Quiz 369: General Awareness (Business & Economy ) for Civil Services, Bank PO & State Civil Services Examination

1.Which among the following Committee was related to Financial Inclusion?
(A)Vaghul Committee
(B)Raghuram Rajan Committee
(C)Dr. Rakesh Mohan Committee
(D)Venketaiya Committee
(E)None of them

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee had announced in the Budget speech that the UPA intended to ensure that, in its current term, all places with more than 2,000 residents would havesome sort of access to banking facilities. In this context SBI has planned to add up 15000 new Business Correspondents (BC`S). This is in line with Raghunath Raman`s report On Financial Inclusion which had pointed out that increasing the size of the formal banking sector will aid in the process of creating a coherent structure within which credit history is built up — meaning that disbursement of credit can become more efficient and targeted.

2.Which among the following is a correct statement regarding the annual monetary policy statement of Reserve Bank of India (2010-11)?
(A)It shows RBI’s continuation of expansionary monetary policies
(B)It shows RBI’s exit from the expansionary monetary policies
(C)It shows that RBI’s has taken aggressive measures to curb the inflation and these measures may hamper the economic growth
(D)It shows that India has now completely revived from the Financial Slowdown and now on the pathway to achieve growth over 10%
(E)All statements are correct

The annual monetary policy statement of Reserve Bank of India (2010-11) indicates a calibrated exit from the expansionary monetary policies of the RBI. Besides it shows that RBI is concerned to curb the current inflation and bring it to manageable level without hampering economic growth that is underway.

3.Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) is the proportion of deposits banks need to hold in government securities. What is the current Statutory Liquidity Ratio?

4.Who among the following are the target beneficiaries of IEDSS scheme of the central government which was launched in April 2009?
(A)All girl students at secondary level who have completed 8 years of primary education
(B)All students at secondary level who have completed 8 years of primary education
(C)All Disabled Children who have completed 8 years of primary education
(D)All students of SC & ST at secondary level who have completed 8 years of primary education
(E)None of the above

5.At present what is the number of nuclear reactors in India operating under the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)safeguards?

Please note that India has Uranium supply contracts with France, Russia and Kazakhstan. Out of these countries, France has completed the supply, and Russia has completed the supply partially. This imported fuel can be used only in reactors under International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards. This reflects the decision of Nuclear Suppliers Group in September, 2008 . Currently only 7 operating reactors are under IAEA safeguards.

6.In which state is located Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary?
(A)Uttar Pradesh
(E)Himachal Pradesh

Some Lesser known wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Haryana: Sultan National Park, Khaparwas Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary, Abubshaher Wildlife Sanctuary,Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary, Nahar Wildlife Sanctuary, Bir Shikargarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Khol hi Raitan Wildlife Sanctuary, Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary. Kalesar National Park

7.In which state is located “Rajauli” where the state government has requested the central government to set up a new nuclear reactor?
(D)Madhya Pradesh

In October 2009, The central government had approved in principle the setting up of new nuclear power plants in 7 states viz. Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. In this context, the requests of the state governments of Rajasthan, Bihar and Karnataka are also pending. the places in the question are Mahi-Banswara (Rajasthan), Kaiga & Mannur (Karnataka) and Rajauli (Bihar).

8.For which of the following the government has provided the facility of ‘Investment Linked Deduction’ in the Union Budget 2010-11?
(A)New Road projects
(B)New Hotel Projects
(C)New Educational Projects
(D)New Manufacturing projects
(E)None of the above

The investment-linked tax incentive allows 100 per cent deduction in respect of the whole of any expenditure of capital nature (other than on land, goodwill and financial instrument) incurredwholly and exclusively, for the purposes of the “specified business” during the previous year in which such expenditure is incurred.

9.What is the correct full form of ITDMS which recently received Prime Minister’s Award for excellence in governance and administration ?
(A)Information Technology Data Management System
(B)Information Technology Data Management software
(C)Income Tax Data Management Software
(D)Income Tax Data Management System
(E)Information Technology Data Mining System

Income Tax Data Management System was developed by Income Tax Department’s I-T team under the leadership of former (then) Director General of Income Tax (Investigation) Shri S. S.Khan. ITDMS is a indigenous software solution which helps to create a comprehensive database of all financial affairs of individuals and groups.

