UPSC Prelims Mini Mock Test: 580

which among the following established the Planning commission in 1950 as an extra constitutional body through a resoltion?
On what grounds, Congress rejected the Government of India Act?
1. Indian people’s consent was not taken while framing this act
2. The act stalled establishment of a responsible government
3. The model of Provincial autonomy was against democratic rights
Choose the correct option from the codes given below:
Disease known as "Kharra" has been responsible for the decrease in number of which of the following fauna?
Consider the following statements:
  1. Call Money refers to the borrowing or lending of funds for 1 day
  2. Notice Money refers to the borrowing and lending of funds for 2-14 days
  3. Term money refers to borrowing and lending of funds for a period of more than 14 days but less than 90 days
Which of the above is / are correct statements?
The terms SUTRA and SRESTHA that were recently in news are related to which of the following ministries?


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