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  1. EIU Global Liveability Index 2022
  2. Zuljanah: Iran's Solid-fuelled Rocket
  3. Iskander-M missile system
  4. G7 Global Infrastructure Plan
  5. New oil discovery by ONGC Videsh Limited in Colombia
  6. WB’s USD 245-million loan for Railway Logistics Project
  7. TN dispatches second relief consignment to Sri Lanka
  8. CHOGM Foreign Ministers’ plenary 2022
  9. Western Sahara Dispute and Algeria-Spain ties
  10. International Day of the Celebration of the Solstice
  11. South Korea: Launch of First domestically built space rocket
  12. Gustavo Petro: Colombia’s first leftist President
  13. Haryana- Israel Agreement on Water Management
  14. UNESCO Reserve List: Khuvsgul Lake National Park
  15. APEDA ‘Mango festival' in Bahrain
  16. UNHCR 2022 Global Trends Report
  17. Special ASEAN-India Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (SAIFMM)
  18. Fed's biggest interest rate hike in 30 years
  19. Australia's ambitious 2030 emissions target to UN
  20. USA: New Measure to Protect LGBTQ Rights
  21. West Asia Quad Dialogue
  22. India's demands in WTO MC12
  23. India- EU First-ever Security Consultations
  24. Mongolian Buddha Purnima
  25. China: Proposal of Space Solar plant
  26. Australia: Appointment of 'Minister for Republic’
  27. UNGA: India-sponsored Resolution on Multilingualism
  28. WTO -12th ministerial conference (MC12)
  29. China: New Geological Map of the Moon
  30. Kerala: Suraksha-Mitra Project
  31. Singapore Shangri-La Dialogue
  32. Summit of the Americas 2022
  33. European Parliament Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars
  34. Canada Carbon Emissions Market
  35. QS World University Rankings 2022
  36. UNCTAD World Investment Report -Highlights
  37. Vision Statement on India-Vietnam Defence Partnership
  38. India-Qatar Start-Up bridge
  39. NASA's DAVINCI Mission
  40. India: Prophet Remarks Row
  41. Ex SAMPRITI-X: India Bangladesh Joint Military Exercise
  42. China: 3rd Crewed Mission to New Space Station
  43. Stockholm+50 Conference -Highlights
  44. Türkiye: Turkey's new official name
  45. US: Reconstruction of 3D Ear
  46. Canada's Historic Tribal Land Claim Settlement
  47. India-Senegal MoUs
  48. First Commercial Flight from Yemen to Egypt
  49. US Order to improve Policing
  50. Reskilling Revolution initiative
  51. India joins First Movers Coalition
  52. UAE : First Gulf state to record monkeypox case
  53. QUAD Summit: PM's Proposal of 'Japan Week'
  54. IPEF: India to join USA's new initiative
  55. India-US Investment Incentive Agreement
  56. India- Jordan MoU for cooperation in fertiliser sector
  57. World Bank USD 30 Billion Fund for Food Crisis
  58. 'Mujib- The Making of a Nation' Film
  59. ‘India Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC)’
  60. Sweden and Finland Request to join NATO
  61. 'India-Jamaica Friendship Garden'
