Maham Anaga & Petticoat Government

The “petticoat government” under Maham Anaga did triumph for a moment. She acted almost as prime minister for a while as her devotion to her foster son Akbar made her invaluable to him. But, her hopes were wrapped up in her own son Adham Khan, who was pushed forward by her to the high command.

Adham Khan was filled with more pride than loyalty. He was sent to invade Malwa in 1561 along with Pir Muhammad Khan, another general. Baz Bahadur, the sultan of Malwa was defeated in the battle of Sarangpur and Adham Khan tried to get his lover Rani Roopmati, who after taking some time to invite him inside her chamber , poisoned herself to death. Only a part of the booty was sent to Akbar and rest he kept with himself. Miffed Akbar marched to Sarangpur and seized the spoils. His cup was full when, out of envy, he killed Shams-ud-Din Muhammad Ataga Khan, Akbar’s one of the favorite generals and then stood on the gate of Akbar’s harem looking inside as if he was standing in a sanctuary.

He was thrown twice from the roof of the Palace, and dispatched to the heaven. The news of his death was given by Akbar to his mother, thus broken her heart. She survived but only for 40 days. Akbar got rid of both the mother and son.