10.Which among the following does not come under E-Governance?
(A)Land Records Computerization
(B)Automated Certificate Issuance
(C)Online FIR Facilities
(D)Disbursement of Pension/Payments
(E)Healthcare accreditation

11.With which of the following AWGLCA & AWGKP are related?
(A)Currency Regulations
(B)Climate Change Negotiations
(C)Nuclear Arms Reductions
(D)Global Governance
(E)Information Technology

These are the twin tracks of Adhoc Working Group on Long Term Cooperative Action (AWGLCA) and Adhoc Working Group on Kyoto Protocol (AWGKP) which have been facilitated by theCopenhagen Accord which was a result of discussions of President of Fifteenth Conference of Parties (CoP-15) with a select group of countries at Copenhagen.

12.In which of the following universities is being set up “National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Zone Management” under the World Bank assisted Integrated Coastal Zone Management project?
(A)Pondicherry University, Pondicherry
(B)Anna University, Chennai
(C)Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
(D)Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
(E)University of Mumbai, Mumbai

13.Who among the following is United Nations Special Envoy for Malaria. He has been recently in news as Twitter is working in his coordination for its “Tweet Campaign” against Malaria?
(A)Ray Chambers
(B)Ibrahim Gambari
(C)Yukia Amano
(D)Elizabeth Mataka
(E)Rajat Gupta

Ibrahim Gambari is Joint African Union-United Nations Special Representative for Darfur effective from 1 January 2010. He is currently the Special Adviser on the International Compact withIraq and Other Issues for the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Yukia Amano Director is General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Elizabeth Mataka is United Nations Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa. Rajat Gupta is current special advisor on management reforms to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and independent director at Goldman

14.Which of the following US Senators founded “Earth Day “?
(A)Bob Kasten
(B)Alexander Wiley
(C)John W. Reynolds
(D) Gaylord Nelson
(E)William A Barstow

15.Who among the following was the head of a committee appointed by former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan in 2004 to investigate allegations of corruption in the Oil for Food Programme in Iraq?
(A)Richard Goldstone
(B)Mark Pieth.
(C)Paul Volcker
(D)G. William Miller
(E)None of the above

Paul Volcker was chairman of US Federal Reserve. This committee indicated involvement of Natwar Singh and his son Jagat Singh. In India Justice Pathak Committee was related to the same.

16.As per World Economic Outlook 2010 (a flagship publication by IMF) , what is the latest forecast for India’s economic growth by International Monetary Fund?

17.Who among the following has been appointed to head the panel set up by Rajasthan High Court to look into “all aspects” of the issue of providing reservation to Gujjars under a special category?
(A)Justice S N Bhargava
(B)Justice I.S. Israni
(C)Justice P.C. Tatia
(D)Justice Dinesh Maheshwari
(E)Justice Sangeet Raj Lodha

18.How much amount will be absorbed from the market as a consequence of RBI’s latest move of increasing Cash reserve Ratio by 25 basis points?
(A)Rs. 18000 Crore
(B)Rs. 12500 Crore
(C)Rs. 22500 Crores
(D)Rs. 25000 Crores
(E)Rs. 10000 Crores

19.In context with the Branch licensing for foreign Banks in India, (which is exclusively under RBI), at least how many branch licenses require to be cleared every year by the RBI as per India’s World Trade Organization commitments?

World Trade Organization commitments require India to issue at least 12 branch licenses to foreign banks every year. However RBI does not more than 18 licenses every Financial Year

20.From which of the following countries government is seeking help for importing cheetahs to re-introduce them in jungles of India under Cheetah Re-introduction Project?
(B)South Africa
(D)Saudi Arabia

Cheetah got disappeared from our country 60 Years back. Now the government has come up with a Cheetah Re-introduction Project in which the big cat will be imported and re introduced in 6 locations of our country- three in Madhya Pradesh, two in Rajasthan and one in Gujarat. Cheetah are extinct in India since the 1940s, and hence the government is planning upon this project.

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