Jute Corporation of India Launches ‘Paat-Mitro’ App for Jute Farmers

The Jute Corporation of India took a significant step toward supporting jute farmers by launching the ‘Paat-Mitro’ app. Rachna Shah, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, inaugurated the app, which aims to provide essential knowledge to farmers for optimal jute cultivation and increased income.

Key Features of the ‘Paat-Mitro’ App

The ‘Paat-Mitro’ app is designed to offer farmers valuable insights on various aspects of jute cultivation. Key features include:

  1. Information on Jute Gradation Parameters: The app provides details on jute gradation parameters, helping farmers understand and enhance the quality of their jute produce.
  2. Farmer-Centric Schemes: Farmers can access information on schemes such as ‘Jute-ICARE’ tailored to benefit them directly.
  3. Weather Forecasts: The app includes weather forecasts, aiding farmers in making informed decisions based on weather conditions.
  4. Procurement Policies: Farmers can stay updated on procurement policies, ensuring they align their cultivation practices with market requirements.

Empowering Jute Farmers

The new app will help jute farmers and revitalizing the industry. With increased access to information, technical advancements, and market opportunities, Indian jute farmers can unlock a brighter future and contribute to the sustainable development of the sector.

Meeting Challenges of Supply and MSP Support

Due to three consecutive years of bumper crops, there is a substantial supply of jute fiber in the market. Consequently, a larger number of farmers require support through Minimum Support Price (MSP). The ‘Paat-Mitro’ app is expected to address these challenges and provide crucial assistance to farmers.

Multilingual Access in the Future

Currently available in English, the ‘Paat-Mitro’ app is set to be launched in six vernacular languages in the future. This expansion will ensure that a broader spectrum of jute farmers across regions can benefit from the app’s resources and information.



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