  62. Bangladesh offer on Chittagong Port
  63. Seoul Forest Declaration
  64. 'Sky Bridge 721' Suspension Bridge
  65. 'Elisabeth Borne': New Prime Minister of France
  66. Czech Republic: Russia's replacement in UNHRC
  67. Ranil Wickremesinghe- Sri Lanka's New PM
  68. India's Contribution for Hindi @ UN project
  69. Association of Asian Election Authorities (AAEA)
  70. Northern Ireland Protocol - Update (May, 2022)
  71. Katalin Novak: First Female President of Hungary
  72. Resignation of Sri Lankan PM
  73. UK-India Business Commission
  74. Yoon Suk Yeol: New President of South Korea - Update (May, 2022)
  75. USA Affordable Connectivity Program
  76. World Bank’s World Governance Indicators (WGI)
  77. France's Proposal for "European Political Community"
  78. John Lee: Hong Kong’s Next Leader
  79. Monkey Pox Case in UK
  80. UK Digital Markets Unit
  81. Russia’s Victory Day
  82. WFP- India Talks on procurement of wheat
  83. Maip macrothorax: Largest Megaraptor Dinosaur
  84. UN ‘Energy Plan of Action’
  85. India-Nordic Summit 2022- Highlights
  86. Vietnam Bach Long Pedestrian Bridge
  87. Declaration for the Future of the Internet
  88. Global Security Initiative
  89. Russia's Withdrawal from UNWTO
  90. ‘Angel Wing’: Image of Merging Galaxies
  91. Dispute over Kuril Islands
  92. What is a ‘Battery Passport’?
  93. NASA Space Equity Action Plan
  94. Elon Musk-Twitter Deal
  95. WEF 'Class of Young Global Leaders (YGLs)’
  96. European Union New Internet Rules
  97. Re-election of French President Emmanuel Macron
  98. Perseverance: Capture of 'Solar Eclipse on Mars'
  99. China-Solomon Islands Security Agreement
  100. Sarmat: Russia's Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)
  101. World's First "Crypto-Backed" Payment Card
  102. 2022 Invictus Games
  103. South Africa Flood Disaster
  104. SpaceX: Launch of NROL-85 US Spy Satellite
  105. State Sponsor of Terrorism Tag
  106. Singapore International Water Week 2022
  107. Tanzania’s First Woman President
  108. InspectIR COVID-19 Breathalyzer
  109. UNDP Climate Action Grants
  110. Neptune Cruise Missile
  111. China's Zero-COVID Policy
  112. Shehbaz Sharif- New Prime Minister of Pakistan
  113. Pakistan Political Crisis
  114. 'Gaofen-3 03': China's Earth Observation Satellite
  115. Axiom Space Ax-1 Mission- Key Facts
  116. HD1: Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen
  117. SpaceX Launch of Visitors to Space Station
  118. Palm Oil Crisis in Indonesia
  119. Near Identical Twin of Jupiter Planet
  120. Suspension of Russia from UNHRC
  121. AUKUS: Collaboration on Hypersonic Weapons
  122. Bucha Civilian Killings
  123. Russia's Wagner Group of Mercenaries
  124. Shipwreck on Blue Nile
  125. Sweden: Production of Green Steel
  126. Serbia: Aleksandar Vučić re-elected as President
  127. NASA's SpaceX Crew-4 Mission
  128. Clinical Trials of mRNA HIV Vaccine
  129. Viktor Orban: Hungary's New Prime Minister
  130. WWF Report on Online Wildlife Trade
  131. Public Emergency in Sri Lanka
  132. Emmett Till Anti-lynching Act - Update (April, 2022)
  133. Mes Aynak Site
  134. World's Biggest Electric Cruise Ship
  135. U.S. Defence Budget and Indo-Pacific Strategy
  136. What is Schengen Area?
  137. U.S.: USD 52 Billion Chips Bill
  138. Gilbert F. Houngbo: ILO's New Director-General
  139. Oscar Awards 2022- Winners
  140. US-EU Agreement on Data Transfer Pact
  141. Joint Declaration on Privacy and the Protection of Personal Data
  142. Wildlife Conservation Bond
  143. Study: Fish in Great Barrier Reef Fading
  144. China Security Deal with Solomon Islands
  145. Monster Missile Hwasong-17
  146. UN-WMO Goal for Climate Early Warning Systems
  147. Abel Prize for 2022
  148. BIMSTEC Charter
  149. NASA: Confirmation of 5000 Exoplanets
  150. BBNL-BSNL merger
  151. Azov Battalion
  152. Ashish Jha- US COVID Response Chief
  153. Kinzhal Missile
  154. Red-orange Sahara Dust Storm
  155. 'Mahatma Gandhi Green Triangle'
  156. Ukraine in European Electricity Grid
  157. EU Carbon border tariff
  158. What was '2014 MH17 Crash'?
  159. International Day to Combat Islamophobia
  160. Geneva Conventions Guidelines
  161. Impact of War on Semiconductor Supply
  162. Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) Status
  163. Katalin Novák - Hungary's First Female President
  164. Benin Bronze Collection
  165. Russian Debt Default
  166. Google Air Raid Alerts System
  167. Major non-NATO ally
  168. Kyiv-Moscow dialogue on Nuclear Safety
  169. Russia's Export Bans
  170. Yoon Suk-yeol: New President of South Korea
  171. Dubai Virtual Assets Regulation Law
  172. ESA Vigil
  173. WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine
  174. Iran's Noor 2 Satellite
  175. EU Temporary Protection Directive
  176. U.S' Ban on Russian Oil Imports
  177. BBIN Motor Vehicle Agreement
  178. Stonehenge as Solar Calendar
  179. Plastics Innovation Hub Indonesia
  180. Russia's List of Unfriendly Countries
  181. Omicron Variant in White-Tailed Deer
  182. Suspension of Card Services in Russia
  183. North Korea Spy Satellite
  184. Humanitarian Corridors
  185. Cyber Armageddon
  186. Ukraine Crisis: No-fly Zone
  187. UAE in FATF Grey List
  188. Downgrade in Russia's Ratings
  189. Virtual summit of Quad leaders
  190. Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant
  191. Global Plastics Treaty - Update (March, 2022)
  192. International grants in news
  193. Pandemic treaty
  194. Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances
  195. Thermobaric weapon
  196. Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM)
