Lord Metcalfe

Lord Metcalfe (Governor General of India 1835-36) had succeeded Lord William Bentinck, being senior member of council. His short term of office is memorable for the measure which his predecessor had initiated, but which he carried into execution. He is best known for giving entire liberty to the press. It was the Public opinion in India, but there were people at home as well as India who opposed this policy. Due to his liberal policy towards press, Lord Metcalfe is known as Liberator of India Press but soon he became a victim of party politics in England and was succeeded by Lord Auckland in 1836.

Metcalfe Hall of Calcutta
The freedom of the Indian Press dates from the 15th of September, 1835. It was a great day, which the people of Calcutta were eager to celebrate. So they subscribed together, and they erected a noble building on the banks of the Hooghly, to contain a public library, and to be applied to other enlightening purposes, and they called it the Metcalfe Hall. It was to bear an inscription declaring that the Press of India was liberated on the 15th of September, 1835, by Sir Charles Metcalfe.

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