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Quiz 74: General Knowledge of India for All Examinations

1. Bhandi was a chief secretary of which among the following Indian Kings? Samudragupta Chandragupta Vikramaditya Harshavardhan Skandgupta 2. In Sangam age, the term “Pillai” was used for which among the following? lenders farmers labours students 3. Consider the following ..

Quiz 73: Indian History Basic Questions

1. Who wrote famous Hindi work “Padmavat”? Malik Muhammad Jayasi Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana Amir Khusro Bulleh Shah 2. Which among the following travelers has recorded his experiences in “Kitab-i-Rehla” ? Amir Khusro Ibn Battuta Malik Murtaza Al-Bayhaqi 3. With which ..

Third Five Year Plan (1961-1966)

The first two plans developed a institutional structure to take the country on path of developed economy. Third plan for the first time rode on the wave of high expectation following overall growth of the economy of India. In this ..

Second Five Year Plan (1956-1961)

The success of the First Five year plan boosted the confidence of the leaders. The agriculture growth target in the first plan was achieved, so government quickly started looking beyond agriculture. The second five-year plan focused on industry, especially heavy ..

First Five Year Plan

Since 1951 India has completed 11 five year plans and 12th five year plan is about to finish in 2017.  Each five year plan started from April 1 of a particular and ended on March 31 of a particular year, ..

Quiz 72: General Knowledge for Banking and SSC Examinations

1. Mars appears red because of presence of the following compounds on its surface? Copper Oxide Iron Oxide Copper Sulphide Magnesium Oxide 2. Who among the following was the immediate successor of Guru Nanak? Guru Angad Guru Arjun Guru Amardas ..