Quiz 597: Current General Knowledge

1. Which is not correct with respect to Goods and Service Tax in India?
[A]Tax revenues shared between the Centre and State
[B]Exports will be zero rated
[C]Imports will be zero rated
[D]It will be on the basis of tax on value addition

Imports will be zero rated

2. Tax in India proceeds which among these as percentage of gross tax has declined in last 5 years?
[A]Excise duty
[B]Personal income tax
[C]Corporate tax
[D]Service tax

Excise duty

3. From which of the following countries India does NOT import Uranium?


4. What has been the maximum number of candidates in any constituency in India at any election so far?

1033 | In Modakurichi Assembly Constituency of Tamil Nadu there were 1033 contesting candidates during the general election to Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly in 1996. The ballot papers were in the form of a booklet.

5. When was the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) first introduced in elections (on experimental basis) ?

VMs manufactured in 1989-90 were used on experimental basis for the first time in 16 Assembly Constituencies in the States of Madhya Pradesh (5),
Rajasthan (5) and NCT of Delhi (6) at the General Elections to the respective Legislative Assemblies held in November, 1998.

6. Which among these is most volatile Foreign Capital?
[A]External Commercial Borrowings
[B]Foreign Direct Investment
[C]Loans from International Financial Institutions
[D]Foreign Portfolio Investment

Foreign Portfolio Investment

7. The Government has launched the UDYAMI helpline recently for which among the following?
[A]Large capital Industries
[B]Female entrepreneur
[C]Farmers introducing technology in Farming
[D]Micro, small & medium size enterprises

Micro, small & medium size enterprises

8. In India, the EVMs ( Electronic Voting Machines) have been devised and designed by Election Commission in collaboration with which among the following?
[A]Bharat Electronics Ltd and Electronic Corporation of India
[B]DRDO and Central Electronics Limited
[C]DRDO and Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments Ltd.
[D]Central Electronics Limited and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.

Bharat Electronics Ltd and Electronic Corporation of India
The EVMs have been devised and designed by Election Commission in collaboration with two Public Sector undertakings viz., Bharat Electronics Ltd.,
Bangalore and Electronic Corporation of India Ltd., Hyderabad after a series of meetings, test-checking of the prototypes and extensive field trials. The
EVMs are now manufactured by the above two undertakings.

9. What is the maximum number of votes which can be cast in Electronic Voting Machine?

EVMs can record a maximum of 3840 votes. As normally the total number of electors in a polling station will not exceed 1500, the capacity of EVMs is
more than sufficient.

10. Normally, under the Election Commission’s norms, how far can a polling station be from your house?
[A]1 km
[B]2 km
[C]3 km
[D]4 km

Not more than 2 Kms. According to Para 3 of Chapter II of Handbook for Returning Officers, polling stations should be set up in such a manner that ordinarily no voter is required to travel more than two kms to reach his polling station.

11. Economic growth is normally coupled with?
[B]Hyper Inflation


12. Which of the following Polio-Virus types was the last to be eradicated from India on as per a declaration dated January 13, 2011?


13. What is the maximum number of candidates which EVMs (Electronic Voting Machine) can cater to?

64, EVMs can cater to a maximum of 64 candidates. There is provision for 16 candidates in a Balloting Unit. If the total number of candidates exceeds 16, a second Balloting Unit can be linked parallel to the first Balloting Unit. Similarly, if the total number of candidates exceeds 32, a third Balloting Unit can be
attached and if the total number of candidates exceeds 48, a fourth Balloting Unit can be attached to cater to a maximum of 64 candidates.

14. The Hydroponics is most closely related to which among the following?
[A]Grafting of Plants
[B]Water conservation
[C]Study of Vegetable
[D]Soilless culture of Plants

Soilless culture of Plants

15. Liquidity adjustment facility is used by RBI to bring changes in?
1. CRR and SLR
2. Repo and Reverse Repo rates
3. Bank rate
Choose the correct option
[B]1 and 2
[C]1 Only
[D]2 Only

2 Only

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