Quiz 146 : Indian Economy


In India, which of the following has the largest area under cultivation?

[A] Rice
[B] Wheat
[C] Cotton
[D] Pulses

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Which among the following increases by Credit creation?

[A] Real national income
[B] supply of money
[C] real wealth of people
[D] Percapita income

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Which among the following is the best definition of ” Rupee Convertibility” ?

[A] Ability to convert Rupee into Gold and vice versa
[B] Ability of the market forces to convert the value of the Rupee
[C] permission of the conversion of Rupee to other currencies and vice versa
[D] None of the above

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Which among the following signs represents “narrow money”?

[A] M0
[B] M1
[C] M2
[D] M4

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Which among the following describes narrow money or M1 ?

[A] demand deposits of banks + ‘Other’ deposits with RBI + sum of currency notes and coins held by the public
[B] demand deposits of banks + ‘Other’ deposits with RBI + Time deposits with the banks
[C] demand deposits of banks + ‘Other’ deposits with RBI
[D] Time deposits of banks + ‘Other’ deposits with RBI

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Malegam Committee was set up by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and this committee gave its recommendations in 1995. This committee was constituted to recommend reforms in __________?

[A] Primary Market
[B] Secondary Market
[C] Commodity Market
[D] None of the above

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Which among the following committees is related to insurance reforms in India ?

[A] Marathe Committee
[B] Malhotra Committee
[C] Kelker Committee
[D] Dutt Committee

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Marathe Committee is related to

[A] Urban Cooperative Banks
[B] Rural Cooperative Banks
[C] Insurance Reforms
[D] Credit reforms

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LIBOR stands for London Interbank Offer Rate. What does MIBOR stands for ___?

[A] Mumbai Interbank Offer Rate
[B] Manchester Interbank Offer Rate
[C] Mexico Interbank Offer Rate
[D] Malaysia Interbank Offer Rate

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Khan working group that was appointed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in December 1997 had which of the following functions:

[A] Reforms in the agricultural credit system
[B] Reforms in the industrial credit system
[C] Harmonize the role and operations of development finance institutions (DFIs) and banks.
[D] Examine the relevance of the concept of Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF)

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