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  1. New Zealand to launch World's First Wooden Satellite
  2. Shenzhou-12: China's First Human Spaceflight since 2016
  3. UNICEF Study on Ethiopia's Malnourished Children
  4. Naftali Bennett: New Prime Minister of Israel
  5. Rebecca Grynspan: 1st woman to head UNCTAD
  6. India-Kuwait MoU on Domestic Worker Recruitment
  7. What is New Atlantic Charter?
  8. Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, UAE Elected to UNSC
  9. G-7 plans 1 billion extra Covid-19 shots by 2022
  10. PM Modi to participate in outreach session of G7 Summit
  11. US announces 500 Million Vaccine doses to Poor Countries
  12. China Passes Law against Foreign Sanctions
  13. WTO to start Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Negotiations
  14. U.S. passes bill to address China Tech Threat
  15. India - Thailand CORPAT Exercise begins
  16. El Salvador: First country to formally adopt bitcoin as legal tender
  17. Russia’s first full Stealth Naval Ship
  18. Maldives' Foreign Minister elected as UNGA President
  19. WHO warns against Overpriced Vaccines
  20. India elected to UN Economic and Social Council
  21. Russia formally exits from Open Skies pact
  22. World Bank approves program to boost MSME sector
  23. Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining facility launched in U.S.
  24. G7 deal on Minimum Global Corporate Tax
  25. 24 years of BIMSTEC
  26. SpaceX rocket carries squids, microorganisms to ISS
  27. Denmark approves Artificial Island off Copenhagen
  28. Indonesia's Merapi volcano erupts
  29. SpaceX launches 22nd Resupply Services Mission to ISS
  30. What is USA's EAGLE Act?
  31. China launches New Generation Meteorological Satellite
  32. India-UK launch Workstream to promote industrial energy efficiency
  33. Japan pledges additional 800 mn dollars to COVAX Facility
  34. NASA announces Two Robotic Missions to Venus
  35. UNICEF- Moderna Vaccine supply agreement
  36. What is Red Tourism?
  37. Kharg- Iran's largest warship
  38. Cabinet approves MoC between India & Japan on Sustainable Urban Development
  39. BRICS Foreign Ministers hold virtual meeting
  40. Canada approves Mixing & Matching Covid-19 vaccine brands
  41. US ends Migrant Protection Protocols
  42. WHO clears Chinese Vaccine Sinovac for global use
  43. China creates Defence system along LAC
  44. Microsoft launches Asia-Pacific Cybersecurity Council
  45. New Zealand signs space agreement with NASA
  46. World's first Human case of H10N3 Bird Flu
  47. WHO names COVID-19 variants found in India
  48. China to send Three Astronauts to Space Station
  49. India- US discuss Vaccine Partnership
  50. Steadfast Defender 21 war Games
  51. India supports calls on probe into Covid Origin
  52. Centre invites applications for Citizenship
  53. US- Russia Open Skies Treaty
  54. Permanent Commission for Israel and Palestine
  55. Hong Kong woman breaks record for fastest ascent of Everest
  56. IIT Mandi reveals Key Protein Structure in Covid-19 Virus
  57. Bashar Al-Assad Re-Elected for 4th term
  58. MIT's Smart Clothes measure movements and poses
  59. What is 'Citizenship by Investment programme'?
  60. Sacrificial pits found in Chinese city of Sanxingdui
  61. Tigray at risk of Famine- warns UN
  62. IMF warns for 'Ricochet Impact'
  63. 'One Health' panel set up to advise on Animal Disease Risks
  64. Guillermo Lasso: Ecuador's first right-wing President in 14 years
  65. UK launches process to start Free trade talks with India
  66. China defends CPEC
  67. Bihar's Shahi Litchi exported to UK by Air Route
  68. WHO sets new targets for Vaccinating Poorest Nations
  69. Singapore approves Covid Breath Test
  70. US announces restrictions on Ethiopia and Eritrea
  71. Ana- First named Atlantic storm of 2021
  72. Mount Nyiragongo erupts in Eastern DR Congo
  73. G-7 Nations pledge to accelerate efforts against Global Warming
  74. Commonwealth seek equal access to Covid-19 Vaccines
  75. Pfizer-BioNTech to provide 2 billion Covid-19 vaccine to Poor Nations
  76. Italy hosts the Global G 20 Health Summit
  77. Why Nepal President Dissolved Parliament?
  78. China Observatory Detects Sources of Gamma Rays
  79. What is Vaccine Tourism?
  80. VIPER Rover to Search Resources on Moon
  81. Invasive species cost African Economy $3.66 trillion a year
  82. IMF Proposes USD 50 Billion Global Vaccination Plan
  83. Migrant crisis between Morocco and Spain
  84. China-Russia to begin the biggest Nuclear Power Project
  85. Simorgh Supercomputer
  86. What are synthetic cannabinoids, that China banned recently?
  87. US Gas Shortage 2021
  88. 30 Death Sentenced in Democratic Republic of Congo
  89. US Global Task Force on COVID-19
  90. Mice Rain in Australia
  91. What is the Heartbeat Bill?
  92. 1st BRICS Employment Working Group (EWG) Meeting
  93. China launches classified Yaogan satellites into orbit
  94. UK Action Plan for Animal Welfare
  95. Vineyard Wind Project
  96. Iron Dome of Israel
  97. What is happening in Gaza?
