Quiz 358: General Knowledge India for All Examinations

1.At which of the following places in Uttarakhand , Mahatma Gandhi stayed for many days during India’s Freedom Struggle?

2.Who among the following has been described as ‘Jawahar of Uttarakhand’ ?
(A)Baldev Singh Arya
(B)Badri Datt Pandey
(C)Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna
(D)Jagmohan Singh Negi
(E)Chandra Singh Garhwali

3.Who among the following is not a Golf Player?
(A)Jeev Milkha Singh
(B)Tiger woods
(C)David Bekham
(D)Jyoti Randhawa
(E)None of them

4.Which of the following North East states is implementing Nukhwng Hamari Credit Card (NHCC) Scheme?

5.At which of the following place was established India’s First Agricultural University?
(E)New Delhi

6.Which among the following event happened first of all ?
(A)Dandi march
(B)Quit India Movement
(C)Cripps Mission
(D)Arrival of Simon Commission
(E)Gandhi Irwin pact

7.The ancient takshshila Town was located between which of the following rivers?
(A)Indus & Jhelum
(B)Jhelum & Chenab
(C)Chenab & Ravi
(D)Ravi & Beas
(E)None of the above

8.Between India and which of the following neighbors is signed ” Mahakali Treaty”?
(E)Sri Lanka

9.Which article of the constitution of India lays down the procedure for impeachment of the President?
(A)Article 105
(B)Article 61
(C)Article 60
(D)Article 35
(E)Article 68

10.Which of the following place in Gujarat, the Tata Motors is set to roll out Nano car from its proposed main manufacturing plant ?

11.Which among the following makes recommendations to the central government for grants in aid to the states out of the consolidated fund of India?
(A)Planning Commission
(B)Finance Commission
(C)Public Accounts Committee
(D)National Advisory Committee
(E)Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

12.Executive is responsible to which among the following in parliamentary system?
(A)Directly to the people
(B)To the legislature
(C)To the Judiciary
(D)To cabinet
(E)None of them

13.Who among the following nominates the chairman of Public Accounts committee of India?
(A)Prime Minister
(C)Speaker of Lok Sabha
(D)Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(E)None of them

14.Who among the following is the current BJP General Secretary?
(A)Arun Jaitley
(B)Vasundhara Raje
(C)Venkaiah Naidu
(D)B. C. Khanduri
(E)None of them

15.Which of the following rights deal with freedom of religion?
(E)None of them

16.With which of the following sports is related Rovers Cup?
(E)None of them

17.What is the name of a channel that separates the Andaman Islands from the Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal?
(A)Nine Degree Channel
(B)10 degree channel
(C)12 degree channel
(D)Kardiva Channel
(E)None of them

18.Justice P. Venkatarama Reddy heads which of the following commissions?
(A)Farmer’s Commission
(B)Committee on Telangana
(C)13th Finance Commission
(D)19th law Commission
(E)None of them

19.Asiatic lion is the state animal of which of the following states?
(C)Madhya Pradesh
(E)West Bengal

20.Neem is an state tree of which of the following states?
(C)Andhra Pradesh
(E)Madhya Pradesh

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