India participates in SCO’s Nowruz celebrations

The Indian Embassy in Beijing participated in the “Nowruz” which was held at the Secretariat of “Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)” in Beijing, China on March 20, 2021. Nowruz is the Iranian and Persian New Year Festival.


The celebration was participated by the Indian Ambassador Vikram Misri, along with the diplomats of other SCO member countries which include China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and India. More than 500 guests took part in the festival. During the celebrations, the Indian embassy showcased the performances of Yoga, Kathak and Indian cuisine. On the occasion, the Indian Ambassador also planted a Pine tree sapling as a symbol of nurturing of the friendship between India and SCO.


It is the Iranian New Year which is also known as Persian New Year. The new year starts on the spring equinox or the March equinox which is marked as the first day of Farvardin. Farvardin is the first month of Iranian solar calendar. The day is celebrated across the world by several ethno-linguistic groups. Nowruz finds its origin in the Iranian and Zoroastrian culture. But the festival is celebrated by the diverse communities for 3,000 years in the Central Asia, Western Asia, Black Sea Basin, Caucasus, Balkans and South Asia.  The Nowruz has been celebrated since 11th century CE when the Iranian calendar was reformed but the United Nations officially recognized “International Day of Nowruz” in the year 2010 with the adoption of UN resolution 64/253. The timing of Nowruz in Iran is based on the Solar Hijri algorithmic calendar. It is based on the precise astronomical observations.




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