Quiz 533: General Awareness Questions

1. Which among the following South East Asian country is Landlocked?

[A] Cambodia
[B] Brunei
[C] Laos
[D] Vietnam

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2. Cayman Islands are famous for which among the following?

[A] Tourism Hub
[B] Offshore Financial Centre
[C] Largest producer of Guava
[D] Population of Ethnic Indians

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3. What is TDSAT?

[A] A satellite
[B] A Telecommunication Company
[C] A Tribunal
[D] A telecom business forum

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4. Tine Mena, was the first woman from North East India to scale Mount Everest. Tine Mena belongs to which among the following states?

[A] Nagaland
[B] Mizoram
[C] Assam
[D] Arunachal Pradesh

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5. In which of the following Central Asian countries, the “Sharq Taronalari” film festival is held biennially, in which many Indian artists also take part?

[A] Kazakhstan
[B] Uzbekistan
[C] Kyrgyzstan
[D] Tajikistan

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6. What is the number of members in Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas)?

[A] 14
[B] 16
[C] 18
[D] 20

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7. In the last one decade, India’s trade with Africa has been overshadowed by an aggressive trade policy by which among the following countries towards Africa ?

[A] Japan
[B] China
[D] Russia

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8. Which among the following was steel plant of India is sometimes called India’s First Swadeshi Steel Plant?

[A] Bengal Iron Works Company
[D] Bokaro Steel Plant

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9. In context with Mobile telecommunication, what is the full form of CDMA?

[A] Code Division Multiple Access
[B] Chip Derived Multiple Access
[C] Cordless Device Multiple Access
[D] Carrier Device Multiple Access

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10. In which year, after independence, notes in denominations of Rs. 1,000, Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 10,000 were reintroduced in India?

[A] 1947
[B] 1950
[C] 1952
[D] 1954

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