Current Status: India-US Defence Technology and Trade Initiative

India-US Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) is one of the central pillar of cooperation between the two countries. However, since it was created in 2012, has done little progress. Background India and US have been formally cooperating in defence since 1995 under the Defense Framework Agreement (2005). This agreement was renewed in 2015 for […]

Missile Technology Control Regime : Key Facts

India has joined the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) as its 35th member. The instrument of accession was signed in a ceremony held in South Block in the presence of diplomats from the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg missions. Earlier, India has also joined the Hague Code of Conduct (HCoC) which deals with the ballistic missile […]

LSA, CISMOA and BECA Agreements

In earlier modules we have discussed that DTTI (Defence Trade and Technology Initiative) is one of the main vehicles for bilateral security ties between United States and India. DTTI is neither a treaty nor law. Its objective is to strengthen India-US cooperative research, co-production, and co-development of capabilities. As of February 2016, India and US […]

Defence Procurement Policy

Defence Procurement Policy came into effect in 2002. Under DPP all capital acquisitions are categorized into: Buy(Indian), Buy & Make (Indian), Make, Buy & Make, Buy (Global). Buy (Indian) : minimum of 30% indigenous content. Buy & Make (Indian) : Initial quantities are purchased through the Indian company followed by licensed production in India by […]

Defence Production and Import Dependency in India

The indigenous production of Defence equipments in the country comes under the purview of the Department of Defence Production under Defence Ministry. India inherited the Ordnance Factories (OF) Organization from British, now known as Ordinance Factories Board. There are 41 Indian Ordinance Factories, placed under a Ordinance Factories Board and eight Defence Sector PSUs viz. […]

List of India’s Missiles

In 1970s, the Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL) undertook the Project Devil and Project Valiant. The Project Devil was aimed to produce short range surface-to-air missile. The project Valiant was aimed to produce long-range ballistic missile. Both Projects were considered failures. Project Valiant was terminated in 1974 and Project Devil ended in 1980. Integrated […]

Indian Navy: Commands, Ranks, Insignia and Operational Bases

The primary objective of Indian Navy is to secure the nation’s maritime borders; have greater influence of India in maritime interests, further maritime trade and They show a greater influence in India’s maritime area of interest, to further the nation’s political, economic and security objectives. Commands of Indian Navy The Indian Navy operates three Commands. […]

Weapons and Arms of Indian Army

The equipment of the Indian army include Infantry weapons such as small arms, rockets & mortars; Vehicles, Combat vehicles such as battle Tanks, Artillery, Missile Systems and Aircrafts. Most of the equipments are imported with an increasingly use of indigenous components and equipments. For tactical air transport, logistics etc. Army Aviation Corps is main responsible […]

Indian Army: Important Facts

Current form of Indian army finds its origin from East India Company’s military department created at Kolkata in 1776. Gradually, three Presidencies of Bengal, Bombay and Madras organized their separate armies until 1895 when they were unified into single Indian Army. At that time, Indian Army had four commands viz. Punjab, Madras, Bengal and Bombay.  […]