  98. Nepal Prime Minister loses Vote of confidence
  99. What is Five Deeps Expedition?
  100. China population grew at 0.53%
  101. Japan proposes alternatives to Suez Canal
  102. What is Asperger's Syndrome?
  103. SpaceX: "DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon"
  104. Space Debris Guidelines of United Nations
  105. Sinopharm Vaccine approved by WHO
  106. China discussed weaponizing COVID
  107. Co-WIN introduces 4-digit security code
  108. What is Sputnik Light Single Dose?
  109. US Colonial Pipeline Attack
  110. Endangered seals found dead on Russia’s Caspian coast
  111. Intellectual Property Waiver for COVID Vaccines
  112. PM Modi to participate in European Council meeting
  113. What is DDoS Attack?
  114. PESCO: EU approves US participation for the first time
  115. SpaceX successfully lands its Starship rocket
  116. Denmark laws to screen Foreign Investment
  117. Oldest Human burial in Africa discovered at Panga ya Saidi cave
  118. INS Kolkata reaches Kuwait to bring liquid medical oxygen (LMO)
  119. India-UK Roadmap 2030 and Enhanced Trade Partnership
  120. What is Oktoberfest?
  121. Mayflower 400: First Artificial Intelligence Ship
  122. Crimson Solar Project: US approves 550 million USD
  123. UK-India $1.4 billion investment deal
  124. Congo declares the end of Ebola outbreak
  125. NASA: Ingenuity begins a new phase
  126. P8I Patrol Aircraft: US clears sale to India
  127. Tigray Crisis: Ethiopia adds TPLF, OLF Shene to terror list
  128. WHO lists Moderna’s mRNA vaccine for emergency use
  129. State of Siege in Congo
  130. What is Lag B’Omer?
  131. 40 Tonnes of Fish die in Lebanon
  132. First-known pregnant mummy discovered by Researchers
  133. Stratolaunch test flies World Largest Airplane
  134. Russia produces COVID-19 vaccines for animals
  135. Who are Karen Rebels?
  136. UK to cut its aid to UN Family Planning Programme
  137. India-Russia 2+2 Dialogue
  138. NATO Military Exercises launched
  139. RBI joins Network for Greening the Financial System- NGFS
  140. Net Zero Producer Forum
  141. Japan's Order of the Rising Sun honour to Bengaluru Teacher
  142. Global Electric Vehicle Outlook, 2021
  143. Stampede at Israeli Pilgrimage site
  144. Mining Robot Stranded in the Pacific
  145. Russia expels European Diplomats
  146. Supply Chain Resilience Initiative
  147. What is IA 2030?
  148. Brazil: Sputnik V vaccine supply had live cold virus
  149. Inter-Ministerial group set up to clear global relief materials
  150. Cabinet approves Agreement between India and UK on Customs Cooperation
  151. ADB raises India GDP forecast by 11%
  152. WHO to provide 4,000 oxygen concentrators to India
  153. Genome Study on Endangered Sumatran rhinoceros
  154. US Population increases by 7.4%
  155. ADB provided $1.5-billion to India for Covid response
  156. ASEAN Initiative on Myanmar
  157. Google, Microsoft announce funding to help India tackle COVID-19
  158. WHO's E-2025 initiative
  159. Russia’s central bank increases interest rates
  160. Gambia eliminates Trachoma
  161. International Climate Finance Plan of the US
  162. Japan to host first joint military exercise with US and France
  163. Earth Day Summit
  164. US passes bill to fight hate crimes against Asian Americans
  165. GC Murmu chosen as external auditor by OPCW
  166. Statehood Movement in Columbia
  167. State of Emergency in Ethiopia
  168. India-US 2030 Climate Partnership
  169. MOXIE- Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment
  170. Who are FACT rebels of Chad?
  171. US Commission proposes adding India to CPC list
  172. Australia cancels deals on China’s Belt and Road
  173. Israel: Google and AWS chosen for 1 billion Nimbus Project
  174. US House passes No Ban Act
  175. US Leaders Summit: Xi Jing Ping to attend the Summit
  176. New Zealand set to consolidate healthcare into National service
  177. George Floyd: Ex-policeman found guilty of murder
  178. Blue Nature Alliance- Global Marine initiative
  179. India elected to three bodies of the UN ECOSOC
  180. Australia-India Indo Pacific Oceans Initiative
  181. People's bank of china report on India's demographic advantage
  182. Union Cabinet approves India-Bangladesh Cooperation in Trade
  183. What is Deepwater Horizon Disaster?
  184. Khanjar: India-Kyrgyztan Military Exercise
  185. Israel: National plan to reduce 80% GHG emissions by 2050
  186. India, Germany MoU on Cities combating plastic entering the marine environment
  187. What is Table Mountain National Park?
  188. Ecocide Bill of France
  189. Syria Presidential Election
  190. Israel Greece sign Defence Deal
  191. China-US Climate Change Cooperation
  192. Italy: First Food Park in India
  193. US on Refugee Cap
  194. US Treasury report: India placed on currency watch list
  195. IMF to distribute SDR to member countries by August
  196. Withdrawal of US Forces from Afghanistan
  197. WHO Guidelines on Zoonosis
  198. Deadly algae kill 4,000 tonnes of Salmon in Chile
  199. Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan trans-border trade center
