GK & Current Affairs: February 28, 2015

1. The NERPAP programme, which is in news, is related to _____?
[A]Election Commission
[B]Reserve Bank of India
[C]Ministry of Agriculture
[D]Panchayat Raj and Rural Development
Answer: Election Commission
NERPAP is nothing but National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme. The election commission launched the NERPAP programme with primary objective to bring out a totally error-free and authenticated electoral roll. During the programme, Electoral Photo Identity Card, EPIC data of electors will be linked with Aadhar data for the purpose of authentication. NERPAP will focus on improving image quality of electors along with sorting issues like corrections of errors.
2. The Black Mambas are world’s first all-female patrol formed to protect Rhino’s in which country?
[B]South Africa
Answer: South Africa
The Black Mambas are all young women patrol they patrol inside South Africa’s Greater Kruger national park unarmed. Billed as the first all-female unit of its kind in the world, the Mambas are the brainchild of Craig Spencer, ecologist and head warden of Balule nature reserve.
3. Lysosomes, which are known as suicide bags, are produced by which organelle?
[B]Golgi body
Answer: Golgi body
Lysosomes are called suicide sacks. They are produced by the Golgi body. They consist of a single membrane surrounding powerful digestive enzymes. It acts as the “garbage disposal” of the cell by breaking down cell components that are no longer needed as well as molecules or even bacteria that are ingested by the cell.
4. Who among the following is India’s first chief of Cyber Security?
[A]B. J. Srinath
[B]Gulshan Rai
[C]A. S. Kamble
[D]Amardeep S. Chawla
Answer: Gulshan Rai
The NDA government in the centre has created a cyber-security chief ’s position under the Prime Minister’s Office and has appointed Gulshan Rai. Gulshan Rai is top official in IT ministry. He is also the Director General of Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (ICERT).
5. The Cape Verde Plain is an undersea region of which of the following oceans?
[A]Atlantic Ocean
[B]Bay of Bengal
[C]Arctic Ocean
[D]Indian Ocean
Answer: Atlantic Ocean
The Cape Verde Plain is in the Atlantic Ocean.
6. Which one of the following pollutants is not measured under the National Air Quality Index launched by India?
[A]Nitrogen dioxide
[B]Carbon monoxide
Answer: Methane
The National Air Quality index will consider eight pollutants that impact health. These are P particulate matter PM 10 and PM 2.5, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, ammonia and lead.
7. Hajong Lake, which is popularly known as the tortoise lake is located in which state?
[C]West Bengal
[D]Tamil Nadu
Answer: Assam
Hajong lake a unique tortoise habitat situated in the Langting-Mupa reserve forest in North Cachar Hills district of Assam. It is the only natural tortoise habitat in Assam. On bank of the Hajong lake Tortoise Festival was organised every year. This festival aims to create awareness among the villagers surrounding villages of Hajong Lake about the safety of the endangered tortoise species available in the area
8. Which one of the following online grievances monitoring portals launched by union government for Indians living abroad?
Answer: Madad
Union foreign ministry has launched “Madad” an online grievances monitoring portal for Indians living abroad. The portal will help the Indians living abroad to approach the government easily for any help. Madad is a combined effort of MEA and MOIA to enhance collaboration and contact with Indians abroad.
9. On which date, the International Mother Language Day is observed?
[A]February 18
[B]February 20
[C]February 21
[D]February 22
Answer: February 21
International Mother Language Day is observed on 21 February worldwide. The day aims to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. It has been observed every year since 2000.
10. Who among the following scientists has been chosen for the prestigious American Chemical Society Award-2015?
[A]Purnendu Dasgupta
[B]Abhijit Bosle
[C]Agnivesh Kulkarni
[D]Navin Patnayak
Answer: Purnendu Dasgupta
Purnendu Dasgupta, an Indian-American scientist has won the American Chemical Society Award-2015. He has chosen for his work on developing an environment friendly field analyser for checking toxic arsenic levels in water. The national award recognises a scientist, who has enhanced the professional development of analytical chemistry students, developed and published innovative experiments, designed and improved equipment or teaching labs and published influential textbooks or significant articles on teaching analytical chemistry.

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