Quiz 658: Indian and World Geography for SSC Examinations

1. Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN) is a space probe developed to study the atmosphere of Mars. It has been developed by _?

[A] Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
[B] China National Space Administration (CNSA)
[C] National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
[D] Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA)

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2. Which of the following was the first planet to have its motions plotted across the sky during the second millennium BC?

[A] Mars
[B] Venus
[C] Jupiter
[D] Saturn

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3. Which of the following statements is incorrect about the Planet Mars?

[A] It has two permanent polar ice caps
[B] After the Moon, it is the brightest object in our night sky
[C] Liquid water cannot exist on the surface of Mars due to low atmospheric pressure
[D] Mars is less dense than Earth

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4. Which of the following was the first planet in the solar system to be visited by a Spacecraft?

[A] Mercury
[B] Venus
[C] Mars
[D] Jupiter

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5. Which of the following countries does not share its border with Black Sea?

[A] Georgia
[B] Bulgaria
[C] Belarus
[D] Turkey

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6. Which of the following straits connect Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean?

[A] Strait of Hormuz
[B] Strait of Gibraltar
[C] Bosporus Strait
[D] Dover Strait

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7. India shares land borders with how many countries?

[A] Six
[B] Seven
[C] Eight
[D] Nine

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8. Which of the following countries is not larger than India in terms of geographical area?

[A] Australia
[B] Brazil
[C] Canada
[D] Indonesia

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9. Which Indian state share the longest land border with Bhutan?

[A] Assam
[B] Sikkim
[C] Arunachal Pradesh
[D] West Bengal

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10. Khardung La mountain pass is located in which Indian state?

[A] Himachal Pradesh
[B] Uttarakhand
[C] Jammu & Kashmir
[D] Sikkim

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