India tops new Global Slavery Index

“Global Slavery Index” published by the Australia-based Walk Free Foundation, ranked India first in terms of number of modern day slaves in the world. The index has ranked 162 countries based on 3 factors:-

  1. Estimated prevalence of modern slavery (including practices such as debt bondage, etc.)
  2. A measure of child marriage (including forced marriage)
  3. A measure of human trafficking in and out of a country (including sale or exploitation of children as well as human trafficking and forced labour)

There are 29.6 million people in modern slavery globally out of which 13.3 to 14.7 million live in India.

Ranking as per number:

  1. India
  2. China
  3. Pakistan
  4. Nigeria
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Russia
  7. Thailand
  8. Democratic Republic of Congo
  9. Myanmar
  10. Bangladesh

These 10 countries account for 76% of the world’s modern slaves.

Ranking as per % of population:-

  1. Mauritania
  2. Haiti
  3. Pakistan
  4. India
  5. Nepal
  6. Moldova



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