  197. 50th Anniversary of UNEP
  198. China: Discovery of Old Stone Age culture
  199. Deer-to-Human COVID-19 Transmission
  200. Kilonova Explosion Afterglow
  201. Monuments and World Heritage Sites in Ukraine
  202. Sri Lanka Power Cuts
  203. What are Cluster Munitions and Vacuum Bombs?
  204. UNGA Resolution Deploring Russian Aggression
  205. UNHRC Debate on Ukraine
  206. Global Plastics Treaty
  207. Ecuador's New Species of Orchid
  208. IAF in 'Operation Ganga'
  209. Swiss: First Airline to Use Solar Fuel
  210. Russia Nuclear Submarine Drills
  211. EU membership of Ukraine
  212. Montreux Convention
  213. NOAA GOES-T Launch
  214. Yilan Crater
  215. Airspace Curbs on Russia
  216. NDB in GIFT City
  217. 75 years of Indo-Belgian diplomatic ties
  218. IAEA Extraordinary Meeting on Ukraine
  219. Nepal: Approval of US Aid Grant
  220. SWIFT Ban on Russia
  221. World's largest plane ‘Mriya’
  222. China's Record Launch of 22 Satellites
  223. Anonymous' Hackers Group
  224. North Korea's New Ballistic Missile
  225. Operation Ganga
  226. Snake Island
  227. Chernobyl Plant
  228. India-Nepal Task Force for Hydropower Project
  229. Tropical Cyclone Emnati
  230. Russian-Ukraine Crisis: India's Stand in UNSC Draft Resolution
  231. First Plant-Derived COVID Vaccine
  232. Russia-Ukraine Invasion- Impact on India
  233. Cabinet Committee on Security discusses Russia-Ukraine Crisis
  234. USCC International Intellectual Property Index
  235. Intracortical Visual Prosthesis
  236. Jordan: Discovery of 9000-year-old Shrine
  237. European Union Data Act
  238. Exercise Cobra Warrior
  239. Khaibar-buster Missile
  240. India's Aid to Afghanistan
  241. Nord Stream 2
  242. Eastern Bridge-VI Air Exercise
  243. JPMorgan's Lounge in the Metaverse
  244. Russia-Ukraine Crisis- Recent News
  245. SEA-ME-WE-6 Undersea Cable Consortium
  246. US Sanctions on Russia
  247. Israel's C-Dome Defence System
  248. Pakistan's New Cybercrime Law
  249. Storm Eunice across Europe
  250. India-France: Roadmap on Blue Economy and Ocean Governance
  251. Japan Hydrogen Train
  252. United States: 'Pickleball' sport
  253. MH-60R Multi-Role Helicopters
  254. UNEP Frontiers Report
  255. Falkland Islands Dispute
  256. Removal of UK 'Golden Visas'
  257. UNCTAD on Global Trade in 2021
  258. Malawi Wild Polio Case
  259. European Union-African Union Summit
  260. Hilal-e-Pakistan Award to Bill Gates
  261. Brazil Floods and Mudslides
  262. Study on Greater Maldive Ridge (GMR)
  263. G20 Sustainable Financing Scheme
  264. US Resolution on Ukraine crisis
  265. Munich Security Conference
  266. HIV: First woman cured after Stem Cell Transplant
  267. India-UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
  268. Extension of INSACOG Network to neighbour countries
  269. India's Advice to Citizens to leave Ukraine
  270. Texas: Legal Suit on Facebook facial recognition
  271. Lassa Fever- Key Facts
  272. Canada Invokes Emergency Powers
  273. What is ‘Babushka Battalion’?
  274. What is Fukushima water plan?
  275. Japanese Industrial Townships (JITs) in India
  276. India's COVID Relief to Kiribati
  277. Ban on 54 Chinese apps
  278. What is 'Hippocratic Oath'?
  279. Frank-Walter Steinmeier- Re-elected German President
  280. Quad Ministerial meeting- Highlights
  281. Philippines' stance on RCEP
  282. US Bill to bar Forced Arbitration in Sexual Assault Cases
  283. High Ambition Coalition on Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction
  284. India-Australia Early Harvest Agreement
  285. Russia- Belarus Military Drills
  286. Australia: Designation of Koalas as Endangered species
  287. Israel: Drones in Civilian airspace
  288. India- Bangladesh Webinar on solid waste management
  289. EU Chip Production Plan
  290. Sri Lanka ‘Unitary Digital Identity framework’
  291. ASEAN-India High Level Conference on Renewable Energy
  292. Taiwan Patriot Missile Defence System
  293. Canada Anti Vaccine Protests
  294. Cyclone Barsirai
  295. Endurance22 Expedition- Key Facts
  296. African Union Summit
  297. Russia – China Joint Statement
  298. ATLAS Asteroid Tracking System
  299. China- Pakistan CPEC agreement
  300. Tripura: Third Border Haat
  301. NROL-87 Mission
  302. India’s Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics
  303. NASA: International Space Station Transition Plan
  304. Ecuador Landslide
  305. EXIM Bank- Sri Lanka $500-mn loan agreement
  306. Uganda Oil Deal
  307. Plastic snowfall in the Alps
  308. Climate Change: Early Flowering in UK
  309. 70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth
  310. India's stance on Ukraine at UNSC
  311. Portugal PM H. E. Antonio Costa
  312. SpaceX Italian Earth-observation satellite
  313. What is Project Sadbhawana?
  314. Lunar New Year 2022: Year of Tiger
  315. UAE Federal Corporate Tax
  316. NASA HERMES Mission
  317. Sergio Mattarella - Italy's President for 2nd term
  318. Tahiti Pristine Coral reef
  319. India – ASEAN Digital Work Plan
  320. NASA Ocean Melting Greenland Mission
  321. What is Green Climate Fund for adaptation?
  322. First Woman President of Honduras
  323. North Korea Hwasong-12 missile
  324. India-Israel: ‘Villages of Excellence’
  325. India-UAE Venture Capital Fund
  326. EU Declaration on Digital rights and principles
  327. China's Lithuania Blockade
  328. Artificial Snow in Beijing Winter Olympics
  329. Snowfall in the Sahara Desert
  330. U.S., EU cooperation on Energy Security
  331. Australia's new Plan to protect Great Barrier Reef
  332. India-France MoU on Health research
  333. Nepal's Record Low Population Growth
  334. America Competes Act of 2022
  335. Nordic "clinker boats" in UNESCO Heritage List
  336. Pakistan Islamic Bond
  337. IMF on El-Salvador Bitcoin legal tender
  338. Russia Military drills near Ukraine
  339. Rise in India's Bilateral Trade with China
  340. Indigenous Maya Achi women
  341. CHIRU 2Q22 Naval Drills
  342. Sudan Anti-coup protests
  343. Serbia: Protests over Lithium Mining
  344. India-Israel: 30th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations
  345. Australian Aboriginal flag
  346. Peru Environmental Emergency
  347. Australia Online Safety Bill
  348. Kirbati Island: Maiden COVID Cases
  349. Japan's Renkoji Temple offer
  350. Twitter: NFT Profile Picture feature
  351. Shortage of Lithium for EV batteries
  352. Airstrikes in Yemen
  353. What is Five-alarm global fire?
  354. UNSC 3-D Virtual Diplomacy
  355. Chinese bridge at Pangong Tso
  356. India assisted projects in Mauritius
  357. AIIB: Investment in Asia's Data Infrastructure
  358. Russia's Ban on Cryptocurrencies
  359. India's first UNDP Youth Climate Champion
  360. India-Israel Industrial R&D & Technological Innovation Fund (I4F)
  361. MY2022: Security Concerns in Chinese Olympics App
  362. BRICS 2022-An Overview
  363. India-Denmark R&D on Green Fuels
  364. Omo I - Oldest Human Fossils
  365. India-Central Asia Summit
  366. Nusantara-Indonesia New Capital
  367. Davos: Millionaires group calls for Wealth Tax
  368. Deportation of Novak Djokovic
  369. ‘The Enigma’: 555.55-carat black diamond
  370. Abu Dhabi Airport Explosion
  371. Lipulekh boundary Issue-Recent Developments
  372. India-China Trade in 2021
  373. US Bill on Rare Earth supplies
  374. China-Iran strategic agreement
  375. China's Record-low Birth rate
  376. WEF Davos Agenda
  377. Volcanic Eruption in Tonga
  378. China's Artificial Moon
  379. North Korea Railway-borne missile
  380. Tearless Onions in UK
  381. First BrahMos Export Order
  382. Pakistan's National Security Policy (NSP)
  383. Kenya Transmission Project
  384. Russia: White Swan Strategic Missile Bomber
  385. Record High US Inflation
  386. U.K-India Free-trade deal Talks
  387. UK HS2: Discovery of Roman trading settlement
  388. India-US Bilateral Trade- Recent Trends
  389. UN’s largest Single Country appeal
  390. US: First Coin featuring Black Woman
  391. India-South Korea bilateral trade target
  392. Developing Country Tag at WTO
  393. Deployment of James Webb Telescope
  394. India – Korea Trade Talks
  395. US – Russia Key Dialogue on Ukraine
  396. Turkmenistan's 'Gateway to Hell’
  397. Ban of Conversion therapy in Canada
  398. Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas: New IMF Chief Economist