  200. What is Historical Nihilism commonly used phrase in China?
  201. Bhutan: 93% of adults vaccinated in 16 days
  202. G20 nods to IMF for fresh SDR issue
  203. Artemis Programme: NASA to land first person of colour on the moon
  204. Iran launches advanced nuclear centrifuges
  205. UAE names first Female Astronaut
  206. Volcano erupts in Southern Caribbean
  207. India-Netherlands Strategic Partnership in Water Sector
  208. India-US to focus on Climate Finance
  209. US Navy conducted Freedom of Navigation Operation in Indian Ocean Region
  210. ADB approves 484 million USD for CKIC Project
  211. World Bank-IMF launch Climate Change platform for poor countries
  212. What is Jordan Crisis?
  213. INS Sarvekshak: Joint Hydrographc Survey in Mauritius
  214. India-Japan: MoU signed for Academic and Research Cooperation
  215. FDA approves ADHD Drugs
  216. Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Government
  217. Facebook Data leak, 2021
  218. What is the new Russian Legislation signed by Putin?
  219. Shantir Ogroshena, 2021
  220. Police and Crime Bill: Why are people protesting in UK?
  221. Climate Change: Japan sees the earliest Cherry Blossoms ever
  222. Pakistan’s stand on Trade with India
  223. What is Suez Canal Blockade?
  224. Forest Governance by Indigenous and Tribal Peoples: Key Findings
  225. What is Carnivac-Cov Vaccine?
  226. Top 5 Current Affairs Questions on La Perouse
  227. Top 6 Current Affairs Questions on Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects (GGP)
  228. Top 6 Current Affairs Questions on Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process
  229. Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant
  230. PM visit to Bangladesh: Key Outcomes
  231. UK, US call for alternative to China’s BRI
  232. Shaheen 1-A : Pakistan test fires Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile
  233. China announces Sanctions on British Individuals & entities
  234. Norway to construct World's First Ship Tunnel
  235. Indo-Korean Bilateral Friendship Park inaugurated in Delhi Cantt
  236. India to Gift 2 lakh Covid Vaccine Doses to UN Peacekeepers
  237. New Zealand passes Miscarriages Bereavement Leave Law
  238. US co-sponsors EU-led Resolution over Myanmar Human Rights
  239. Taiwan to Ration Water for 1 Million Households
  240. US-India Homeland Security Dialogue to be re-established
  241. North Korea fires Two Cruise Missiles
  242. India justifies designs of the two Hydro Projects in J-K
  243. Saudi Arabia proposes UN-sponsored ceasefire in Yemen
  244. Cabinet approves India-Japan MoC on Water Resources
  245. Russia successfully launches 38 satellites for 18 countries
  246. The Permanent Indus Commission to meet in New Delhi
  247. What are Volcano Bonds?
  248. What is Freedom Pineapple Movement?
  249. India, France Working on Third Joint Space Mission
  250. India & Japan agree for Cooperation in Patent Verification
  251. India participates in SCO's Nowruz celebrations
  252. India-US launches Artificial Intelligence Initiative
  253. UNESCO joins USO India for Water Conservation Programme
  254. Russia hosts Afghan Peace Meet
  255. Spain Passes Law to legalise Euthanasia
  256. European Union joins India's CDRI
  257. Government to establish Women Helpline Centres in Foreign Countries
  258. Russia deploys Giant Space Telescope in Lake Baikal
  259. World Bank to provide USD 200 million to Bangladesh
  260. What is 'Sinatra Doctrine'?
  261. European Commission proposes Covid-19 certificate
  262. Italy joins International Solar Alliance
  263. India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Women’s Forum meeting
  264. Dr. Harsh Vardhan appointed as Chairman of ‘Stop TB Partnership Board’
  265. World’s Largest Floating Solar Farms being built in Singapore
  266. Indian firms to collaborate with Finland to develop 5G and 6G Technologies
  267. India to Form “Parliamentary Friendship Groups”
  268. India-Maldives: MoU on cooperation in sports and youth affairs approved
  269. Prime Minister Boris Johnson to visit India
  270. India-Finland virtual summit
  271. US Becomes India's Second Biggest Oil Supplier
  272. Retinal scan technology developed to identify Childhood Autism
  273. Heavy sandstorm in Beijing- Key Highlights
  274. INS Jalashwa Arrives at Port Anjouan
  275. Sangay Volcano erupts with huge ash
  276. UN asks Somalia To Organize Elections
  277. QUAD countries to send 1 billion Vaccines across Asia
  278. China’s new Five-Year Plan
  279. EU declared as 'LGBT Freedom Zone'
  280. ISRO- JAXA review cooperation on Lunar polar exploration
  281. Japan-Australia starts Producing Hydrogen from Brown Coal
  282. Bamiyan Buddha- Key Facts to Know!
  283. 1st Meeting of “BRICS Contact Group on Economic and Trade Issues”
  284. First Quad Leaders’ Virtual Summit- Highlights
  285. Fugaku: World’s most Powerful Supercomputer
  286. Brazil: Severe Second Wave of Covid-19
  287. Why is Turkey's Salda Lake called 'Mars on Earth'?
  288. World Bank report on 'Transport Integration in Eastern South Asia'
  289. What is a vaccine passport?
  290. China-Russia Planetary Pact
  291. New Zealand inaugurates its First Big Vaccination Clinic
  292. European Union's 2030 Digital Compass plan
  293. Switzerland Bans Full Face Coverings in Public Places
  294. What is Non-fungible token?
  295. Australia suspends Defence Cooperation with Myanmar
  296. Google Launched “Women Will” Web Platform
  297. Historic visit of Indian Naval Ships to Mongla, Bangladesh
  298. India-Bangladesh: ‘Maitri Setu’ to be inaugurated on 9th March
  299. UN calls for Scaling-up "Carbon Capture, Use and Storage" Technology
  300. India and 17 countries face U.S. Anti-Dumping Tax
  301. India-Sweden: PMs to hold Virtual Summit on Bilateral Issues
  302. Tsunami warnings issued in New Zealand
  303. Assam's Red rice export to U.S.
  304. UNGA declares 2023 as "International Year of Millets"
  305. India To Commemorate "Chabahar Day" On March 4
  306. Wipro joins WEF initiative of Racial Justice in Business
  307. India-Fiji: Union Cabinet Approves pact for Co-operation in Agriculture
  308. India-Norway: To Conduct Marine Spatial Planning
  309. "Mercantile Marine Domain Awareness Centre" Launched
  310. India at WTO- Proposes for TRIPS Waiver
  311. Pakistan-Qatar sign agreement on Liquefied Natural Gas
  312. India-Madagascar: India to provide assistance to drought-hit Madagascar
  313. Australia & Boeing completes First Test of Fighter-Like Pilotless Jet
  314. 2021 is make or break year to confront global climate emergency: UN Chief
  315. Russia Launched First Arctic-monitoring Satellite
  316. USA: Food & Drug Administration approved single-shot COVID-19 vaccine
  317. SLAF’s 70th anniversary: Suryakirans, Sarang & Tejas to Take Part in Celebrations
  318. B.1.526: New contagious Covid-19 variant
  319. WHO Chief lauds India for supporting “Vaccine Equality”
  320. Pakistan to remain on Grey List of FATF
  321. India-Ireland: Held Consultations on UN Security Council issues
  322. India-Pakistan agreement on Cross-Border Firing in Kashmir
  323. India begins BRICS Chairship- Key Facts
  324. WTO to consider India's proposal on TRIPS waiver on Covid-19 Vaccines
  325. Australia passed "News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code"
  326. Australia's oldest Aboriginal rock art identified
  327. Japan Appoints Loneliness Minister to Check Suicide Rate
  328. China becomes India’s top Trade Partner
  329. Bangladesh bans all known Vulture-Toxic Drugs
  330. India & Mauritius signs Limited Trade Pact agreement
  331. Saudi Arabia opens up Armed Forces for Women
  332. UP to export 'Kala Namak Rice' to Singapore
  333. India-China Border Dispute: 10th round of Corps Commander Level Meeting concludes
  334. Indian Oil- Norway’s Greenstat join hands for hydrogen research
  335. 11th India-EU Macroeconomic dialogue held in virtual mode
  336. India-Ethiopia: Agreements signed on visa facilitation & leather technology
  337. US officially re-joined the Paris Climate Deal
  338. U.S. to lay out its New Foreign Policy at ‘G-7 & Munich summit'
  339. PM Narendra Modi addresses India-Australia Circular Economy Hackathon (I-ACE)
  340. Israel starts developing anti-missile Arrow-4 system with US
  341. Hyderabad- 2020 Tree City of the World
  342. India-Singapore CEO Forum- Key Highlights
  343. Why Facebook restricted new contents in Australia?
  344. QUAD Grouping: 3rd Ministerial Meeting over inclusive Indo-Pacific
  345. ISA to Launch World Solar Bank
  346. UN asks G20 nations to prepare 'Global Covid-19 Vaccination Plan'
  347. India-Mauritius: Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement approved
  348. India to host SAARC Virtual Meet
  349. Iran-Russia Maritime Security Belt 2021
  350. France approved the Anti-Radicalism Bill
  351. Preeti Sinha- To lead United Nations Capital Development Fund
  352. India-Myanmar: Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project
  353. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala: First Woman to lead WTO
