Quiz 568: Current Affairs Bank PO

1. Consider the following:
1. Public Sector Undertakings
2. Private Sector Companies
3. Ministries and Departments
Which among the above are eligible for Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha Awards for outstanding achievements in the implementation of Hindi?
[A]1 & 3
[B]1 & 2
[C]2 & 3
[D]1, 2 & 3

2. Which among the following states has been declared as the first ‘total banking state’ in India, successfully completing the campaign for total financial inclusion plan (FIP) ensuring banking facility to all families?

3. Which among the following is the correct set of three pilot states, which are implementing the five-year Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZMP) to protect its coastal belt and develop the socio-economic status of the people living along the coast, especially fisher folks?
[A]Odisha, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh
[B]Odisha, Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh
[C]Odisha, Gujarat, West Bengal
[D]Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat

4. Where is located India’s first operational special economic zone (SEZ)?

5. Recently, which among the following cities was in news being home to Indian Institute of Aerospace Engineering and Management, India’s first academy to generate manpower for aviation and aerospace industries?

6. Recently, Iran’s first nuclear power plant has started adding electricity to the national grid. Where in Iran is located this nuclear power plant?

7. Who among the following are the beneficiaries of the “Reverse Mortgage Scheme”?
[A]Government Employees
[B]Senior Citizens
[C]Unemployed Persons
[D]Persons of BPL category

8. To get the Credit History of a company, which among the following should be approached?

9. Who among the following has written “The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008”?
[A]Paul Krugman
[B]Robert Shiller
[C]Mark Gertler
[D]Maurice Obstfeld

10. Under which among the following acts, Hawala transactions are banned in India?

11. Consider the following:
1. Liquidity Adjustment Facility
2. Devaluation of Currency
3. Open Market Operations
Which among the above are Fiscal Measures?
[A]1 & 2
[B]2 & 3
[C]1 & 3
[D]only 2

12. Which among the following companies has roped in the famous writer Chetan Bhagat as brand associate for its devices such as smart phones and tablets?

13. Consider the following:
1. To combat deforestation and soil erosion
2. To provide better food security to the world
3. To conserve the Bio-diversity
The use of Bio-fuels would help in which among the above issues?
[A]Only 1
[B]1 & 2
[C]1, 2 & 3
[D]None of them

14. Which among the following is terms is commonly not assciated with Budgets in India?
[A]Outcome Budget
[B]Gender Budget
[C]Austerity Budget
[D]Gross Budgetary Support

15. Recently, the Government has allowed the Indian companies to borrow up to $1 billion in which among the following currencies?
[D]Australian Dollars

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