  399. First on-site evidence of water on Moon
  400. Sri Lanka Inter-city Train Service with Indian Aid
  401. Pakistan Snowstorm
  402. Sri Lanka Economic Crisis - 2021-22
  403. New Covid Strain 'Deltacron'
  404. What is 'Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO)'?
  405. What is Devas Case?
  406. Aceh-Andaman-Nicobar connectivity
  407. UK: First human case of Avian flu
  408. China's 'Artificial Sun' - Recent Developments
  409. France “Vaccine Pass”
  410. Exercise Sea Dragon 22
  411. Sri Lanka India Oil Deal
  412. India- Germany Bilateral Ties
  413. Drafting of Chile's Constitution - Recent developments
  414. North Korea Hypersonic Missile
  415. Kazakhstan Protests and Emergency
  416. Digital Yuan Wallet Apps
  417. Japan – Australia Defence Agreement
  418. Trincomalee Oil Tank Deal- Updates
  419. EU Tattoo Ink ban
  420. North Korea Ballistic Missile
  421. Bucharest Nine Group
  422. UNSC Statement on Nuclear War
  423. China's construction on Pangong Tso
  424. Sri Lanka's Financial Crisis
  425. India's Aid to Afghanistan
  426. Pakistan's Gas Shortage
  427. Resignation of Sudan's PM
  428. China- Elon Musk Space Tussle
  429. Indonesia's stance on RCEP
  430. Largest ever Rhino Transfer
  431. World's longest Metro line opened in Shanghai
  432. Iran's new Space Launch
  433. BRICS Bank: Which is the new member?
  434. New Meat Alternatives With 3D Printing
  435. Ziyuan-1 02E- China's New Earth resources observation satellite
  436. India's Chairship at UNSC Counter Terrorism Committee
  437. December 27: International Day of Epidemic Preparedness
  438. What is ‘India Out’ campaign of Maldives?
  439. AI Prosecutor: China's recent AI project
  440. Inauguration of Brahmos Missile Manufacturing Unit
  441. What is Trincomalee oil tank farm deal?
  442. India's Aid to Mozambique
  443. Why is 'Rare Pink Handfish' seen in the news?
  444. China's Draft Law on the Protection of Women Rights
  445. 'Pillar of Shame': Where is the memorial located?
  446. 'Artificial sun': What is China's latest experiment?
  447. What is the first home Covid-19 treatment authorised by the US?
  448. What are the features of UNSC resolution on Afghan assistance?
  449. Apretude: FDA approves injection to prevent HIV
  450. 66-million-year-old dinosaur embryo found in China
  451. UAE announces to End Censorship in Cinematic releases
  452. ADB to provide USD 350 million to improve access to urban services in India
  453. WEF: Davos meeting deferred over Omicron
  454. Japanese space tourists return to Earth
  455. Gabriel Boric to become Chile’s next President
  456. Typhoon Rai hits Philippines
  457. Russia launches Draft agreement with NATO on security measures
  458. India-Vietnam cooperation in postal sector
  459. Why did CCI slap ₹200 crore fine on Amazon?
  460. India- Vietnam signs agreement for cooperation in the field of IT
  461. Haiti’s freedom soup added to UNESCO Cultural Heritage List
  462. F1 champion Lewis Hamilton receives knighthood
  463. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe enters Sun’s corona
  464. India-Poland treaty on assistance in criminal matters receives Cabinet approval
  465. UNESCO adds Durga Puja to its Intangible Heritage list
  466. India's WTO dispute over sugar subsidies- Update
  467. India, Iran and Uzbekistan discuss on Joint use of Chabahar port
  468. EU: Malta legalises cannabis at home and for personal use
  469. Myanmar: NU Government officially accepts Tether cryptocurrency
  470. India votes against UNSC resolution to securitise climate action
  471. Max Verstappen wins Formula One world title
  472. India's Harnaaz Sandhu crowned Miss Universe 2021
  473. India signs Air bubble agreement with Australia
  474. Israeli PM's first official visit to UAE
  475. US, Australia, Japan to jointly fund undersea cable in Pacific
  476. Hong Kong's ‘Zero COVID’ policy
  477. Catherine Russell to head UNICEF
  478. UNGA grants Observer Status to International Solar Alliance
  479. UNICEF India to roll out five-year plan
  480. WEF Survey: Indians support vaccine, mask mandate for workplace
  481. Chile passes law allowing same-sex marriage
  482. Germany: Olaf Scholz takes over from Merkel as Chancellor
  483. UAE announces 4.5-day workweek
  484. Flatbill flycatcher- New Species of Bird Discovered in South America
  485. Australia joins US boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics
  486. NASA launches Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD)
  487. US boycott Olympics
  488. India Russia Summit 2021
  489. Aung San Suu Kyi
  490. India – Russia 2+2 Dialogue: Agreements on AK-203
  491. India – UAE CEPA Negotiations
  492. UAE buys record 80 Rafale jets
  493. SpaceX launches rocket carrying Blacksky, Starlink satellites
  494. US Senate passes bill to avert Government Shutdown
  495. India joins G20 Troika
  496. Kyhytysuka sachicarum: New Marine Reptile Discovered
  497. Barbados becomes the World's newest republic
  498. WHO: Omicron Poses Very High Global Risk
  499. First edition of "Indian Young Water Professionals Programme" launched
  500. Czech Republic: Petr Fiala named new PM
  501. 21st India-Russia Annual Summit
  502. WTO MC12 conference postponed
  503. Ex SHAKTI- 2021: Indo - France joint military exercise
  504. WHO: SARS-CoV-2 variant B.1.1.529 a ‘Variant of Concern’
  505. India and UK discuss Green Energy collaboration
  506. India-ADB sign USD 300 million loan to improve healthcare access in urban areas
  507. 5th World Congress on Disaster Management (WCDM)
  508. Climate Change: Germany announces Euro 1.2 bn to aid India
  509. 'Dosti’: Trilateral coast guard exercise by India, the Maldives and Sri Lanka
  510. Israel's airstrike on central Syria
  511. Russia stresses two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  512. US invites Taiwan to its Summit for Democracy