  354. India-Canada: India to supply COVID-19 Vaccines to Canada
  355. Russia Launched Cargo Ship to International Space Station
  356. India-Syria: India Gifted 2000 Metric Tonnes of Rice to Syria
  357. Climate Change: Italy gets Green Super Ministry
  358. India-Japan: MoU on training of Skilled Workers
  359. US revokes order on US-Mexico Border Wall Project
  360. Exim Bank to provide $400 Million for Maldives project
  361. China's Tianwen-1 probe enters the Mars Orbit
  362. US announces Sanctions on Myanmar’s Military Leaders
  363. Turkey’s new Space Program
  364. United States to re-join UNHRC
  365. HOPE: UAE’s Mars Mission
  366. India-Afghanistan deal for Sahtoot Dam
  367. Denmark to construct World’s First Energy Island
  368. Russia to Launch 40 Satellites in March 2021
  369. India-EU High Level Dialogue on Trade & Investment
  370. China to set up Public Platform to track Polluters
  371. World’s Largest Radio Telescope- Square Kilometre Array
  372. Myanmar Military launches State Administrative Council
  373. India-Bahrain: JWG meeting in the field of Renewable Energy
  374. Pakistan launched its new surface-to-surface ballistic missile ‘Ghaznavi’
  375. Stardust 1.0- First rocket that runs on Biofuel
  376. Lithium deposits found in Karnataka
  377. SpaceX announced First All-Civilian Mission to Space
  378. Why state of emergency announced in Myanmar?
  379. Bhashan Char Island- Key Facts
  380. UN asks Countries to Repatriate Children from Syria
  381. UAE’s new Citizenship Policy
  382. Asia-Pacific Personalised Health Index
  383. What is STARS Project?
  384. India- Japan 5th Act East Forum Meet
  385. What are Neglected Tropical Diseases?
  386. Indo-French Ecological Partnership
  387. 'Vaccine Maitri Initiative' extended to Sri Lanka
  388. UK launched Global Platform to track new COVID-19 variants
  389. PM to address World Economic Forum’s Davos Dialogue
  390. India- IEA MoU for Global Energy Security
  391. Mt Merapi: Indonesia's most Active Volcano
  392. UN Global Climate Survey- Key Findings
  393. India-UN: India pledges $150,000 for UN Peacebuilding
  394. What is Alpha Global Union?
  395. Bangladesh Forces takes part in Republic Day Event
  396. U.S. President signs “Buy American” Executive Order
  397. Global Climate Risk Index 2021
  398. India-UK: Cooperation against Cross-Border Terrorism
  399. Nepal’s Political Dilemma: PM Oli got expelled from Party
  400. UN: China overtakes US for Foreign Direct Investment
  401. India’s take on “Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons”
  402. Satellite images for Elephant Survey
  403. Europe’s Largest Solar Power Plant: Francisco Pizzaro
  404. New START Treaty
  405. UN resolution on safeguarding religious sites
  406. Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  407. What is LongOps Project?
  408. What is Great Green Wall Initiative?
  409. What is 1776 Commission?
  410. Article 19 of the UN Charter: Iran loses voting rights in the United Nations General Assembly
  411. Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries
  412. What is Keystone Pipeline Project?
  413. Apartheid State: The Israel-Palestine Conflict
  414. Ex-Desert Knight 21: India-France Military exercise
  415. Davos Agenda Summit, 2021
  416. Malaysia’s 3.7 billion USD package
  417. PM Modi to attend G7 Summit [All about G7]
  418. Open Skies Treaty
  419. Difficult Four Countries
  420. Ndrangheta
  421. Flint Water Crisis
  422. US National Rifle Association
  423. Pakistan permits Dubai Royals to hunt “Houbara Bustard”
  424. Impeachment of Donald Trump
  425. India-Japan MoU in ICT sector
  426. Joe Biden's 1.9 trillion USD plan
  427. Tsar Icicle
  428. India-UAE MoU for Scientific and Technical Cooperation
  429. India’s Eight Point Action Plan to UNSC to combat terrorism
  430. Global Ebola vaccine stockpile
  431. US names Cuba as State Sponsor of Terrorism
  432. Pope’s Amendment of Church Law
  433. WHO Map of India
  434. India to chair 3 UNSC Committees
  435. What is 25th Amendment of US Constitution?
  436. India-France Annual Strategic Dialogue
  437. United States Capitol Protests, 2021
  438. India-Japan Partnership in Specified Skilled Worker
  439. World Bank’s 105 million USD loan to improve Waterways in West Bengal
  440. WHO: UK Variant of COVID-19 in 41 countries
  441. Draft Arctic Policy of India
  442. Alphabet Workers Union
  443. Where is Jack Ma? Reasons of Disappearance
  444. 40th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica
  445. ADB signs 100 million USD loan to boost power supply in Bengaluru
  446. Malala Yousafzai Scholarship Act
  447. Ice Age Woolly Rhino
  448. National Defence Authorisation Act, 2021
  449. Argentina Abortion Laws
  450. Australia makes changes to its National Anthem
  451. Sea Wing Underwater Drones
  452. EU-China New Investment Treaty
  453. Global Pravasi Rishta portal and app
  454. India-Bhutan MoU in use of outer space
  455. Minister Harsh Vardhan nominated to GAVI Board
  456. UK-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement
  457. WHO COVID-19 App
  458. Mission SAGAR III: INS Kiltan arrives at Cambodia
  459. Japan to join Five Eyes Network
  460. Turkey's New bill to monitor civil society groups
  461. New US rules on Drones
  462. Tibetan Policy and Support Act, 2020
  463. WHO List of ten Global Health issues
  464. Impact of EU-UK Brexit Deal in India
  465. New Strain of Corona Virus in 8 European Countries
  466. Israel’s Nation State Law
  467. Naegleria fowleri: Brain Eating Amoeba
  468. UNICEF’s COVID-19 Vaccine Market Dashboard
  469. UK, EU to announce Brexit Trade Accord
  470. Why did Indian Market suffer the worst one-day fall in seven months?
  471. Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act
  472. N501Y Mutation in Coronavirus
  474. Planetary Pressures-adjusted HDI
  475. DRIP-2
  476. Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS)
