Quiz 28: Basic General Knowledge

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1. In which among the following years, TADA was enacted?

[A] 1983
[B] 1984
[C] 1985
[D] 1990

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2. Who heads the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs in India?

[A] Finance Minister
[B] Commerce Minister
[C] Prime Minister
[D] Cabinet Secretary

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3. In which among the following years, RMS Titanic sank?

[A] 1911
[B] 1912
[C] 1913
[D] 1914

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4. Where are the headquarters of Bureau of Indian Standards?

[A] New Delhi
[B] Mumbai
[C] Bangalore
[D] Bhopal

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5. In which year, India and the United States established a Joint Working Group on Counter-terrorism?

[A] 1998
[B] 1999
[C] 2000
[D] 2002

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6. Punjab J-34 is the variety of which among the following crops in India?

[A] Cotton
[B] Wheat
[C] Rice
[D] Sugar cane

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7. In which year, Afghanistan was added to SAARC?

[A] 2004
[B] 2005
[C] 2006
[D] 2007

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8. Muhammad bin Qasim, who was the first Muslim to have successfully invaded Sindh in 712 AD was commander of which caliphate?

[A] Rashidun Caliphate
[B] Umayyad Caliphate
[C] Abbasid Caliphate
[D] Fatimid Caliphate

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9. The “Mid Day Meal Scheme” is a scheme for school children lunch, being implemented by which among the following ministries/ departments?

[A] Ministry of Education
[B] Ministry of Human Resource Development
[C] Ministry of women and child development
[D] Department of Food & Public Distribution

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10. In which year for the first time Government introduced the Industrial Policy Resolution. ?

[A] 1948
[B] 1950
[C] 1952
[D] 1954

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  • mk

    thanx sir…
    Pakistan president was bit interesting.. :)

  • shashi dwivedi

    sir which is the largest public sector undertaking in india

  • vineet

    it’s railway.(class 9-NCERT(Economics))

  • riya

    sir why revolt of 1857 is called with different names

  • vJ Rathore

    Nyce And prfact Gyan Jyoti!

  • Kiran

    sir which is the largest and longest Railway in the world

  • mohit

    sir why did french revolution start

    • yo yo honey singh

      because of increased prices of bread and other goods

  • k.Upendra

    Sir which is the largest continent in the world

    • APURV

      if Russia is consired in asian continent then asia is the largest and viz with europe