Passport Renewal Reminder Services begun by Passport Seva Kendras

On January 28, 2020, the Ministry of External Affairs launched the Passport renewal reminder services. The Passport Seva Kendras operating under the Ministry of External Affairs will send SMS about the renewal


The ministry is to send two Reminder messages, one before 9 months and another before 7 months. Along with the reminder message, the passport holders will also be informed about the authenticate website of the Ministry which is

Indian Passport

The Indian Passport is issued by the Ministry of External Affairs. The passport serves as a proof of Indian Citizenship under Passports Act, 1967. Around 65 million Indians hold passports as of the end of 2015. In 2015, India issued around 12 million new passports. This number has so far been exceeded only by US and China.

Types of Passports

There are three types of passports as follows

  • Ordinary passport-It is dark blue in colour. It is issued to citizens travelling for vacation, business trips and study.
  • Official Passport-It is white in colour. It is issued to individuals representing Government of India
  • Diplomatic Passport-It is maroon in colour. IT is issued only to top government officials and diplomatic couriers

Recently, India has ranked 84th in Henley’s Passport Index.



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