List of Government Programs & Various Schemes of India

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  1. 1952: Community Development Programme (CDP)
    overall development of rural areas and people’s participation.
  2. 1960-61: Intensive Agriculture Development program (IADP)
    To provide loan for seeds and fertilizers to farmers
  3. 1964-65: Intensive Agriculture Area programme (IAAP)
    To develop special harvest in agriculture area.
  4. 1965 : Credit Authorization Scheme (CAS)
    Involved qualitative credit control of reserve bank of India
  5. 1966-67: High yielding variety programme (HYVP)
    To increase the productivity of food grains by adopting latest varieties of inputs of crops.
  6. 1966-67: Green Revolution:
    To Increase productivity. Confined to wheat production.
  7. 1969: Rural Electrification Corporation
    To provide electricity in rural areas
  8. 1972 : Scheme of Discriminatory Interest Rate
    To provide loan to the weaker sections of society at a concessional interest rate of 4%
  9. 1972-73 : Accelerated Rural water Supply Programme (ARWSP)
    Providing drinking water in villages
  10. 1973: Drought Prone Area Programme:
    Protection from drought by achieving environement balace and by developing ground water
  11. 1973: Crash Scheme for Rural Employment CSRE
    For rural employment
  12. 1973-74 : Marginal Farmer and Agriculture Labor Agency (MFALA)
    Technical & financial assistance to marginal farmers
  13. 1974-75: Small Farmer Development Scheme SFDS
    Technical & financial assistance to small farmers
  14. 1975: Command Area Development Programme: (CADP)
    Better utilization of irrigational capacities
  15. 1975: Twenty Point Programme (TPP)
    Poverty eradication and an overall objective of raising the level living
  16. 1977: National Institution of Rural Development
    Training, investigation and advisory for rural development
  17. 1977-78 : Desert Development Programme: (DDP)
    To control the desert expansion by maintaining environment balance
  18. 1977-78: Food For Work Programme:
    providing food grains to labor
  19. 1977-78 : Antyodaya Yojna :
    Scheme of Rajasthan, providing economic assistance to poorest families
  20. 1979 : Training Rural Youth for Self Employment TRYSEM (launched on 15th August)
    educational and vocational training
  21. 1980 : Integrated Rural Development Programme :IRDP (launched on October 2, 1980)
    overall development of rural poor
  22. 1980 : National Rural Development programme NREP
    employment for rural manforce
  23. 1982 : Development of Women & Children in Rural Areas (DWCRA)
    sustainable opportunities of self employment to the women belonging to the rural families who are living below the poverty line.
  24. 1983 : Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme (RLEGP) (Launched on August 15)
    employment to landless farmers and laborers
  25. 1983-84: Farmers Agriculture Service Centers FASCs
    Tell the people use of improved instruments of agriculture
  26. 1984 : National Fund for Rural Development : To grant 100% tax rebate to donors and also to provide financial assistance for rural development projects
  27. 1985: Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme:
    Crop Insurance
  28. 1986: Council of Advancement of People’s Action & Rural Technology (CAPART)
    Assistance to rural people
  29. 1986: Self Employment Programme for the Poor SEPUP
    Self employment through credit and subsidy
  30. 1986: National Drinking Water Mission:
    For rural drinking water renamed and upgraded to Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission in 1991.
  31. 1988: Service Area Account
    Rural Credit
  32. 1989: Jawahar Rozgar Yojna : JRY
    Employment to rural unemployed
  33. 1989: Nehru Rozgar Yojna NRY
    Employment to Urban unemployed
  34. 1990: Agriculture & Rural Debt Relief Scheme: ARDRS
    Exempt Bank loans up to Rs. 10000 for rural artisans and weavers
  35. 1990: Scheme for Urban Micro Enterprises SUME
    Assist urban small entrepreneurs
  36. 1990: Scheme of Urban wage Employment SUWE
    Scheme for urban poor’s
  37. 1990: Scheme of Housing and Shelter Upgradation (SHASU)
    Providing employment by shelter Upgradation
  38. 1991: National Housing Bank Voluntary Deposit Scheme
    Using black money by constructing low cost housing for the poor.
  39. 1992: National Renewal Fund
    This scheme was for the employees of the public sector
  40. 1993: Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS) (Launched on October, 2)
    Employment of at least 100 days in a year in villages
  41. 1993: Members of parliament Local Area Development Scheme MPLADS (December 23, 1993)
