Kolar Leaf-Nosed Bat

The Kolar Leaf-Nosed Bat is found only in two caves in the villages of Kolar district. The bat recently became extinct in one of the caves. The Karnataka Government is currently trying to save the remaining bats.

What are the habitats of Kolar Leaf-Nosed Bat?

The bats are found only in the caves of Kolar district, Karnataka.

What is the conservation status of Kolar Leaf Nosed-Bats?

The Kolar Leaf Nosed-Bats have been listed under critically endangered under IUCN list of threatened species.

Is Kolar Leaf-Nosed Bat protected under Indian act?

No, Kolar Leaf-Nosed bats are not protected under any of the Indian acts.

Why is the habitat of Leaf-Nosed Bat under threat?

The habitats of Leaf-Nosed Bats are under threat due to granite mining. The Granite miners in the Kolar district have driven out the Leaf-Nosed bats by setting fires. This is done to make granite extraction easier.

Did the Government take measures to save Kolar-Leaf Nosed bats and their habitats?

Yes, the Government of India imposed a ban on granite mining in the region to save the bats in 2014. However, the ban was temporary. Currently no such ban exists in the region.

Why should Leaf Nosed-Bat be protected in India?

  • Bats are generally considered as vermin in India. Vermin means pests or nuisance animals that spread diseases or destroy livestock and crops. The organisms such as rodents, termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, foxes are generally termed as vermin.
  • Today, with increasing viral diseases, bats are gaining the status of virus carriers. For instance, Nipah virus can be transmitted from bats to humans.

Is Leaf Nosed-Bat protected under Indian Wildlife Protection Act?

No, the Leaf Nosed-Bat is not protected under Indian Wildlife act.

What is the proof that the population of Leaf-Nosed Bat is declining?

  • Between 1996 and 2000, the IUCN listed the Leaf Nosed-Bat as Near Threatened.
  • Between 2000 and 2004, it was declared Vulnerable.
  • Between 2004 and 2016, it was declared endangered.
  • Since 2016 Leaf Nosed-bats are placed in Critically endangered.

This shows that the international conservation status has increased due to population decline.




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