Daily Current Affairs Quiz : January 28, 2022

1. Prabha Atre, who was conferred the Padma Vibhushan is associated with which field?

[A] Literature
[B] Music
[C] Sports
[D] Civil Service

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2. Saudi Arabia has restored ties with which country after 30 years of dispute over stolen Gems?

[A] China
[B] Thailand
[C] North Korea
[D] Israel

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3. What is the area of space, around which the James Webb Space Telescope orbits?

[A] Lagrange point L2
[B] Curie Point
[C] Newton Point
[D] CV Raman Point

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4. Which country launched the ‘COMPETES Act of 2022’?

[A] Russia
[C] UK
[D] Australia

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5. Scientists from IIT Kharagpur have developed a portable device for detecting which disease?

[A] Oral Cancer
[B] Breast Cancer
[C] Prostate Cancer
[D] Lung Cancer

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