Quiz 92: General Knowledge for SSC Examinations

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1. Hirakud Hydel Power station is located on which River?

[A] Chambal
[B] Gandak
[C] Mahanadi
[D] Sonbhadra

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2. Which among following is NOT an oil producing field?

[A] Bombay high
[B] Digboi
[C] Ankaleshwar
[D] Jamnagar

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3. Yavanpriya in ancient Hindu Texts refers to which among the following?

[A] Peppar
[B] Clove
[C] Silk
[D] Muslin

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4. Which among the following organs open in small intestine through Pylorous?

[A] Stomach
[B] Liver
[C] Pancreas
[D] All the above

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5. The terms Udara, Mudara and Tara are related to which among the following as per the ancient Indian texts?

[A] Medicines
[B] Gods
[C] Music
[D] Millitary science

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6. Who among the following is the author of Dharmasastra?

[A] Manu
[B] gautama
[C] kasyap
[D] Many

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7. India’s only active volcano is located at which among the following places?

[A] Car Nicobar
[B] Barren island
[C] Maya Bunder
[D] Lakshdweep

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8. In which among the following states is located the Zoji la Pass?

[A] J & K
[B] Sikkim
[C] Uttarakhand
[D] Arunachal Pradesh

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9. Which among the following longitudes determines Indian standard Time?

[A] 85.5° E
[B] 83.5° E
[C] 82.5° E
[D] 84.5° E

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10. If earth stops rotating, the impact on weight of a body will be minimum on which among the following places?

[A] Equator
[B] North pole
[C] Tropic of cancer
[D] Tropic of Capricorn

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    Barren Island, a possession of India in the Andaman Sea about 135 km NE of Port Blair in the Andaman Islands, is the only historically active volcano along the N-S-trending volcanic arc extending between Sumatra and Burma (Myanmar). The 354-m-high island is the emergent summit of a volcano that rises from a depth of about 2250 m. The small, uninhabited 3-km-wide island contains a roughly 2-km-wide caldera with walls 250-350 m high. The caldera, which is open to the sea on the west, was created during a major explosive eruption in the late Pleistocene that produced pyroclastic-flow and -surge deposits.


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