602. Brazil Anti-Democratic Riots
  603. U.S. ‘Title 42’ Immigration Policy
  604. India and UK Launch Young Professionals Scheme
  605. India is set to deploy female peacekeepers to the UN Mission in Abyei
  606. Orthodox Christmas
  607. Freedom Caucus Group
  608. India-France Strategic Dialogue
  609. Europe Winter Heat wave
  610. New Members Join United Nations Security Council
  611. India-Austria Comprehensive Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement
  612. Croatia's switch to Euro
  613. International Year of Millets (IYM) 2023
  614. Covid-19 Variant XBB.1.5 Emerges as a New Threat
  615. India Assumes Chairmanship of Wassenaar Arrangement
  616. Omicron XBB.1.5
  617. World Population to Hit 7.9 Billion on 2023 New Year’s Day
  618. Stay Safe Online Campaign and G20 Digital Innovation Alliance
  619. IISc Bengaluru – G20 Science Working Group’s Secretariat
  620. Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Power Project
  621. Bomb Cyclone - Update (December, 2022)
  622. Zelenskiy's 10-Point Peace Plan
  623. US’ $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill
  624. The State of the World’s Midwifery 2022: East and Southern Africa
  625. New Gender Reform Laws of Spain and Scotland
  626. Japan Adopts New Policy to Promote Nuclear Energy and Achieve Carbon Neutrality
  627. Group of Friends to Promote Accountability for Crimes Against Peacekeepers
  628. Japan’s $320 Billion Plan for Military Build-up
  629. Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework
  630. AIM-UNDP Youth Co:Lab for Young Entrepreneurs
  631. World Restoration Flagships
  632. China’s WTO Dispute over US Chip Sanctions
  633. Rashid Rover
  634. ILO Singapore Declaration
  635. Just Transition Initiative
  636. Sub-Saharan Africa’s Debt Burden at Record High
  637. Forbes’ List of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women
  638. TIME Person of the Year 2022
  639. Goblin Mode – Oxford’s 2022 Word of the Year
  640. Surge in iGAS Cases in the UK
  641. Fifth European Union-India Competition Week 2022
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