  513. Sagar Shakti Exercise conducted in Kutch Peninsula
  514. Australia declares 'La Nina weather event begins'
  515. India, US to revive Trade Policy Forum after 4 years
  516. Australia signs submarine deal with U.S., U.K.
  517. ABU - UNESCO Peace Media Awards 2021
  518. UK to host G7 foreign, development ministers’ summit
  519. Gaofen-11 03- China launches a new satellite
  520. Japan PM unveils $490bn stimulus package
  521. India gets re-elected to UNESCO Executive Board
  522. 21st IORA Annual Council of Ministers’ Meeting- Key Highlights
  523. IOC advice on Transgender Athlete Rules
  524. S-400 Triumf long-range air defence system- Key Facts
  525. Russia starts delivery of S-400 missile systems to India
  526. Study: White-tailed deer being infected with SARS-CoV-2
  527. India launched 41st Scientific Expedition to Antarctica
  528. Starlink launches new smaller dish to connect with satellites
  529. Shakti 2021: India-France to hold 6th edition of Army exercise
  530. UN on Africa’s Sahel Crisis
  531. Sharks and Seahorses found in Thames River
  532. S. Korea tests controlling Air Taxis
  533. India and Sri Lanka revive Parliament Friendship Association
  534. Egypt to host COP27 Climate Summit next year
  535. What is China's "Historical resolution"?
  536. US joins International Solar Alliance as a member country
  537. Delhi Declaration on Afghanistan – Highlights
  538. What are Like Minded Developing Countries (LMDCs)?
  539. Chilean President impeached
  540. Russia's new Forest Plan
  541. Srinagar joins UNESCO Creative Cities Network 2021
  542. Abu Dhabi: Law on divorce, inheritance for non-Muslims
  543. Wang Yaping: First Chinese Woman to Walk in Space
  544. UN: 3 million more at edge of famine
  545. Landsat 9 satellite sends 1st photos of Earth
  546. India to host Security Dialogue on Afghanistan
  547. India, Bhutan to have 7 more Trade entry and exit points
  548. COP26: Economic Implications of India's targets
  549. Yahoo pulls out of China
  550. OSOWOG - One Sun One World One Grid group- Key Facts
  551. What is the Global Methane Pledge?
  552. New Zealand's annual Bird of The Year award
  553. Saudi Arabia excavates ‘forgotten kingdoms’
  554. Telangana invited to participate in International Seed Conference
  555. India's Panchamrita concoction- Highlights
  556. International Methane Emissions Observatory (IMEO) launched at G20 summit
  557. Australia recognises India's Covaxin
  558. COP26's First Major Deal
  559. Union Minority Affairs Ministry announces Hajj 2022
  560. India-World Bank sign MoU to strengthen health systems in Meghalaya
  561. India officially endorses Emission list
  562. "Don’t Choose Extinction": UNDP Video on Climate Change
  563. India, Spain hold bilateral meeting
  564. G-20 Summit adopts Rome Declaration
  565. India, Israel to boost Defence cooperation
  566. Facebook rebrands as 'Meta'
  567. BRICS Joint Statistical Publication- Highlights
  568. India’s CEC visits Uzbekistan as International Observer for Presidential Elections
  569. I&B Minister of Bangladesh inaugurates Bangabandhu Sambad Kendra
  570. PM proposes India-ASEAN start-up festival
  571. India applies for vaccine loans from ADB & AIIB
  572. US issues passport with 'X' gender marker
  573. Proba-1 completes 20 years
  574. India-ADB sign PRF loan to support Urban Mobility in Mizoram
  575. Indian-origin Leader becomes Canada's new Defence Minister
  576. India-Kyrgyzstan hold First Strategic Dialogue
  577. PM Modi to attend G-20 Leaders’ Summit-2021
  578. India-Sweden celebrate Innovation Day
  579. UN on Iran's Death Penalty
  580. Saudi Arabia launches National Infrastructure Fund
  581. UN warns of Afghan Food Crisis
  582. China adopts New Border Law
  583. Australia: In-principal support for net zero by 2050
  584. COP26: Bangladesh to share ‘Climate prosperity plan’
  585. Saudi Green Initiative Forum
  586. India hands over Jaynagar-Kurtha rail link to Nepal
  587. India-UK talks on Infra, Defence
  588. China's New Education law
  589. Fourth general assembly of International Solar Alliance (ISA)
  590. Global Threat Assessment report 2021
  591. US successfully tests Hypersonic Missile Technology
  592. Nuri: South Korea's First Homegrown Space Rocket
  593. FATF adds Turkey to Grey List; Pak retained
  594. Barbados elects first ever President
  595. UN sets up Special Trust fund for Afghanistan
  596. Konkan Shakti Exercise - Key Facts
  597. TRUTH Social: Donald Trump's New Social Media Platform
  598. India's stand in UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference
  599. Japan: Mount Aso volcano erupts at Kyushu Island
  600. UNEP report: Fossil fuel plans evade Paris limits
  601. Sri Lanka receives first consignment of Nano Nitrogen Liquid Fertilizer from India
  602. Microsoft AI Innovate Program
  603. Kung Fu Nuns won UNESCO Martial Arts Education Prize 2021
  604. Ecuador: Emergency declared over crime wave
  605. Gita Gopinath to leave IMF
  606. Russia to help India tackle coal shortage
  607. India-Taliban to meet at Moscow-format meeting
  608. Report: Africa’s glaciers to disappear soon
  609. Alibaba launches new server chip based on advanced 5-nanometer tech
  610. India, US, UAE, and Israel form a new QUAD
  611. India-Israel to resume negotiations on FTA
  612. Report: China tested Nuclear Capable Hypersonic Missile
  613. Nasa launches Lucy Spacecraft
  614. Indian Project wins Eco Oscars
  615. Italy unveils G20 Innovation League
  616. China launches Astronaut crew on 6-month mission
  617. 8th ministerial meeting of India-US Economic & Financial Partnership Dialogue
