Quiz 388: General Awareness for Bank PO Examinations

1.For which of the following purposes Automated Finger Print Identification Systems (AFIS) has been introduced in 22 states of India recently?
(A)Assist in UDI Project
(B)Assist in biometric ration cards
(C)Identification of criminals
(D)Both A & B
(E)None of the above

2.Which of the following states in India is hiring Vikas Mitras (VMs) to function as facilitator for implementation of schemes for a new category of Dalits?
(D)Madhya Pradesh

3.Which among the following city is not a venue for ICC world Cup 2011?

4.How many states of India are covered under Boarder Area Development Programme?

5.In which of the following states Astronaut Camp (first-of-its-kind out side the US) was launched in India by a private company in April 2010?
(A)Himachal Pradesh
(C)Tamil Nadu

6.Apart from China, in which of the following countries, Baidu search engine serves?
(A)North Korea
(C)South Korea

7.Which among the following major United Nations site is known as UNO City ?
(A)New York

8.Which among the following two states in India have taken a decision recently to prohibit environmental release of all Genetically Modified (GM) seeds and keep the state totally GM free?
(A)Chhattisgarh, Karnataka
(B)Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh
(C)Andhra Pradesh, Uttarkhand
(D)Uttarakhand, Kerala
(E)Kerala, Bihar

9.With which of the following Montreal Protocol is related to ______?
(A)Protection of Whales
(B)Protection of Wild Life
(C)Protection of Ozone layer
(D)Nuclear weapons
(E)Abandonment of Landmines

10.In which of the following states of India, Yakshagana, a dance drama is popular?
(A)Tamil Nadu
(D)Madhya Pradesh

11.Where is located the seat of Madhya Pradesh High Court ?

12.Which among the following is a primary Function of Money?
(A)To impart liquidity and uniformity of wealth
(B)To work as basis of Credit System
(C)To work as medium of Exchange
(D)To work as wealth
(E)all of the above

13.Which among the following represents the Financial Year of the International Monetary Fund?
(A)January 1 to December 31
(B)February 1 to January 31
(C)April 1 to March 31
(D)May 1 to April 30
(E)June 1 to July 31

14.At the end of September 2009, RBI’s Reserve Trenche Position in the International Monetary Fund was US $ 1365 Million. This means that ___________?
(A)This is the value by which India’s quota exceeds the IMF’s holdings of Indian Rupees
(B)This is the value by which India’s quota exceeds the IMF’s holdings of Gold
(C)This is the value by which India’s quota is less than the IMF’s holdings of Indian Rupees
(D)This is the value by which India’s quota is less than the IMF’s holdings of Gold
(E)None of them is a correct answer

15.All banks including foreign banks in India have migrated to Basel II norms by March 31, 2009. In this context , what is the correct full form of SREP?
(A)Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process
(B)System Review and Evaluation Programme
(C)Supervisory Review and Evaluation Programme
(D)Systematic Revision of Entry Programme
(E)None of the above

16.In which year the First Financial Stability Report was released?
(E)It is yet to be released

17.In which of the following situations , there will be a likely large speculative demand for money?
(A)When there is an urge among the people to speculate in stock markets
(B)When the current interest rates become very high
(C)When the current rate of interest is lower than people expect it to be in the near future
(D)When people expect the prices and goods to rise in future
(E)in all of the above conditions

18.Which of the following paramilitary forces of India was launched to carry out war with the help of Guerilla tactics?
(A)Indian Home Guard
(B)Special Protection Group
(C)Central Reserve Police Force
(D)Sashastra Seema Bal
(E)National Security Guards

19.Which of the following cultural organizations was established by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first Education Minister of independent India.?
(A)Indian Council for Cultural Relations
(B)Centre for Cultural Resources and Training
(C)Lalit Kala Akademi
(D)Sahitya Academy
(E)None of them

20.Who among the following is the chairman of Anti-Corruption and Security Unit of International Cricket Council?
(A)Sir Peter Imbert
(B)Sir Paul Condon
(C)Sir John Stevens
(D)Sir Ian Blair
(E)None of them

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