What is Historical Nihilism commonly used phrase in China?

The Chinese Cyber Regulator recently launched a hotline to report online criticism that defame the ruling Communist Party and its history. The regulator has vowed to crack down “Historical Nihilists” ahead of the hundredth anniversary of the Communist party that falls in July 2021.

About the initiative

The hotline launched will allow people to report fellow netizens who create defaming comments about the ruling communist party and its history. The defaming also includes attacking policies, leadership, defaming political heroes and denying the excellence of advanced socialist culture.

Why is it being referred to Historical Nihilism?

The “Historical Nihilism” has become a phrase used in China to describe scepticism and public doubt over the ruling communist party. This is because people in the country have been strongly criticising several policies of the Chinese Government. In return, the government has been increasing restrictions to bring such criticisms under control. The following are some of the strict and widely criticised control measures of the Chinese Government:

  • The censorship of internet is often increased ahead of political meetings, historical anniversaries, and sports events.
  • The Chinese are already facing jail time and other legal punishments for posing content against the ruling communist party of China.
  • Legal amendments released in 2021 say that people who insult the memory of national heroes of China will face imprisonment up to three years.
  • The foreign search engines and social media networks are banned in China.

What is Nihilism?

Nihilism is expressing some form of negation towards life or towards fundamental concepts such as existence, knowledge and meaning of life.




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