Quiz 870: GK Questions for ESIC Junior Hindi Translator Exams

This quiz has 10 General Knowledge / GK Questions for ESIC Junior Hindi Translator Exams based on syllabus of GK of Competition examinations and previous years question papers.

Which of the following layer of the earth is termed as Sial?
What is the total number of annual plans that have been instituted in between the Five year plans in India?
Consider the following pairs: 
  1. Part XV : Elections
  2. Part XVI Special Provisions Relating Tribal Areas 
  3. Part XVIII : Emergency Provisions
  4. Part XIV : Tribunals
Which among the above is / are incorrect ?
In the initial years of independence, grain shortage forced India to sign PL 480 wheat import deal with which of the following countries?
In which form is the work done in stretching a wire stored as?
Why a small liquid drop is in spherical shape?
The name of which spice comes from the French word for ‘nail’?
Who among the following wrote the 16th-century political treatise “The Prince”?
In science a push or pull of an object is called which of the following?
Indian Space Research Organisation is situated in which of the following cities?

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