GK & Current Affairs: August 12, 2013

1. Which one of the followings is/are used as moderator in the Nuclear reactors?
1.Light water
2.Heavy water
3.Solid Graphite
Choose the correct answers from the options given below:
[A]Only 1 & 3
[B]Only 2
[C]Only 1, 2 & 3
[D]1, 2, 3 & 4

1, 2, 3 & 4
In nuclear engineering, a neutron moderator is a medium that reduces the speed of fast neutrons, thereby turning them into thermal neutrons capable of sustaining a nuclear chain reaction involving uranium-235. Commonly used moderators include light water, solid graphite and heavy water. Beryllium has also been used in some experimental types.

2. Mount Rokatenda Volcano, which erupted recently, is located in which of the following countries?

Paluweh, also known as Rokarenda, is a stratovolcano that forms the small island of Plau’e, north of Flores Island in Sikka Regency in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. On 10 August 2013, the mountain erupted for about seven minutes and spewed ash and smoke about 2 kilometers into the air.

3. As per the latest research findings, which of the followings might be the source of deadly MERS coronavirus which emerged in 2012?

A team of research recently found antibodies for the Middle East Respiratory syndrome in dromedary camels in Oman, suggesting that the virus is circulating widely among the dromedary Camels in the region.

4. Name the first famous British who performed a space walk and who just retired from NASA?
[A]Alters Cook
[B]David Morgan
[C]Colin Michael Foale
[D]John Morgan

Colin Michael Foale
Colin Michael Foale, the first British to perform a space walk, retired from NASA. He is said to be the most experienced British-born astronaut in human spaceflight history.

5. The “Prem Bhatia Memorial Awards” is related to which of the following fields?
[D]Social Service

Prem Bhatia Memorial Awards are given to promote excellence in journalism. Shalini Singh, a deputy director of The Hindu presented with the Prem Bhatia Award for best political reporting of the year 2013. Jaideep Hardikar, a special correspondent of The Telegraph, bagged the Prem Bhatia award for excellence in environmental reporting, particularly related to rural and agrarian issues.

6. At present, beside India which of the following countries have indigenous aircraft carrier?
[A]US, UK, France and Japan
[B]US, UK, France and China
[C]US, UK, France and Russia
[D]US, UK, France and Germany

US, UK, France and Russia
United States, France, United Kingdom and Russia have indigenous aircraft carrier.

7. The ambitious “Integrated Action Plan” for Naxal-hit districts for developing infrastructure has been implemented in how many districts?

Recently, the cabinet decided to increase the number of districts under the “Integrated Action Plan” from 82 to 88. Six new districts four in Chhattisgarh and two in Maharastra have been brought under the IAP.

8. The Government had appointed V K Shunglu committee to probe which one of the followings?
[A]Allegation of corruption charges in the conduct of commonwealth games
[B]Illegal iron ore mining’s in Goa and Karnataka
[C]Misappropriation of funds under MGNERGA scheme
[D]To look into the 2G spectrum allocation issue

Allegation of corruption charges in the conduct of commonwealth games
V K Shunglu committee was appointed to probe the allegation of corruption charges in the conduct of commonwealth games.

9. What is the name of India’s Research Station in Arctic?

Himadri Station is India’s first Arctic research station located at Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway. It is located at the International Arctic Research base, Ny-Alesund. The station is operated by National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research and it was inaugurated in 2008.

10. WADI, a project for upliftment of the tribal and poor’s, is a pilot project of?
[C]World Bank

WADI is a livelihood project launched by National Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD). This programme aims at reducing the migration of tribal people to urban centers by providing them livelihood in the form of income and basic necessities like fuel wood, timber and cattle fodder.

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