  477. Singapore’s Hawker culture gets UNESCO recognition
  478. Pakistan to create National Sex Offenders Register
  479. India-Austria Cooperation in Road Infrastructure sector
  480. Currency Manipulator
  481. Agreement between Russia and China on Notification of Launches of Ballistic Missiles and Space Missile Carriers
  482. India-World Bank project to protect Indian poor
  483. Chilahati-Haldibari Rail Link
  484. G7 summit 2021
  485. Pakistan’s anti-rape law
  486. Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act
  487. Western Sahara conflict
  488. What is Solarwinds Orion Hack?
  489. Fight against climate change in French Constitution
  490. National Defence Authorisation Act
  491. Sherman Anti-trust Act
  492. What is San Isidro Movement?
  493. Virgin Galactic: SpaceShip Unity Test Flight fails
  494. What is CinemaSCOpe?
  495. India-Myanmar Bilateral Meeting on Drug Control Operation
  496. First mRNA vaccine of India
  497. India-Qatar Energy Task Force
  498. What is Red Channel Agreement?
  499. India-Uzbekistan sign Agreements
  500. France Law against Islamism
  501. Asia-Pacific Vaccine Access Facility, APVAX
  502. Asian Development Outlook
  503. Mount Everest
  504. What is Go for Zero policy?
  505. UK: First country to launch COVID-19 vaccine
  506. Maharashtra Police: Operation Blackface, TRACE and Crawler
  507. What is Havana syndrome?
  508. Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act
  509. UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs
  510. Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act
  511. HL-2M Tokamak Reactor
  512. Argentina - Millionaire’s tax
  513. Deferential Action for Childhood Arrivals
  514. China Anti-Poverty Campaign
  515. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Oil Deposits
  516. Azad Pattan Hydropower Project
  517. India in WTO Fisheries Negotiation
  518. India-USA MoU on Intellectual Property cooperation
  519. New classification of Cannabis by UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND)
  520. Oman-India Friendship Association- Key Facts
  521. What are CLMV countries?
  522. What is 3RF Framework?
  523. What is Diem?
  524. What is Emergency Use Authorization?
  525. Wolf Brigade 44: Key Facts
  526. ADB Loan for Meghalaya Power Distribution Sector
  527. New Military Deal between China and Pakistan
  528. What is Boko Haram?
  529. Avian Influenza outbreak in Japan
  530. What is Five Eyes Alliance?
  531. China’s proposed Hydropower project in Brahmaputra, Tibet
  532. Iran’s Strategic Measures for the Removal of Sanctions: Highlights
  533. Hualong One: China's entry in Nuclear Power Sector
  534. India-US extend MoU for Cooperation on Nuclear Energy
  535. India-Vietnam Defence Ministers hold discussions
  536. What is Climate Emergency to be declared by the New Zealand Government?
  537. India to build Shahtoot dam in Afghanistan
  538. UAE: First Arab Country to generate electricity from coal
  539. India-Finland sign MoU on biodiversity conservation
  540. India-EU: Sixth Round of consultations on disarmament and non-proliferation
  541. Malaysia hosts APEC Summit
  542. India to host G20 Summit in 2023
  543. IRNSS Satellite Constellation of India recognized under WWRNS by IMO
  544. RuPay Card Phase II jointly launched by India and Bhutan
  545. India-Luxembourg Virtual Summit: Key Facts
  546. India-New Development Bank sign 500 million USD agreement
  547. Four Indian Cities selected by World Economic Forum to pioneer roadmap for Smart Cities
  548. US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq withdrawn partially
  549. Chapare Virus: Human to Human Transmission discovered in Bolivia
  550. Japan and Australia sign Defence Pact to counter China
  551. BRICS countries adopt Counter Terrorism Strategy
  552. United Nations launches “Team Halo” to counter misinformation around COVID-19 vaccines
  553. India-Kazakhstan sign Memorandum of Understanding
  554. What is Golden Card Visa issued by UAE?
  555. What are the Governance Reforms approved by Russia?
  556. APEC Ministerial Meeting: Economies commit to free open trade and investment
  557. WHO: For the first time commits to eliminate cervical cancer globally
  558. Why did India not sign the world largest RCEP trade deal?
  559. Why did the Peruvian President Manuel Merino resign?
  560. DIPAM and World Bank sign Agreement
  561. PM Modi to attend 12th BRICS Summit
  562. Vaccine Derived Polio Virus: nCOP2 Vaccine added by WHO to Emergency Use Listing
  563. Why US disagrees to grant Statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.?
  564. Tristan da Cunha becomes the largest Marine Protection Zone of Atlantic Ocean
  565. Historic Debt Pact of G20 to help poor countries hit by COVID-19
  566. India attended East Asia Summit: Ha Noi Declaration adopted
  567. RCEP: 15 Asian Economies sign World largest China-backed deal
  568. India contributes 1 million USD to Covid-19 ASEAN Response Fund
  569. China launces world’s first 6G experimental satellite
  570. Operation Thunder: INTERPOL, WCO and India Customs intercept 18 tonnes of Red Sandalwood
  571. Internal Market Bill of UK: Key Facts
  572. India attended BRICS Health Ministers Conference
  573. India received first shipment from Bangladesh through water route
  574. India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) report on 'Deepening Cooperation in IBSA: Perspectives from Key Sectors' launched
