What is a Cash Cow?

A Cash Cow refers to a business, a product or an asset which when acquired and paid off further gives constant cash flows throughout its life. It is often referred to in an industry which shows slow growth otherwise. It is one of the categories in the growth matrix given by Boston Consulting Group. Very ..


What is Black Swan Theory?

Black Swans are unpredicted, random events of huge impact. These events deviate from the normal expected course. They are thus, also called outliers as there is no reference data in the past which gives any clue to their occurrence in the future. No scientific model can predict them. Black Swan events can take place in ..

Objectives of Marketing Planning

The objectives of marketing planning is to make the best possible utilization of all the human and physical resources so that pre-determined marketing objectives of the firm can be achieved. It helps in establishing effective co-ordination among marketing activities of a firm and brings certainty in its marketing decisions. The objectives of the marketing planning ..

Voting Rights of Migrant Laborers in India

More than one third of India’s laborers are migrant workers. Since there is no  facility of postal ballot for anyone other than the government servants posted on election duty, a large number of migrant workers are unable the exercise this constitutional right. If someone wants to vote, all would be needed is to travel back ..

Shares and Equity Shares

Every business needs some capital to start up. When a new business is started, the personal savings of an entrepreneur along with contributions from friends and relatives are the source of fund. The entrepreneur in this case can also be called a promoter. This may not be feasible in case of large projects as the ..