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Quiz 639: Geography for SSC-CGL and State PSC Examinations

1.Consider the following Statements: 1.River Irrawady drains into the Gulf of Martaban. 2.The Chindwin basin is situated in Myanmar. Which of the Statement(s) given above is/are correct? [A]Only 1 [B]Only 2 [C]Both 1 and 2 [D]Neither 1 nor 2 Both 1 and 2 Show Answer 2.The famous ‘Angkor Vat’ temple is situated in which of […]

Quiz 638: General Science for All Examinations

1.Which among the following is not a ‘heriditary’ disease? [A]Thalessemia [B]Colour-Blindness [C]Haemophilia [D]Leukemia Leukemia Show Answer 2.The bacterium ‘Escherichia coli’ is found mainly in: [A]Human Intestine [B]Pteridophytes [C]Root Nodules of leguminous plants [D]Paddy fields for nitrogen fixation Human Intestine Show Answer 3.Which among the followingis/are correctly paired: 1.Ginger:Tuber 2.Potato:Rhizome 3.Onion:Bulb [A]Only 2 [B]Only 3 [C]1 […]

Quiz 637: Indian Economy for All Examinations

1.Public Distribution System(PDS) is operated under the responsibility of the: 1.Central Government 2.State Governments [A]Only 1 [B]Only 2 [C]Both 1 and 2 [D]Neither 1 nor 2 Both 1 and 2 PDS is operated under the joint responsibility of the Central and the State Governments.The Central government through FCI has the following responsibilities: 1. Procurement, storage, […]

Quiz 636: Current Affairs for IBPS and SSC Examinations

1.Which country has become the fifth euro zone country to seek financial assistance from the European Union’s bail-out funds as its banking sector is hit by exposure to the crisis in Greece? [A]Spain [B]Cyprus [C]Portugal [D]Malta Cyprus Show Answer 2.A project titled ‘Apna Khata’ (Our Account),which was launched in Rajasthan has bagged the “public choice […]

Quiz 635: Indian History for SSC-CGL Examination

1.The evidences of ‘pit-dwelling’ have been discovered from which of the following ancient Indian sites? [A]Lothal and Kalibangan [B]Burzahom and Gufkaral [C]Ropar and Rangpur [D]Kalibangan and Surkotada Burzahom and Gufkaral Show Answer 2.Which among the following Vedic Texts gives a systematic exposition of the ‘theory of rebirth’ for the first time? [A]Chhandogya Upanishad [B]Mundaka Upanishad […]

Logical Reasoning Quiz 1

1. Consider the following information about 5 friends viz. A, B, C, D and E: 1. A likes Banana and Apple 2. B & C like Apricot and Orange 3. D & E like Pineapple, Orange and Apricot 4. A & E Like Orange and Mango Which among the following fruit / fruits is liked […]


Quiz 634: Current Affairs for Bank PO, SSC and State PSC Examinations

1.Consider the following Statement(s) regarding ‘White-label ATMs’? 1.White label ATMs refer to the machines which are owned by private operators seeking to earn a rent from banks for transactions carried out by their customers. 2.The investment, installation and maintenance of a White label ATM is by a private operator but the licence and branding is […]

Quiz 633: Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity Quiz for IAS and PCS Examinations

1.Which among the following multilateral environment agreements (MEAs) is not correctly paired with the respective issue it deals with ? [A]Montreal Protocol of 1987 – Ozone Depleting Substances. [B]Bonn Convention of 1979 – The conservation of Migratory Species. [C]Basel Convention of 1989 – Regulation of transboundary movement,transit, handling and use of Living Modified Organisms. [D]Rotterdam […]

Quiz 632: General Science for SSC Examinations

1.The power of a lens is measured in : [A]diopters [B]aeon [C]lumen [D]candela diopters Show Answer 2.Which one of the following types of Laser is used in Laser Printers? [A]Semiconductor laser [B]Excimer Laser [C]Dye Laser [D]Gas Laser Semiconductor laser Show Answer 3.Albert Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for his path-breaking research and formulation of the: […]

Quiz 631: Geography for All Examinations

1. Assertion : Though the tropics have great potential in timber resources, commercial extraction is difficult. Reason: The trees do not occur in homogenous strands. [A]Both Assertion and Reason are true and reason correctly explains the assertion. [B]Both Assertion and Reason are true but reason does not explain the assertion. [C]Assertion is true but Reason […]