  575. Aung San Sui Kyi Party claims to win Myanmar Elections
  576. India-China agree on Three Step Disengagement in Pangong Tso
  577. Indian Army gifts Mine Detection dogs and Trained horse to Bangladesh Army
  578. What is the new peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan?
  579. United Nations launches Food Coalition to prevent COVID-19 Food crisis
  580. India attends SCO Summit: Key Facts
  581. Australia-India Water Centre inaugurated
  582. India and Maldives sign four agreements
  583. Nepal President releases Special Anthology on Mahatma Gandhi
  584. Ethiopia's Tigray Crisis: Key Facts
  585. First Anniversary of Kartarpur Corridor celebrated
  586. India attends first BRICS Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meet
  587. Sudan removed from State sponsors of Terrorism List
  588. Joe Biden announces 12-member COVID-19 Task Force under Vivek Murthy
  589. 4th India-Philippines Joint Commission on Bilateral Cooperation
  590. What is Atal Innovation Mission-Sirius Programme?
  591. UAE allows cohabitation of unmarried couples, relaxes Islamic laws
  592. US Election 2020: Joe Biden wins Presidency defeating Donald Trump
  593. India-Italy Bilateral Summit: 15 Pacts signed
  594. India-Indonesia 5th Joint Working Group on Coal held virtually
  595. India-Bangladesh sign MoU on COVID-19 Vaccine
  596. First India-Nordic-Baltic Conclave held
  597. US Elections: How does US count its votes? Why is it taking so long?
  598. CARAT: Joint Naval Exercise by Bangladesh and US
  599. Union Cabinet: MoU signed between India and Israel in Health and Medicine approved
  600. Union Cabinet: MoU between India and UK in Medical Product Regulation approved
  601. Union Cabinet: MoU between India and UK in ICT approved
  602. United Nations: India sponsored Nuclear Disarmament Resolutions adopted
  603. India-GCC Troika Dialogue: Key Facts
  604. US approves 600 million USD armed drones sale to Taiwan
  605. India-UAE High Level Joint Task Force on Investments
  606. CBDT exempts Sovereign Wealth Fund: Key Facts, Benefits, Types, Sources of Sovereign Wealth Fund
  607. Duarte Pacheco elected as new President of Inter Parliamentary Union
  608. Indo-Israeli Centre of Excellence for Vegetables Protected Cultivation
  609. Mission Sagar-II: INS AIRAVAT enters Port Sudan
  610. World’s Strongest Super Typhoon Goni in Philippines
  611. India-Mexico holds 8th Joint Commission Meeting
  612. Cabinet approves MoU signed between India and Cambodia
  613. India hosts SCO Foreign Trade and Economic Ministers Meeting
  614. Feni Bridge to be completed by December 2020
  615. Agreement signed between India Post and US Postal Service for Electronic Exchange of Data
  616. India attends 6th BRICS Parliamentary Forum
  617. EU Environmental Ministers commit to Net Zero Emissions Target by 2050: Key Facts
  618. Indian-origin Wavel Ramkalawan becomes the President of Seychelles
  619. UN Treaty of banning Nuclear Weapons enters into force
  620. No Mask No Service Policy launched in Bangladesh
  621. US-Taiwan 1.8 billion USD arms sale: Key Facts
  622. 20th Amendment of Sri Lankan Constitution: Key Facts
  623. Sudan joins UAE, Bahrain in recognizing Israel
  624. India-Israel Water Attache: Key Facts
  625. FATF: Pakistan to remain on “Grey List”
  626. India assumes chairmanship of International Labour Organization after 35 years
  627. First Meeting of G-20 Anti-Corruption Working Group held
  628. Union Cabinet approves MoU between India and Malaysia
  629. Cabinet approves India-Nigeria Space Cooperation
  630. Why is UNHCR insisting India to revise FCRA regulations?
  631. India-Indonesia: 5th Joint Working Group on Coal to be held in November, 2020
  632. NATO to set up new Space Centre in Ramstein, Germany
  633. India-ADB sign 177 million USD to develop roadways
  634. Australian Navy to join Malabar Exercise
  635. Singapore: First Country to attach Facial Verification in National Identification Database
  636. Indo-Pacific: Japan and Vietnam sign Agreements
  637. Philippines resumes Oil and Gas Exploration in South China Sea
  638. India-Sri Lanka to hold SLINEX military exercise
  639. WHO backs India’s proposal against “COVID-19 Vaccine Nationalism”
  640. Sputnik V Vaccine of Russia gets renewed approval for Clinical Trials in India
  641. EpicVacCorona: Second COVID-19 Vaccine approved by Russia
  642. India to host Seventh Justice Ministers Meet of SCO
  643. Sixth Session of India-Norway Joint commission held
  644. NITI Aayog’s India Energy Modelling Forum: Key Facts, Governing Structure
  645. 5th India-Mexico High level Group on Trade, investment and cooperation held
  646. European Union to sanction Russia and Belarus
  647. India and Taiwan Think Tanks join hands for Indo-Pacific Cooperation
  648. India donates N95 masks to US
  649. India receives second set of Swiss Bank Account Details
  650. What are the benefits for India in signing Defence Logistics Pact with UK?
  651. World Trade Organization to be led by a woman for first time
  652. RBI bans FDI establishments from Mauritius-Reasons, Causes, Impacts
  653. US stops funding relocation projects from Protected Areas: Effects on India
  654. AMHUB: India’s first advanced manufacturing hub
  655. India-Japan sign Agreement for cooperation in AI, 5G, Critical Information Infrastructure
  656. European Union Parliament voted for 60% Emission cut by 2030
  657. TSIRKON: Russia test fires Hypersonic Cruise Missile successfully
  658. Cabinet approves India-Japan MoU on cyber Security
  659. What is Kamchatka Disaster?
  660. QUAD Foreign Ministers meet held in Tokyo
  661. CEPI to include India among six other countries for COVID-19 Vaccine Testing
  662. India contributes 3,000 vials of Remdesivir to Myanmar
  663. Referendum in New Caledonia rejects independence from France
  664. PV Edge 2020 organised by NITI Aayog
  665. India to acquire Sprut Light Tanks from Russia
  666. India-France to launch Constellation of Maritime Surveillance Satellites
  667. India-Nepal: 41 ambulances, 6 School Buses donated
  668. G-20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative: Key Facts
  669. 25th Amendment of US Constitution
  670. Bongosagar: India-Bangladesh to hold three-day Mega Military Exercise
  671. China: World’s First Asteroid Mining Robot to be launched
  672. India-Myanmar review trade and border cooperation
  673. Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict: Key Facts, Reasons, Causes, Impact on India
  674. NITI Aayog and Netherlands sign “Decarbonisation and Energy Transition Agenda”
  675. India-Bangladesh to hold virtual summit
  676. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar to visit Japan, Hold QUAD meeting
  677. COVID-19 Vaccine: Serum Institute of India to produce additional 100 million doses for India
  678. India brings Indo-Pacific and ASEAN Policies under one Unit
  679. India-Denmark Green Strategic Partnership: Key Facts
  680. WHO to launch 120 million Rapid Diagnostic Tests for COVID-19
  681. India-Denmark sign Memorandum of Understanding on Intellectual Property Cooperation
  682. India attends SAARC Foreign Ministers Informal Summit
  683. Global Climate Summit, 2020
  684. India-Australia hold Naval Exercise
  685. COVID-19 Vaccine: India launches “Strengthening Clinical Trial Research Capacities in Neighbouring Countries” programme