  618. India re-elected to UN Human Rights Council for 2022-24
  619. China-Russia ‘Joint Sea 2021 naval exercise’
  620. Exercise Yudh Abhyas 2021
  621. What is Kunming Biodiversity Fund?
  622. What is Northern Ireland Protocol?
  623. Maritime Exercise Malabar Phase II
  624. EU's first Green Bond issuance
  625. October 11: US Indigenous People’s Day
  626. India to submit National vaccination plan and targets to WHO
  627. Velyat: Iran’s annual Air Defence Drill
  628. Covid: WHO recommends 3rd dose for immunocompromised
  629. Tunisia's President unveils new Government
  630. Alexander Schellenberg appointed Austria's new Chancellor
  631. IEA invites India to become full-time member
  632. Germany launches World's First Self-Driving Train
  633. PM Modi to attend G20 Extraordinary Leaders’ Summit on Afghanistan
  634. Nobel Prize in Economics 2021
  635. India agrees to $200 mn LoC to support Kyrgyzstan
  636. UN Human Rights Council recognises 'Right to a clean environment'
  637. India-Croatia joins hands for research in Traditional Medicine Systems
  638. India, UK sign Forward Action Plan on power
  639. India Joins High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People
  640. Moody’s upgrades outlook on India’s sovereign rating to Stable
  641. Annual International G-20 Conference- Highlights
  642. UAE announces Probe targeting asteroid between Mars & Jupiter
  643. WHO approves world's first Malaria vaccine
  644. NASA To Launch Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) Mission
  645. GI tagged Mihidana from West Bengal exported to Bahrain
  646. Nobel Prize 2021 for Physics
  647. State of the Education Report for India-2021
  648. 5th edition of India - Japan Maritime Bilateral Exercise
  649. Health Minister releases ‘The State of the World’s Children 2021’
  650. What is the Pandora papers leak case?
  651. EU approves Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine booster
  652. Russia test-fires Hypersonic missile from submarine
  653. NOAA report: August 2021 is the 6th-warmest in 142 years
  654. India- Sri Lanka to take part in 'Mitra Shakti 21' Exercise
  655. World Bank: $150 million to Chennai’s Sustainable Urban Services
  656. India’s Pavilion launched at Dubai Expo 2020
  657. What is Solar conjunction?
  658. India-US to set-up JWG in Defence industrial security
  659. India-Australia inked ‘Terms of Reference’
  660. AUSINDEX: 4th India-Australia biennial maritime series
  661. NASA’s Lucy Mission- Key Facts
  662. Najla Bouden Romdhane: Tunisia's first female PM
  663. Amazon Future Engineer Programme launched in India
  664. France- Greece sign defence deal
  665. India-US: MoUs for cooperation in Health and Biomedical Sciences
  666. Australia: Fossil of Oldest Koala-hunting eagle discovered
  667. Indo-US Health Dialogue 2021- Highlights
  668. India is Dubai's second biggest trade partner
  669. China Evergrande Debt Crisis- Things to Know
  670. Switzerland legalises Same-sex Marriage
  671. China declares all Cryptocurrency transactions illegal
  672. PM Modi to address UNGA in New York
  673. India's clean energy commitments at UN summit
  674. QUAD Leaders’ Summit 2021 – Highlights
  675. DFC- USAID announce $55 mn guarantee programme in India
  676. Italy recognizes India's Covishield Vaccine
  677. India and Japan PMs' First-in-person Meeting
  678. WMO Report: Climate Indicators and Sustainable Development
  679. WFP-ICRISAT sign agreement on Food Security
  680. India-Australia first JWG meeting on Coal and Mines
  681. UNICEF's 'Fed to Fail?' Report- Highlights
  682. UN: 16 million Yemenis towards Starvation
  683. Lunar Crater Named After Matthew Henson
  684. India-UAE negotiations for Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
  685. WHO revises Air Quality norms
  686. Nepal’s foreign minister seeks friendly ties with India & China
  687. Sri Lanka seeks $100-mn IMF loan to procure Covid Vaccine
  688. India-US bilateral meet on September 24
  689. ADB cuts India’s Growth Forecast to 10%
  690. Guinness Records certified Japanese sisters as Oldest Living Twins
  691. Bangladesh PM conferred with SDG Progress award
  692. Two more Indian beaches gets International Blue Flag certification
  693. India-El Salvador: Third Foreign Office Consultations held
  694. Earthshot Prize: Two Indian Projects to get the Prize
  695. World Bank Group to stop publishing ‘Doing Business’ report
  696. Hungary: Statue of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled
  697. China applied to join Asia-Pacific Free Trade
  698. PM Modi called for SCO template to fight radicalisation & extremism
  699. UNICEF calls on nations to reopen schools
  700. AUKUS: New security partnership for Indo-Pacific
  701. PM Modi on Time’s ‘100 most influential’ list
  702. Cabinet approves MoU with Italy for Disaster Risk Reduction
  703. 6th Edition of Exercise SCO Peaceful Mission 2021
  704. BRICS Meeting on Tax Matters- highlights
  705. India-Chile 7th Foreign Office Consultations
  706. India assured ASEAN of its support in post pandemic period
  707. International community to provide $1.2 billion for Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis
  708. 17th Indo-US Economic Summit
  709. UK-India Trade Talks- Key Facts
  710. India-Singapore announces to link UPI and PayNow
  711. Modi to attend Quad summit on September 24
  712. Iran to allow nuclear surveillance by IAEA
  713. India-US ‘Climate Action and Finance Mobilisation Dialogue’
  714. UN seeks $606 million to aid Afghanistan after Taliban takeover
  715. India–Africa Defence Dialogue to be held alongside the DefExpo
  716. England: First country to mandate new homes to install EV chargers
  717. Japan-Vietnam deal for Defence Equipment
  718. World’s largest plant to suck CO2 from air starts in Iceland
  719. 20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks- Key Facts
  720. US-India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (SCEP)
  721. India-Japan Sixth Maritime Affairs Dialogue
  722. Defence Minister held bilateral meeting with Australian counterpart in New Delhi
  723. India hosts BRICS Summit virtually
  724. India-Denmark launch ‘Centre of Excellence on Offshore Wind’
  725. Piyush Goyal appointed as India’s Sherpa for G20
  726. India-ADB deal to improve urban water supply infrastructure in Jharkhand
  727. Tamil Nadu-Denmark plan energy island in Gulf of Mannar
  728. India-ADB sign loan to expand Rural Connectivity in Maharashtra
  729. Cabinet approves Russia-India pact for cooperation in geosciences
  730. Mexico Supreme Court Decriminalises Abortion
  731. Sri Lankan Economic Crisis- Things to know
  732. Panjshir Valley's resistance against the Taliban
  733. PM Modi tops Morning Consult Global Ratings
  734. EAM co-chairs 4th round of Indo-Danish Joint Commission Meeting
  735. Big John- Biggest Triceratops to be auctioned
  736. Yoshihide Suga to step down as Japan PM
  737. PM addresses plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF)
  738. India-US tie up for Air-Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  739. UK announces new sanctions against Myanmar
