GK & Current Affairs: July 9, 10, 2014

1. The Signature bridge project is being constructed across river ___?

Signature bridge project is being constructed across river Yamuna. The bridge to be constructed as a replica of the famous London bridge, will have bow-shaped pylon with cable.

2. Which among the following is the country’s first indigenously built warship, that has been handed over to the Indian Army, recently?
[A]INS Kamorta
[B]INS Hamsa
[C]INS Tejas
[D]INS Shivalik

INS Kamorta
INS Kamorta is the India’s indigenously built anti-submarine corvette as well as the first indigenous stealth corvette built by India.

3. India is building the world’s highest railway bridge which is expected to be 35 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower. The bridge is being constructed over which river?

India is building the world’s highest railway bridge which is expected to be 35 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower when completed by 2016. The arch-shaped steel structure is being constructed over the Chenab river to link sections of the spectacular mountain in Kashmir region.

4. Recently, which of the following actors ancestral home in Pakistan has been declared national heritage?
[B]Dilip Kumar
[C]Raj Kapur
[D]Kishore Kumar

Dilip Kumar
Hindi moviedom’s thespian actos Dilip Kumar’s ancestral home in Peshawar has declared national heritage by Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. Dilip Kumar was born as Yusuf Khan. His father Lala Ghulam Sarwar had shifted to Mumbai from Peshawar in the 1930s.

5. The use of Neonicotinoid, a class of neuro-active insecticide is linked to have potential toxicity to ___?
[A]Honey bees

Honey bees
The use of neonicotinoid was linked in a range of studies to a number of adverse ecological effects, including honey-bee colony collapse disorder (CCD). Recent research has suggested a potential toxicity to honey bees and other beneficial insects even with low levels of contact. It impacts bee’s ability to forage, learn and remember navigation routes to and from food sources.

6. Which among the following committees was constituted to look into the concerns of people from the North East living in different parts of the country that submitted its report, recently?
[A]Bezbaruah committee
[B]Srinivasan Committee
[C]Radhakrishnan Committee
[D]Muralijoshi committee

Bezbaruah committee
The Bezbaruah committee was constituted in February, 2014 to look into the various concerns of persons hailing from the North Eastern states who are living in different parts of the country, especially the Metropolitan areas, and to suggest suitable remedial measures which could be taken by the government. The Terms of Reference of the Committee were: to examine the various kinds of concerns, including the concerns regarding security, of the persons hailing from the North Eastern states, to examine the causes behind the attacks/violence and discrimination against the people from the North-Eastern states, to suggest measures to be taken by the government to address these concerns and to suggest legal remedies to address these concerns.

7. Which of the following cities are the world’s first and second populous cities in 2014?
[A]Tokyo, Mumbai
[B]London, Delhi
[C]Tokyo, Delhi
[D]Berlin, Tokyo

Tokyo, Delhi
Tokyo and Delhi are the world’s most populous cities in 2014, according to a United Nations report. Tokyo topped UN’s ranking of the most populous cities in 2014 with 38 million inhabitants and while its population is projected to decline, it will remain the world’s largest city in 2030 with 37 million people. Delhi has become the world’s second most populous city in 2014 after Tokyo, more than doubling its population since 1990 to 25 million. Tokyo and New Delhi were followed by Shanghai with 23 million, and Mexico City, Mumbai and Sao Paulo, each with around 21 million inhabitants in 2014.

8. The theme of World Population Day-2014 is ____________?
[A]Investing in Young People
[B]Stabilization of Population for Sustainable development
[C]Growing Population: a risk for tomorrow
[D]Curbing Population Growth

Investing in Young People
July 11th marks World Population Day, to raise awareness of global population issues. Established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989, it was inspired by the interest in Five Billion Day on 11 July 1987 – approximately the date when the world’s population reached five billion. This year, the theme is “Investing in Young People.”

9. The Atibadi Jagannath Das Award is the highest literary honour of ___________?
[A]Andhra Pradesh

Atibadi Jagannath Das Samman is a literary award awarded by Orissa Sahitya Academy to an Oriya language litterateur for lifetime contribution to Oriya literature. This is the most respectable honor to any litterateur by the academy. This award is named after 15th century Oriya poet Atibadi Jagannath Das who was also known as Atibadi (greatest). Started in 1993, the first award was given to Oriya poet Radhamohan Gadnayak .

10. According to State of Forest report-2013, which among the following states has lost maximum forest cover in the country?
[A]Madhya Pradesh
[B]West Bengal
[C]Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh
India recorded an increase of 5,871 sq km in its forest cover in the past two years with West Bengal contributing over 60% of the total rise in green area, according to State of Forest Report-2013. Among bigger states, Andhra Pradesh lost the maximum 273 sq km of forest cover whereas Madhya Pradesh lost 178 sq km of green patch in two years.

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