  686. India-UK Water Partnership Forum discuss on water conservation
  687. Airbus to launch World’s first Commercial Hydrogen aircraft by 2035
  688. India-World Bank: Loan comes with the condition of “Universal Eligibility” affects Make in India
  689. India launches first Cargo Ferry Service to Maldives
  690. Neighbourhood First Policy: PM Modi to hold e-Summit with Sri Lanka
  691. India allows export of onions to Bangladesh
  692. Pakistan to elevate Gilgit-Baltistan to a full-fledged province
  693. Nepal introduces Text Books with new map including Indian territories
  694. Libyan Prime Minister resigns: Libyan crisis, Civil War, role of United Nations
  695. 10th virtual meeting of BRICS NSAs
  696. Abraham Accord: UAE and Bahrain to deal with Israel
  697. What is Djibouti Code of Conduct?
  698. Bangladesh Grants Special Permission for Export of Hilsa Fish to India
  699. Meeting of IBSA Foreign Ministers
  700. Global Initiative to reduce Land Degradation and Coral Reef program launched
  701. India-US Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) group meeting organised virtually
  702. India beats China to become Member of UN's Commission on Status of Women
  703. International Day for South-South Cooperation
  704. US signs Defense Cooperation Agreement with Maldives
  705. Yoshihide Suga to Succeed Shinzo Abe as the PM of Japan
  706. UK Enters into First Major Post-Brexit Deal with Japan
  707. Beijing Imposed New Restrictions on US Diplomats
  708. India-China Five-Point Action Plan to resolve Border Disputes
  709. India and Japan sign Logistics Agreement
  710. First India-France-Australia Trilateral Dialogue Organised Virtually
  711. India-Angola Joint Commission meet
  712. First World Solar Technology Summit (WSTS) of ISA to be held
  713. Japanese companies relocating from China to India
  714. UNEP launches “Green Nudges” programme for universities
  715. Google partners with Bangladesh for Flood Forecasting
  716. MoU between India and Finland
  717. Facebook Is Preparing for Myanmar’s 2020 Election
  718. Turkey renews talk on sharing resources with Greece
  719. 3rd US India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) Summit
  720. MoU between India and Japan on cooperation in Textiles
  721. Government Bans 118 Chinese apps
  722. Republication of Controversial Cartoon by Charlie Hebdo
  723. Japan Extends ₹3,500 crore credit to India for Covid-19 Crisis Emergency Response Support
  724. India Expresses Resentment over on UNSC reforms Negotiations
  725. What is Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI)?
  726. Qutub Minar lights up to celebrate solidarity movement
  727. UNESCO to revamp Lebanon’s heritage buildings
  728. Amazon to explore health tracking industry
  729. Did women of India have voting rights before Independence?
  730. Is the re-infection of Covid-19 in Hong Kong dangerous?
  731. What is the involvement of Facebook in Thailand's pro-democracy activism?
  732. What is the significance of AI in detecting illegal cryptocurrency mining?
  733. Why is China considering to set up 'BRICS innovation base' on 5G?
  734. ASTROSAT detected UV light from a galaxy, 9.3 billion light-years away
  735. 1st India-Uzbekistan National Coordination Committee meeting held
  736. Kallis, Sthalekar, Abbas inducted into ICC Cricket Hall of Fame list
  737. China sells its advanced combat ship to Pakistan
  738. US FDA authorizes to use blood plasma for Covid-19 treatment
  739. Bayern Munich wins UEFA Champions League 2019-20
  740. Earth Overshoot Day: observed on August 22
  741. WIPO: India filed less than 1% of patents filed across the world in 2019
  742. August 23: International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition observed
  743. Grey list trouble: Pakistan approves four FATF-related bills
  744. External Affairs Ministry organized 6th Round Table of ASEAN-India Network of Think Tanks
  745. California Wildfires: Thousands of people evacuated to avoid unavoidable circumstances
  746. Myanmar Govt and armed groups signed agreement for National Ceasefire Agreement (NCA)
  747. August 21: International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism observed by UN
  748. NPCI International Payments Limited (NPIL): set up by NPCI for international market operations
  749. Sri Lanka is in the process of drafting its new Constitution
  750. India and Israel enter into a new cultural agreement with multiple targets
  751. Iran displays locally made ballistic and cruise missiles in the light of U.S. tensions
  752. Military mutiny of Mali: President Keita announced resign
  753. Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) to be launched by India, Japan and Australia
  754. 11th World Humanitarian Day (WHD) observed by UN on August 19 with hashtag #RealLifeHeroes
  755. Death Valley in Southern California witnessed its hottest temperature in more than a century
  756. Israel's aircraft and tanks hit militant sites in Gaza
  757. EU enters into deal with AstraZeneca, for first Covid-19 vaccine
  758. UAE became the first Gulf country to establish diplomatic relations with Israel
  759. Russia and Brazil to partner in production & marketing of Sputnik V vaccine
  760. NASA satellite finds 66 new exoplanets
  761. Israel tests advanced missile defense system Arrow-2
  762. India grants USD 500 million assistance for connectivity project in Maldives
  763. Russia to start COVID-19 vaccine production in 2 weeks
  764. US partners with Moderna for 100 million doses of Covid19 vaccine
  765. Indian-origin Kamala Harris nominated as US Vice President
  766. Russia names its new Covid-19 vaccine as 'Sputnik V'
  767. Indian flag to be hoisted at New York's Times Square
  768. Covid-19 infections will hit 20 million this week:WHO
  769. US provides military airwaves for 5G wireless networks
  770. Prime Minister of Lebanon resigns after outrage over blast
  771. WHO is in talks with countries to join its COVAX Facility
  772. Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupts ashes
  773. 'India-Canada IC-IMPACTS Annual Research Conference' held
  774. China sends fighter jets amidst US's support for Taiwan
  775. Russia to Launch First COVID 19 Vaccine
  776. WHO asks for USD 15-mn aid for Lebanon
  777. US bans transactions with TikTok and WeChat
  778. SpaceX’s Mars test rocket makes first successful flight and upright landing
  779. Factsheet: 75th anniversary of Hiroshima nuclear attack
  780. India rejects China's effort to raise Kashmir issue at UN
  781. Irfaan Ali is the new President of Guyana
  782. Parliamentary elections being held in Sri Lanka
  783. Google to launch file-sharing feature ‘Nearby Share’
  784. India rejects the new political map unveiled by Pakistan
  785. Massive explosion at the Lebanese capital, Beirut
  786. Indian Embassy in Israel launched an initiative to help the Indian communities
  787. Trump signs order to restrict use of H1B visa
  788. Hurricane Isaias hits the US State of North Carolina
  789. Two NASA Astronauts water-landed on the Earth
  790. UAE starts operation of Arab world's first nuclear power reactor
  791. ADB signs USD 200 million deal with Reliance for power plant in Bangladesh
  792. WTO members fail to agree on an interim leader due to political differences
  793. First-ever EU cyber sanctions imposed on Russian, Chinese, North Korean agents
  794. Facebook and Google to pay for news in Australia, for the first time in the world
  795. Amazon plans to invest $10 billion to build satellite infrastructure
  796. China celebrates the completion of its BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
  797. Turkey Passes Law to Regulate Social Media Content
  798. Deaths of hundreds of elephants in Botswana, in recent weeks
  799. India-UN Development Partnership Fund supports projects to respond to COVID-19
  800. Bill to promote Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr's legacies passed in US
  801. World’s 1st COVID19 vaccine to be ready for use by August 12, claims Russia
  802. Indians Lead in Acquiring Australian Citizenship in 2019-2020
  803. Japan Court Recognizes ‘Black Rain’ Victims for the First time
  804. European Union Signs Agreement with Gilead for Supply of Remdesivir
  805. Robots being tried to Ease Social Care Burden in UK
  806. Second COVID 19 Vaccine for Human Trial in Russia
  807. India and Mauritius PMs to Inaugurate the New Supreme Court Building in Port Louis