    Sanctioned 1 crore per year for development works
  42. 1994: Scheme for Infrastructural Development in Mega Cities : SIDMC
    Water supply, sewage, drainage, urban transportation, land development and improvement slums projects in metro cities
  43. 1993: District Rural Development Agency DRDA
    Financial assistance to rural people by district level authority
  44. 1993 : Mahila Samridhi Yojna (October 2, 1993)
    Encourage rural women to deposit in Post office schems
  45. 1994 : Child labor Eradication Scheme
    Shift child labour from hazardous industries to schools
  46. 1995: prime Minister Integrated Urban Poverty Eradication programme PMIUPEP
    To eradicate urban poverty
  47. 1995 : Mid day Meal Scheme:
    Nutrition to students in primary schools to improve enrolment, retention and attendence
  48. 1996: Group Life Insurance Scheme for Rural Areas
    Insurance in rural area for low premium
  49. 1995: national Social Assistance programme:
    Assist BPL people.
  50. 1997-98; Ganga Kalyan Yojna
    Provide financial assistance to farmers for exploring ground water resources
  51. 1997 Kastoorba Gandhi Education Scheme: (15 August 1997)
    Establish girls schools in low female literacy areas (district level)
  52. 1997: Swaran Jayanto Shahari Rojgar Yojna:
    Urban employment
  53. 1998: Bhagya Shree Bal Kalyan Policy
    Upliftment of female childs
  54. March 1999 : Annapurna Yojna
    10 kgs food grains to elderly people
  55. April 1999: Swaran Jayanto Gram Swarojgar Yojna
    Self employment in rural areas
  56. April 1999: Jawahar Gram Samriddhi Yojna
    Village infrastructure
  57. August 2000 : Jan Shree Bima Yojna
    Insurance for BPL people
  58. 2000 : Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojna
    Basic needs of rural people
  59. December 25, 2000 : Antyodaya Anna Yojna
    To provide food security to poor
  60. December 25, 2000 : Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna:
    Connect all villages with nearest pukka road.
  61. September 2001: Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojna
    Employment and food security to rural people
  62. December 2001: Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojna VAMBAY
    Slum houses in urban areas
  63. 2003: Universal health Insurance Scheme:
    Health insurance for Rural people
  64. 2004: Vande mataram Scheme VMS
    Initiative of public Private partnership during pregnecy check up.
  65. 2004: National Food for Work programme
    Supplementary wage as foodgrains for work
  66. 2004: Kastoorba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya
    Setting up residential schools at upper primary levels for girls belonging to predominantly OBC, SC & ST
  67. 2005: Janani Suraksha Yojna
    Providing care to pregnant women
  68. 2005, Dec. 16 : Bharat Nirman
    Development of India through irrigation, Water supply, Housing, Road, Telephone and electricity
  69. 2005: National Rural Health Mission:
    Accessible, affordable, accountable, quality health survices to the porest of the poor on remotest areas of the country.
  70. 2005: Rajeev Gandhi Grameen Vidyuti Karan Yojna:
    Extending electrification of all villages and habitations and ensuring electricity to every household.
  71. 2005: Jawahar Lal Nehru national Urban Renewal Mission: (JNNURM)
    Click here to read more
  72. 2006: February 2 : National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme NREGS
    100 days wage employment for development works in rural areas.
  73. 2007: Rastriya Swasthya Bima Yojna :
    Health insurance to all workers in unorganized area below poverty line.
  74. 2007: Aam Aadmi Bima Yojna
    Insurance cover to the head of the family of rural landless households in the country.
  75. 2009: Rajiv Awas Yojna
    To make India slum free in 5 years

Which scheme merged with which?

  1. National Food for Work program was merged with NREGA
  2. Sampoorna Grameen Rojgar Yojna merged with NREGA
  3. Intesified Jawhar Rozgar Yojna 1993 was merged with Employment Assurance Scheme 1996 which was later merged with Sampoorna grameen Rozgar Yojna 2001.
  4. IRDP , TRYSEM, DWCRA, Million Wells Scheme, SITRA & Ganga kalian Yojna merged with Swaran jayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna.
  5. Rural Landless Employment Guarantee programme merged with Jawahar Rojgar Yojna which was replaced by Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojna (1999) and Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojna was merged with Sampoorna grameen Rojgar Yojna (2001)



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