  740. NASA’s Mars Rover collected its First Rock Sample
  741. BRICS Bank admits UAE, Bangladesh, Uruguay as new members
  742. China develops miniature helicopter for Mars missions
  743. Report: Protected Areas in Central Africa 2020
  744. WHO monitoring new COVID variant ‘Mu’
  745. Singapore introduces 'Vaccinated Travel Lanes'
  746. Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa launch CBDC Scheme
  747. IMF raises India's SDR allocation
  748. Exercise ZAPAD 2021- Highlights
  749. India conducts first meeting with Taliban
  750. 8th Meeting of Agricultural Experts of BIMSTEC Countries held
  751. Sri Lanka declares Food Emergency
  752. FBI report on US Hate Crimes
  753. Indian Navy’s First Exercise with Algerian Navy
  754. UNSC adopts resolution on Afghanistan
  755. U.S. ends 20-year war in Afghanistan
  756. What is West Nile virus?
  757. Greater Male Connectivity Project: AFCONS to build bridge in Maldives
  758. Yogesh Kathuniya clinch Silver Medal in Paralympics
  759. BRICS-Agricultural Research Platform- Key Facts
  760. India-Germany conducts Joint Exercise in Gulf of Aden
  761. India-Maldives pact on Greater Male Connectivity Project
  762. First G20 Ministerial Conference on Women’s Empowerment
  763. Cuba to recognise and regulate cryptocurrencies
  764. Algeria cuts Diplomatic Ties with Morocco
  765. “Shared Destiny-2021” Defence Exercise
  766. UNICEF report: Covid-19 vaccinations fell by 80% in Afghanistan
  767. World Bank stops funding of projects in Afghanistan
  768. 5th edition of Indo-Kazakhstan Joint Training Exercise
  769. Ajit Doval hosted inaugural meeting of IBSA NSAs
  770. WHO Chief Scientist: India may be entering endemic stage of COVID
  771. India's exports to ASEAN to be at $46 billion in FY22
  772. What is Havana syndrome?
  773. Ain Dubai: World's largest and tallest observation wheel
  774. Pakistan successfully tests Fatah-1
  775. India-Philippines conducts naval exercise in South China Sea
  776. Krivak class stealth frigates to be delivered to India in 2023
  777. What is Operation Devi Shakti?
  778. India overtakes US to become 2nd Most attractive Manufacturing Hub
  779. Amazon CEO to join White House cybersecurity meeting
  780. Tropical storm Henri makes landfall near Rhode Island
  781. India showcased Indigenous Fighter Aircraft at ‘ARMY- 2021’ in Moscow
  782. INS Shakti reached Sri Lanka with 100 tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen
  783. Egypt closes Gaza border
  784. Israel launched Covid antibody tests for children aged 3
  785. Malabar Naval Exercise to begin on August 26
  786. USAID, DFC & Kotak Bank loan agreement for women & MSMEs in India
  787. Exercise Konkan 2021
  788. India-Russia deals to procure AK-103 rifles
  789. WFP report: Hunger spreading in Afghanistan
  790. Ratification of Kigali Amendment to Montreal Protocol
  791. China passes new Online Privacy Law
  792. Ismail Sabri Yaakob: New Prime Minister of Malaysia
  793. EAM S. Jaishankar slams China for terror stand at UNSC
  794. China approves Three-Child Policy
  795. BRICS deal on cooperation in remote sensing satellite data sharing
  796. Joint Guidance for the Australia – India Navy to Navy Relationship
  797. India-Bangladesh: Cabinet approves MoU on Disaster Management
  798. EAM announces rollout of ‘UNITE Aware’ tech
  799. WTO: Global Goods Trade continues recovery
  800. WHO: Threefold rise in trauma cases in Afghanistan
  801. IAEA: Iran has accelerated uranium enrichment
  802. US & UK to hold G7 meet on Afghanistan
  803. China’s new rules on anticompetitive practices by internet companies
  804. UK to start negotiations for trade agreement with India this year
  805. Godfather of Sudoku passes away
  806. Tropical Depression Grace over Haiti
  807. Facebook bans Taliban supporting content
  808. UNSC calls International Community to Unite on Afghan Crisis
  809. Gaza militants fired rocket at Israel
  810. US President stand by his decision of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan
  811. Malaysia: PM resigns amid political turmoil
  812. Who are the Taliban?
  813. India announced new visa for Afghans
  814. WHO: China forced team to drop lab-leak theory of coronavirus
  815. BRICS Partnership for Strengthening Agro Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition Security
  816. Quad includes Taiwan Strait in talks
  817. Pakistan test-fires Ghaznavi Missile
  818. WHO Chief Scientist: Covid vaccination is not absolute protection
  819. Afghanistan Govt seeks emergency UN session
  820. World Athletics Rankings 2021: Neeraj ranked at 2
  821. Nitin Gadkari announces projects in Uttarakhand
  822. India-Australia 2+2 ministerial meeting in September
  823. Wildfires in Algeria: Highlights
  824. 11th Annual Meeting of the Forum of Election Management Bodies of South Asia
