Quantum Computing Application Lab: GoI and Amazon Partnership

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in partnership with the Amazon Web Services is to establish Quantum Computing Applications Lab. The lab will identify quantum computing problems faced by Central and State Governments and also by the research institutions. The chosen proposals from these entities will get access to Amazon Web Services to use computing cloud platform from Amazon. Also, it will provide access to simulators and programming tools at no cost.

National Mission on Quantum Technology and Applications

  • It is to be implemented by the Department of Science and Technology operating under Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • The mission focuses on fundamental science, technology development and addresses the issues concerning the national priorities.
  • It will prepare next generation skilled manpower and encourages entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem development.
  • The Union Budget 2020-21 had proposed to spend Rs 8,000 crores on the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications.

Quantum Technology

The Quantum Technology is based on principles of quantum physics. That is, it is based on quantum theory. In simple words, it is the behaviour of energy and material in atomic and subatomic levels. It will help achieve information processing that will go beyond the limits of classical world. A conventional computer will process in bits. On the other hand, a quantum computer will process in quantum bits.

Applications of Quantum Technology

The major applications of Quantum technology are as follows:

  • Communication: The Quantum Technology is used by China to link its terrestrial stations and satellites. As the technology promises fast computing, it is significant to military and cyber security.
  • The Quantum technology will help in solving fundamental questions related to black hole and gravity.
  • The Quantum Technology will give boost to Genome India Project. It is a collaborative project of twenty institutions.
  • With Quantum technology, natural disasters such as tsunamis, drought, earthquakes and floods become highly predictable.
  • The technology will reduce the time frame of discovery of new molecules in the field of pharmaceuticals.
  • Quantum technology will help to augment industrial revolution 4.0.




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