GK & Current Affairs: January 13, 2015

1. Which among the following has won the best film drama at the Golden Globe Awards?
[B]The Grand Budapest Hotel
[D]The Affair

The movie Boyhood directed by Richard Linklater’s has won the best film drama at the Golden Globe Award. Boyhood take 12 year to make. Linklater named best director and Patricia Arquette best supporting actress.

2. The Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Award, an award for distinguished scientist is given by ____?
[A]Indian Space Research Organisation
[B]Ministry of Science and Technology
[C]Indian Science Congress Association
[D]Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Trust

Indian Science Congress Association
The Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA), a premier scientific organisation of the country has been giving this award. The awards carry a gold medal and given in alternate years. Indian Science Congress Association was established in 1914.

3. The “Popular State Militia” is a pro-government militia formed by which country to fight against Islamic State terrorist?


4. Recently, the Archaeological Survey of India has declared the following monuments as Adarsh monuments. Identify the wrongly paired one?
[A]Hazarduari Palace – Murshidabad
[B]Vaishali Kolhua – Jharkhand
[C]Rang Ghar – Assam
[D]Konark Sun Temple – Odisha

Vaishali Kolhua – Jharkhand
The Hazadurai Palace in Murshidabad, Rang Ghar in Assam, world famous Konark Sun Temple in Odisha and Vaishali Kolhu in Bihar has been given the coveted Adarsh Monument tag by Archaeological Survey of India. These sites have been selected under the Adarsh Smarak Yojana.

5. The Dardanelles Strait, is a narrow strain in northern Turkey connects ____?
[A]Aegean Sea and Sea of Marmara
[B]Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea
[C]Sea of Marmara and Java Sea
[D]Aegean Sea and Java Sea

Aegean Sea and Sea of Marmara
The Dardanelles Strait, a vital transportation bridge between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea, is a narrow channel of water that connects the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Marmara. It separates Asian Turkey from European Turkey (Trace), thus it also separates the two continents.

6. Which among the following has broke record for highest run-chase in T20 International cricket, recently?
[A]South Africa
[B]West Indies

West Indies
West Indies set record for highest run-chase in T20 International cricket against South Africa. It is the highest successful run chase in Twenty20 international cricket, beating India’s 211 against Sri Lanka in 2009, with 467 runs scored in under 40 overs.

7. The Lake Chapala, is the largest fresh water lake of ____?

Lake Chapala is Mexico’s largest freshwater lake.

8. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), is a proposed free trade agreement between the members of ____?

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a proposed free trade agreement between the ten ASEAN member states and the group’s Free Trade Agreement partners, Australia, China, India, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand.

9. Recently, the union government has given its approval to link Damanganga-Pinjal interstate river link project. The project envisages sharing of water between which two states?
[A]Gujarat and Rajasthan
[B]Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
[C]Gujarat and Maharashtra
[D]Rajasthan and Maharashtra

Gujarat and Maharashtra
The Damanganga-Pinjal River Linking is a project to share waters of two river basins across Maharashtra and Gujarat. The Damanganga-Pinjal rivers linking project envisages transfer of balance available water at the proposed Bhugad reservoir across Damangangariver and at the proposed Khargihill reservoir across Vagh river, a tributary of Damanganga river, in Damanganga basin for augmentation of water supply to Greater Mumbai to meet its domestic and industrial water requirements in the near future.

10. The first-ever Budda Heritage walk was recently held in ___?
[B]Andhra Pradesh

The first-ever Budda Heritage Walk was held in Bihar. It was organized by the Bihar Tourism Development Corporation. More than five hundred People from 11 countries walked through a 13 kilo meter long forest rail which Lord Gautama Buddha had once walked to Rajgir from Bodagaya around 2,543 years ago.

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    Ther is wroongly updated in 6th question answer i.e West Indies 236-6 (19.2 overs) beat South Africa 231-7 (20 overs) by four wickets

  • komal

    Gud Job Keep it up

  • Sowndar

    reply to praveen – it is correct one they combined the total of both teams (WI 236 + SA 231 – 467)