  808. Facebook Sues EU Anti-Trust Regulator for Excessive Data Requests
  809. New Zealand Suspends Extradition Arrangements with Hong Kong
  810. NO2 Levels Fell 70% during Lockdown in Delhi: United Nations Report
  811. France to ban Café Terrace Heaters from Next Year
  812. Railway Locomotives Handed Over to Bangladesh by India
  813. India announces Financial Assistance Package for Maldives
  814. China Looks at Expanding State Jobs for Freshers
  815. Tropical Storm Hanna Hits Texas Coast
  816. Bangladesh inaugurates India-funded Science Block in Chittagong College
  817. US bars Foreign Students taking Online Courses from Entry to the Country
  818. First-ever Socially-distanced Cycle Training Course Launched in London
  819. Google Provided $39.5 Million to News Publishers amid COVID 19 Crisis
  820. Manufacturing in the UK Fell to Record Low
  821. Microsoft to Launch Largest-Ever Xbox Gaming Series
  822. No Commission to be charged by Google on its E-Commerce Platform
  823. UK Organization to Conduct First-Ever British-Indian Census
  824. First Mars Mission Launched by China
  825. UNGA to Go Virtual, First Time in 75 years
  826. TikTok banned on Government Devices in the US
  827. US to pay $2 Billion approx. to Pharma Companies for COVID 19 Vaccine
  828. US Lower House Passes Bill to Remove Confederate Names from Military Bases
  829. $250 Million Loan Extended by AIIB to Pakistan for COVID 19
  830. Russia Successfully Conducts Trial for 3D-Printed Aircraft Engine
  831. ANASIS II: South Korea Launches its First Military Satellite
  832. Tata Communications Gets Telecom License in Saudi Arabia
  833. Face Mask Made Mandatory in Indoor Public Spaces in France
  834. EU Seals Deal on 750 billion Euro Recovery Fund
  835. Egypt to Deploy Troops in Libya
  836. First Shipment of Afghan Goods via Chabahar to China Sent by Iran-India
  837. Bangladesh Permits Trial of COVID 19 Vaccine by Chinese Company
  838. Labour Productivity gets affected during Epidemics, Emerging Economies Suffer the Most: World Bank
  839. Canada to Review $6.8 Million Purchase of Security Equipment from Chinese Firm
  840. UAE Becomes the First Arab Nation to Launch Mars Mission
  841. Syria to Conduct Parliamentary Elections on July 19
  842. $536 Million to be paid by Japan to Companies for Leaving China
  843. Free Virus testing to be offered in Xinjiang Province in China
  844. Emergency Use Authorization for COVID 19 Pool Testing Issued by USFDA
  845. Facebook to Have New Section on Corona Myths
  846. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman attends 3rd G20 Finance Minister and Central Bank Governors Meeting
  847. US Civil Rights Activist John Lewis Dies at 80: End of An Era
  848. Sinopharm Commences Phase III Trial of COVID 19 Vaccine in UAE
  849. UK to Introduce New COVID 19 Antibody Test
  850. India Signs MoU to Develop Strategic Petroleum Reserve in US
  851. Alexa, Siri and Other Voice Assistants being probed by EU Regulators
  852. Hypersonic Missile Tested by US
  853. Pakistan Terrorist Declared as ‘Global Terrorist’ by the UN
  854. Cochin Shipyard Limited Signs Agreement to Build Fully Automatic Electric Vessel for Norway Firm
  855. Cardiovascular Disease can be a Result of Childhood Abuse: UK Study
  856. China and Iran Ink $400 billion Partnership Deal: Key Facts
  857. World Population to Peak in 2064 and Will Shrink after That: Lancet
  858. Universal Testing Might Reduce Spread of COVID 19: John Hopkins University
  859. Chinese Officials Implementing Oppressive Laws against Hong Kong to be put under Sanctions by US
  860. Sanctions on China Possible for South China Sea Actions: USA
  861. Britain bans Huawei from its 5G network
  862. Bubonic Plague in Mongolia: Recent Update
  863. EU-India to resume talks on Free Trade Agreement
  864. Wagah Border reopened by Pakistan for Afghan Exports
  865. Daniel Lewis Lee: First Federal Execution in US in 17 years
  866. Iran drops off India from Chabahar Rail Project
  867. Russia: First Country in the world to complete COVID-19 human trials
  868. Singapore Election: PM Lee Hsein Loong wins again
  869. WHO: “Access Initiative for Quitting Tobacco” to help people quit smoking launched
  870. Netherland to bring Russia before European Court of Human Rights
  871. ISRO to launch Amazonia satellite of Brazil
  872. India-European Union to hold virtual summit
  873. China to increase its Nuclear Power: Plans to build 6 to 8 reactors/year
  874. India-US to begin joint Ayurvedic Clinical trials for COVID-19
  875. WHO acknowledges that COVID-19 is airborne
  876. What is Seabed 2030 Project?
  877. European Think Tank: Act East Policy of India has shifted its Geostrategic posture in Indo-Pacific
  878. Israel launches Military Surveillance Satellite
  879. Kuwait might force 8 lakh Indians to leave the country
  880. India-Afghanistan sign MoUs
  881. Fire at Iran’s Nuclear facility slows down development of Centrifugal Machines
  882. WHO team to visit China to investigate origins of COVID-19
  883. Iran requests INTERPOL to issue “Red Notice” to President Trump
  884. China conducts military exercise in the disputed South China Sea
  885. “Dream Kerala Project” launched for Keralites returning from abroad
  886. Vladimir Putin wins referendum
  887. High-Speed Interceptor Boats to be sent to Pangong Tso
  888. United Nations Security Council passes first COVID-19 resolution
  889. Pakistan moves 20,000 soldiers to LoC
  890. China running Campaign to Slash Birth rates among the Muslim Minorities
  891. New Strain of Swine Flu Virus having Human Pandemic Potential Discovered in China
  892. China passes Hong Kong National Security Law
  893. India-Bhutan sign agreements on Hydroelectric Projects
  894. China imposes Visa restrictions on US individuals over Hong Kong
  895. Approx 2.4 Million Children Below the Age of 5 are facing Hunger and Malnutrition in Yemen
  896. Nine-year-long dispute between Sudan, Ethiopia, and Egypt likely to end in Upcoming Weeks
  897. Vote for Constitutional Reforms begins as Putin looks to lead Russia until 2036
  898. Democrat-led House of Representatives approves Statehood Bill for Washington D.C
  899. US to impose Sanctions on China over its Hong Kong Law
  900. USD 31.3 Billion Required by WHO-led coalition ‘ACT-Accelerator’ to fight against COVID-19
  901. United Nations honours Indian State Health Minister for her efforts in COVID-19
  902. 70th Anniversary of Korean War marked by North and South Korea
  903. China annexes parts of Nepal by diverting the flow of Rivers that acted as Natural Boundary
  904. First Hindu Temple in Islamabad
  905. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to set up Permanent Base in the Indian Ocean
  906. World’s Longest Internet Shutdown in Myanmar enters 2nd year
  907. Pakistan gets another extension on FATF Grey List despite failure to act against terror groups
  908. World’s First Yoga University outside India
  909. India pledges 10 million USD to UNRWA
  910. President Halimah Yacob dissolves Parliament, 2020 Singapore General Election will be held on 10th July
  911. GoI: Anti-Dumping Duty imposed on steel from China, South Korea and Vietnam
  912. China has decided to join the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)
  913. President Aleksandar Vucic’s SNS-led Coalition registers landslide win in 2020 Parliamentary Election
  914. U.S. Russia talks on new Nuclear Disarmament Treaty begins without China
  915. Last Satellite of China’s BeiDou Satellite System 3 (BDS-3) Launched
  916. Bill to Rename ‘Tonoshiro’ to ‘Tonoshiro Senkaku’ triggered tensions between Japan and China
  917. U.S. Temporarily Suspends ‘Green Cards & Non-Migrant Work Visas’ till 31st December 2020
  918. China plans to Establish National Security Bureau in Hong Kong
  919. China sets up “National Security Agency” in Hong Kong
  920. WHO warns about a New and Dangerous phase of COVID-19
  921. Armed Forces of India and China to take part at Moscow Military Parade on 24th June 2020
  922. India-China clash at Galwan Valley
  923. India to supply Pneumonia Vaccine to low-income nations
  924. 750 million USD loan approved by AIIB to India
  925. India-Nepal sign MoU
  926. SIPRI Yearbook: Nuclear Weapons of India and China increases
  927. Russia-India-China Trilateral Conference
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