  825. India-USA: agreement on Monsoon Data Analysis
  826. AL-MOHED AL-HINDI 2021 exercise between India & Saudi Arabia
  827. Hong Kong to adopt China’s anti-sanctions law
  828. US President: Afghanistan leaders must 'fight for their nation'
  829. China’s plan to become carbon-neutral by 2060
  830. WHO Chief Scientist asks to prioritize school openings
  831. WHO asks power players to end Covid Vaccine Inequity
  832. Taliban attack on Afghanistan Provincial Capital repelled
  833. China opens new terminal at Lhasa Airport in Tibet
  834. Tokyo passed Flame of Hope to Paris
  835. J&J’s single-dose vaccine approved for emergency use in India
  836. Japan marks 76th anniversary of World’s First Atomic Bombing
  837. MoS for Education participates in G20 Research Ministers’ meeting
  838. India-China Border Dispute: Troops disengaged in Gogra region of Eastern Ladakh
  839. Parliamentary Panel recommendations on water agreement with China
  840. Thailand bans Coral-Damaging Sunscreens
  841. Why India-Nepal Flood Management needs correction?
  842. Erupting Alaska Volcanoes- Key facts
  843. Narendra Modi meets Australian special envoy on Free Trade
  844. India not invited to ‘extended Troika’ Meet
  845. India-World Bank project on Dam Safety Program
  846. UNSC against restoration of Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan
  847. Govt approves MoU between IIST and Delft University
  848. What is a Solarpunk?
  849. UN creates Permanent Forum of People of African Descent
  850. Narendra Modi: 1st Indian PM to chair UNSC debate
  851. IMF approves $650 billion for poor countries to tackle Covid
  852. UAE launches Covid vaccine for children aged 3-17
  853. EU imposes record Data Privacy Fine on Amazon
  854. Myanmar's military extends Emergency for two years
  855. COVID19: India, U.K. to conduct clinical trials of ‘Ashwagandha’
  856. US imposes Sanctions on Cuban Police Force and Leaders
  857. Italy hosts G20 Culture Ministers’ Meeting
  858. BRICS finalises ‘Counter Terrorism Action Plan’
  859. July 30: World Day against Trafficking in Persons
  860. 14 Tiger Reserves in India have accreditation of Global Conservation Standards
  861. US announces USD 25 million aid to support COVID-19 vaccination in India
  862. Global Education Summit in London
  863. Malaysia Registers World’s First Affordable New Drug for Hepatitis c
  864. Madrid's Paseo del Prado and Buen Retiro Park added to World Heritage List
  865. UN Adopts First-ever Resolution on Vision
  866. China: Reforms for private education companies
  867. Bangladesh to launch ‘Jogajog’ as an alternative to Facebook
  868. China to activate world's first clean Nuclear Reactor
  869. US authorizes Emergency Fund of $100 million for Afghan migrants
  870. Philippines approves genetically modified ‘Golden Rice’
  871. UK reports cases of ‘Norovirus’ infection
  872. G20 environment and energy ministers holding talks in Naples on July 22-23
  873. World’s first 3D-printed steel bridge opened in Amsterdam
  874. Taiwan will set up its first office in Lithuania using the name “Taiwan”
  875. IMF to keep 2021 global growth forecast at 6%: Managing Director
  876. UNESCO: Liverpool removed from World Heritage status
  877. Brisbane to host 2032 Olympic Games
  878. NEA Scout: NASA’s New Spacecraft
  879. Ariel Henry appointed Prime Minister of Haiti
  880. New Motto of the Olympics
  881. China rolls out high speed 600km/hr Maglev train
  882. Russia test-fires S-500 air defence missile systems
  883. India’s economic growth downgraded to 10% by ADB
  884. Pedro Castillo: Peru’s new president-elect
  885. New PM of Nepal: Sher Bahadur Deuba wins vote of confidence
  886. US, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan to form QUAD group
  887. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program
  888. Lewis Hamilton wins Formula One British Grand Prix
  889. Cannes Film Festival 2021: ‘Titane’ wins Palme d’or
  890. Two Indian Organization wins UNDP Equator Prize 2021
  891. Male Guardian requirement for Women attending Hajj stopped
  892. US Navy hands over MH-60R multi role helicopters to India
  893. New Zealand chairs special APEC Meeting
  894. First case of Monkeypox detected in Texas
  895. Amazon Rainforest emits more CO2 than it absorbs
  896. US released Online hub to help ransomware victims
  897. Biden extends USA's Child Tax Credit programme
  898. EU releases tough Climate Change Plans
  899. SCO Dushanbe meet- Highlights
  900. Cabinet approves MoU with Russia on coking Coal
  901. Cabinet approves MoU with Denmark on Health
  902. Pakistan passes bill to prevent Torture and Custodial Death
  903. What is 'Right to repair' movement?
  904. Nepal, India sign deal for Lower Arun Hydropower project
  905. NPCI extends BHIM UPI to Bhutan
  906. WHO issues recommendations on Human Genome Editing
  907. US approves Blue Origin for Human Space Travel
  908. UK exports apple to India- 1st time in 50 years
  909. China's vaccine makers sign COVAX agreements
  910. China drafts cyber-security industry plan
  911. What is a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?
  912. Sher Bahadur Deuba to be Nepal's new PM
  913. Khadi secures trademark registrations in 3 countries
  914. Cuba develops world’s first conjugate Covid-19 vaccine
  915. Virgin Galactic Space Flight soars into space
  916. India-Italy Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation
  917. IATA launches Mobility Aids Action Group
  918. NASA’s ICESat-2 discovers Antarctic Meltwater Lakes
  919. China: Giant pandas are vulnerable, not endangered now
  920. India & Russia to hold 2+2 dialogue
  921. India-UK First Financial Markets Dialogue
  922. Jewish state law upheld by Israeli court
  923. Qatar Airways joins IATA’s Turbulence Aware Platform
  924. Twitter India appoints Interim chief compliance officer
  925. India - EU Cooperation in Agriculture sector
  926. China fines internet giants in anti-monopoly cases
  927. World's tallest sandcastle built in Denmark
  928. China bans tallest skyscrapers following safety concerns
  929. Myanmar Military’s ‘Four Cuts’ Strategy
  930. Mango diplomacy: Bangladesh PM gifts Haribhanga mangoes to India
  931. NASA receives first Sample of Asteroid Ryugu
  932. Philippines: Taal Volcano could erupt anytime
  933. Indus Treaty: India to use excess water to irrigate own land
  934. Tropical storm Elsa nears Cuba
  935. Chinese astronauts complete First Spacewalk at New Space Station
  936. Cyberattacks hits hundreds of US firms
  937. NASA’s NEOWISE Telescope gets two-Year Mission Extension
  938. India joins G20-OECD Tax Framework deal
  939. US military leaves Bagram air base in Afghanistan
  940. World Bank adds $8 billion more for Covid vaccines
  941. Joe Biden signs three Bills to change Trump-era rules
  942. Covishield-jabbed to be allowed into 8 European countries
  943. Elon Musk's Starlink to provide Internet globally
  944. UN Report on International tourism
  945. Bulletin: Facebook’s new publishing tool
  946. Aadhaar can be ID proof for GRE, TOEFL
  947. Saudi to launch a Second National Airline
  948. Russia begins construction of 5th Nuclear Power Unit at Kudankulam
  949. What is European Union’s Green Pass list?
  950. China certified Malaria-free
  951. NASA to create computer models to protect delta system
  952. Ukraine-NATO launch Black Sea drills
  953. China starts Baihetan Hydro Project
  954. FAO Report: Indigenous Peoples’ food systems
  955. UK bans World’s Largest Crypto Exchange
  956. Riots in Lebanon over economy
  957. Amazon Web Services acquires encrypted messaging app Wickr
  958. ESA to hire First Disabled Astronaut
  959. Odisha- WFP tie up to empower SHGs
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