Quiz 668: Ancient Indian History GK for All Exams

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1. Which of the following is not an event in ancient Indian history in BC era?
[A] Foundation of the Indo-Greek empire
[B] Beginning of Vikram samvat Era
[C] Fourth Buddhist Council
[D] Hathigumpha inscription by Kharvela

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2. Which of the following was most probably the first metal to be used in India?
[A] Iron
[B] Copper
[C] Gold
[D] Silver

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3. The Jorwe culture of ancient India has been named after site of the same name in which of the following states?
[A] Rajasthan
[B] Gujarat
[C] Karnataka
[D] Maharashtra

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4. Which of the following terms is not associated with a tool tradition of ancient India / World?
[A] Mousterian
[B] Acheulean
[C] Oldowan
[D] Grotian

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5. In stone age, the Microliths were most commonly found in which of the following ages?
[A] Paleolithic
[B] Mesolithic
[C] Neolithic
[D] Chalcolithic

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6. Which of the following is a correct statement about Indus Valley Civilization?
[A] Both Harappa and Mohejodero are is located on the banks of Indus River
[B] Both Chanhudaro and Kalibangan were located within the boundaries of present day Rajasthan.
[C] Both Surkotada and Dholavira are located in Katch of Gujarat
[D] Lothal site was located on bank of Narmada river

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7. Which of the following is not a correct statement about Buddhist Canonical literature?
[A] Abhidhamma Pitaka was compiled in third Buddhist Council
[B] Digha Nikaya is a part of the Sutta Pitaka
[C] Vinaya Pitaka primarily deals with monastic rules for monks and nuns
[D] Sutta Pitaka deals with philosophy and psychology and lays down methods for training the mind.

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8. Which of the following rulers were closely associated with Yuehzhi nomadic people?
[A] Shaka
[B] Kushana
[C] Pahalva
[D] None of them

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9. Which of the following ancient Indian sages did not make substantial contribution to the YOGĀCĀRA (Yogachara) philosophical tradition?
[A] Vasubandhu
[B] Dinnaga
[C] Dharmakirti
[D] Nagarjuna

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10. Vindhyashakti was founder of which of the following dynasties in ancient India?
[A] Vakataka
[B] Kakatiya
[C] Kalachuri
[D] Chalukyas of Badami

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