Quiz 573: GK Questions for Karnataka SSC Exams

1. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) located in Mumbai is funded by which of the following?

[A] Ministry of Earth Sciences
[B] Ministry of Urban Development and Planning
[C] Ministry of Commerce
[D] Reserve Bank of India

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2. Note Printing Press that belongs to RBI is located in?

[A] Nasik
[B] Dewas
[C] Mysore
[D] Chennai

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3. In which year Public Debt Act was passed ?

[A] 1938
[B] 1940
[C] 1944
[D] 1948

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4. A person has a Locker in a Bank. In this question the following statement holds correct:

[A] Bank is trustee and person is beneficiary
[B] Bank is Lessee and person is lessor
[C] Bank is lessor and person is lessee
[D] Bank is issuer and person is beneficiary

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5. Who among the following heads the “Economic Intelligence Council ” in India?

[A] Finance Minister
[B] Prime Minister
[C] RBI Governor
[D] RBI-Deputy Governor

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6. For how many years the Banks are required to keep the records of suspicious accounts?

[A] 5 years
[B] 8 years
[C] 10 years
[D] 15 years

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7. During the tenure of which among the following Governors , annexation of Coorg took place?

[A] Lord William Bentinck
[B] The Lord Auckland
[C] The Lord Ellenborough
[D] The Lord Cornwallis

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8. The Regulation XVII, passed by the British Government was related to which among the following?

[A] Abolition of Sati
[B] Abolition of Provincial Courts of Appeal
[C] Suppression of Thugs
[D] Abolition of Slavery

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9. Who among the following had gone to England to plead the cause of the Mughal emperor Akbar II, with an ambassador of the emperor?

[A] Azimullah Khan
[B] Raja Ram Mohan Roy
[C] Maharaja Tejchandra Ray
[D] Raja Radhakanta Deb

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10. which among the following missiles, India claims that it is first anti-tank missile which has a complete fiberglass structure?

[A] Shaurya
[B] Sagarika
[C] Nag
[D] Trishul

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